0C18Q3C4349393 Men’s boyle slip-on idler

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  • 100% leather
  • imported
  • artificial sole
  • slip on shoe
  • air-cushioned, artificial sole
  • softwair sock liner
  • slip resistant
  • traditional document dna

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7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14


Black Grizzly, Dark Brown Grizzly

8 reviews for 0C18Q3C4349393 Men’s boyle slip-on idler

  1. erockstl

    In the past, I have owned several pairs of Doc Martens. It has been a good 7-8 years since I purchased a pair but I noticed they have been coming back around. I went ahead and ordered a pair. I justified the price tag because I had always known them to be of the best quality. WOW has that changed! I had seen a few other reviews that said the quality wasn’t the same (as is with many other brands and products these days) but I ignorantly disregarded them and bought these anyway. What a regret. I bought them at the end of September 2017. It is now March 2018 and today out of nowhere the sole completely removed itself from the shoe. CHEAP and NOT worth the price. If someone reaches out about this, I will update right away. I’m not counting on it though.Read more

  2. Delamaine

    Husband reports these are now the most comfortable shoes he owns (beating out Kinvara, Alegria, Merrell Jungle Mocs, and a different pair of Docs). I may buy him another pair now, so that when this first pair gets too beat, he has a spare pair on hand. I’ve never heard him rave about shoes before!EDIT: Fewer than 3 months of wear and the sole has already worn through. We contacted DM and they gave us a lot of runaround about warranty. They were slow to respond, but they did respond, but every email said “warranty invalid due to wear and tear.” Now: we do not think three months’ worth of wear is “normal” wear and tear, but their customer support people would not give me a straight answer on this. They kept asking for more and more information, pictures, etc., and finally said that if we shipped the shoes to them (at our expense) then they would evaluate them. If the damage was found to be from “normal” wear and tear they would ship them back to me. Well, this seems very stupid, because I’m almost positive they’d pass the buck and ship the shoes back. We just threw them away and won’t be buying Doc Martens any longer.Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    I like the style and the comfort of the shoe. However, the soles and heels wore out way too fast. I bought these in January of 2017, received them in mid February, and now in December I can’t wear these shoes without collecting rocks and / or debris through the holes of the soles. On rainy / snowy days the interior of these shoes become soaked in minutes. In addition to the holes in the soles, I am very disappointed in the overall lifespan of the heel fabric.Read more

  4. Lia

    Purchased these DRM Boyle early December 2017. Only after 3 months, the shoes have started to show signs of wear and tear on the inner sole. It’s a pretty big downside for well-known brand for their durability.Read more

  5. Misti Borge

    If Dr. Marten doesn’t make it- I probably don’t want it. These shoes are squishy, soft, and wide like my Flintstone feet. These shoes are so comfy I almost look forward to going to the office. This is my second pair as my teenage son took my other pair. I am really liking no shoe laces! They shine up nice and look casual enough to wear with jeans if you have to. Disclaimer- I may just be getting too old to care how they look with jeans. These are good for wide feet, and sexy bald guys. Get them even if you have hair.Read more

  6. Christopher Case

    These are the worst Chef Shoes I have ever worn in over 20 years in the food service industry. After 2 months the sole split and after 4 months the leather started to split. They are just ok as far as non slippage in the kitchen but they are a hazard, dangerous even, on any other surface that is free of oil. I have slipped fallen several times just walking in the yard or inside a store and I’m not some geriatric that uses life alert. I guess they are ok if you want to file a slip and fall claim at a grocery store. I’m just going to buy another $25 pair of clogs at Wal Mart and be done with it. At least I know I can get a good 2-3 years out of those.Read more

  7. The Dude

    In case you can’t tell from the photos, the Boyle has a dull (not glossy) finish. Typical of Docs, these are clearly made to last, but also typical of Docs, be careful of the sizing, as a UK size 9 equals a US 10. If you have wide feet like me, try these. I normally look for a US 10 in a 3E or 4E width, but there seems to be this wider line of Docs that actually fit me even though there’s no width measurement given. I’ve had other Docs which crimped my toes, but the shoes from this wider line (others I own are the Orson, Giggs, Nevin, and Hickmire) always fit my duck feet nicely. It would be so much easier if there were a width measurement given, but you can normally tell from the photos (as long as there’s an overhead or underneath angle) whether or not they’re of this wider ilk. Initially, the slip-on’s (such as the Boyle) feel very snug, but after only a day of breaking in, they fit perfectly.Read more

  8. William E. Hall

    I originally wanted to replace a worn out pair of leather Romeo slip on slippers with leather uppers and rubber soles. I was able to find the Tamarac Romeo slippers but they were not available at the time. I wanted something comfortable but more substantial than a normal lightweight slipper. In lieu of not being able to obtain a pair of Romeos I looked for a pair of slip on comfortable shoes. I have a wider foot, so a shoe with enough room for wearing all day around the house was important. The Dr. Marten’s Men’s Boyle slip on loafers looked like they would fit the bill, so I ordered them through the Prime Wardrobe to try them out first. I tried them on immediately after receiving them and now wear them every day. They fit perfectly and are very comfortable. I wear them like slippers indoors and don’t plan on using them outdoors. I think I may order another pair for an all-around shoe. One side benefit I’ve noticed this Winter is that I don’t receive static shocks like I used to receive while wearing the Romeos. It must be the material the soles are made of.Read more

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