0C18SKQDYYS410 50 sheets yellow sticky traps, fruit fly traps, for indoor and outside, encompass twist ties and plastic holders

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  • 👍【bundle includes】50 sheets 8×6 inch twin-sided yellow sticky traps with 50pcs twist ties and 8pcs plastic holders.
  • 👍【yellow plastic holder】region the sticky traps tightly at the yellow plastic holder, then insert it into the underground, very beneficial for small flowers.
  • 👍【twin-sided sturdy glue】capture the insects greater successfully, stickiness will last all yr spherical, even in rain, or until absolutely coated with insects or dirt.
  • 👍【may be cut】if these sticky traps are too massive just cut them to the proper length on your needs.
  • 👍【extensively used】widely capture gnats, fruit flies, fungus flies, leaf miner, thrips, midges, mosquitoes, lessen using chemical insecticides.

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  • 50 sheets twin-sided yellow sticky traps (8×6 inch)
  • 50pcs twist ties
  • 8pcs yellow plastic holders
  • capabilities:

    if these sticky traps are too huge just cut them to the precise length for your needs.

    capture the bugs greater efficiently,

    adhering lasts all the 12 months round.

    enhance traps efficiency and store your


    with the plastic holder you can insert the trap into the ground easily!

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    8 reviews for 0C18SKQDYYS410 50 sheets yellow sticky traps, fruit fly traps, for indoor and outside, encompass twist ties and plastic holders

    1. Amazon Customer

      Look, they are stupid sticky. Like super glue sticky that they are even hard to put out. I am traumatized.After only one day out in my tulips that have been struggling with aphids, I went out to check on the bed and a kingslet bird was completely stuck and struggling. Mind you, this was even in a RAIN STORM. We were able to use oil followed by soap and water to get the little guy free and cleaned off but it was too much stress and after about 30 minutes after being placed in a box with towels to dry off gave a last breath and died. I will no longer ever use these around places where birds or wildlife is pollinating. Works fine for the greenhouse, but aphids and flies do NOT need something this sticky.Read more

    2. Michael Smith

      These are a nice idea in theory. I purchased these after seeing them used on gardening shows and in YouTube videos as a first time gardener trying to determine what is eating all my hard work. I put them out less than 24 hours ago and went to water my garden this morning and discovered a small bird has got both wings stuck on the sheet, one on each side. This was not the intended outcome I anticipated. I did not want to harm a bird. Bugs are whatever, but the bird is making me cry, and I’m going to rush him to the nature center for help as soon as it opens this morning. I pulled them from my garden and will not be using them ever again.Read more

    3. tricia h.

      Bought these sticky traps for a few plants I had bought from the local super market. My foolish self never inspected the plants before setting them up un my home, with my other plants, and before I know it there were gnats everywhere. These have worked great along side other products for lowering the population. I then decided to try them outside for the Japanese beetles that have been destroying all of my flower gardens and veggie gardens. It has every other kind of bug on them. But no beetles of any kind.I would recommend these for indoors, I just cut them to size and set one up and laid others down, but I would not recommend for out doors. They filled with regular flies, some mosquitoes and one trap even had a couple bees on them. Took them down after I seen and only use them indoors now.Read more

    4. Lisa

      Coupled these with mosquito bits and took care of my fungus gnat problem. Works great! I soaked the bits in water first and watered with that while sprinkling bits on top of soil. Cut the yellow paper into 4 pieces and stuck them around the house. Voila!Read more

    5. DMCA

      IMPORTANT: Please prevent birds and helpful geckos from sticking to these adhesive traps.Build a simple container for the sticky paper. Take two plastic lids like those from the large nut containers. Roll a piece of wire grid into a cylinder and sandwich it between the lids. Use twist tie to secure the wire. Secure the grid to the lids with more wire.I tried several other solutions, but this is the easiest, most effective and “best lokking” one. The bugs can get in and stick to the paper, but spares wildbirds and helpful critters.I hope you find this review helpful!Read more

    6. Thepixiegirl

      I am trying to control a gnat problem for about 200 potted plants. I was buying the smaller packs of butterfly shaped yellow sticky fly catchers that you stick directly into the pot but those were costing me about 15 dollars for a pack of 20. I bought these and cut each sheet into 4 rectangles and stuck them directly into the dirt. I put a bunch in each planter and the first day each sticky pad was a mass graveyard of gnats. Its been about 2 weeks and i’m not seeing any gnats sticking to them anymore. Seems like it works amazingly but I admit i went insane with this stuff and put them everywhere. Very cost effective cutting them compared to anything else I found on AmazonRead more

    7. the Reefer Attic

      Does what it says! 2 sided sticky… the best way I’ve found to use them besides in a tent… is in the room the tent is in at night in front of a nightlight. The dollar store has a good quality bright swivel head nightlight @1watt for $1. Bugs are drawn in at 3x what you’ll get in a day. Thrips have met their match!Read more

    8. Michelle

      Gnats had invaded one of my favorite house plant. I put 4 of these traps around the base of the pot and within a day all the adult flies (probably around 200 gnats) we’re trapped. Now just waiting for the new generation of larva that’s in the soil to mature and be trapped as soon as they fly to hopefully end the lifecycle. These traps are perfect, sticky enough to catch small insects but not strong enough to hurt human skin or my plants leaves when I accidentally brush a trap against it.Read more

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