0C18NWQW6XG820 Kurgo blaze shoes for puppies, all season canine boots, waterproof, anti-slip backside, reflective, for warm pavement and snow, chili pink,black

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  • all season dog boots: those canine shoes can be used for each season; they may be used for summer time to protect paws from hot pavements and can be used in winter to shield from ice and snow; additionally protects paws from uneven terrain and thorns whilst tenting or trekking
  • reflective and lightweight: adjustable paw protectors are reflective for visibility in low light; pup shoes are lightweight and have an ergonomic layout; made of tight weave breathable mesh for air flow; canine boots are adjustable for a custom fit so boots don’t fall off whilst in motion
  • waterproof canine footwear: canine paw boots are water-resistant so that they can be utilized in light rain and within the snow and on ice; ripstop leather-based higher, and sole that is designed to imitate shape of dog’s paws
  • how to size: set of 4 footwear protected; for high-quality suit, canine ought to be standing on a ruler to measure; degree at widest a part of paw; we do not recommend measuring dog whilst he/she is laying down; seek advice from kurgo size chart in pictures
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8 reviews for 0C18NWQW6XG820 Kurgo blaze shoes for puppies, all season canine boots, waterproof, anti-slip backside, reflective, for warm pavement and snow, chili pink,black

  1. Aleksandra

    OVERALL: First, I have to say that these doggy boots are amazingly high quality. They sure are heavy duty. My girl walked in water, mud, dry spiky bushes, and the boots still look as if I just took them out of the box. Paws stayed dry.CUSTOMER SERVICE : Kurgo’s customer service is superb. Because of sizing issues, they sent me size extra small for the rear paws at NO EXTRA CHARGE. I was truly shocked and just loved how much they cared for my girl’s comfort!TIPS AND WARNINGS: Okay, I know a lot of people buy dog boots to help protect the paws. This is exactly what they’re for. However, you need to know, just like with our own shoes, that dogs need to break theirs in as well. There’s no way around it. You might notice little sores developing by their dew claws, but DON’T PANIC. People seriously exaggerate when they say boots hurt their dogs. We suffer from blisters too when jumping into new Vans and trying to skate in them right away. Again, be patient.Make sure you start with short walks first, and keep doing that until boots become softer. Don’t take your dog out on a hike right away because that’s just irresponsible. Help them get used to the booties. It’ll be okay!Also, SIZING is quite an issue. I first ordered size medium because my husky mix has a paw width of 2.6. Size medium was WAY OFF. She kept tripping, and the boots looked very creased, like there was just too much room around toes. I took the leap of faith and exchanged to size small, and they fit like a glove. When between sizes, go for the smaller size, trust me.SCORE: So far, for me, it’s a 10/10. Dry paws, comfort, great design, and durability. I’ll definitely post an update later.Read more

  2. Matthew B. Melson

    I bought these with the intention of allowing my dog wander around my manufacturing shop floor and not get metal chips in his paws. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of materials used. Also the Velcro and bungee cord for keeping them on the ankle is nice. It took some getting used to (maybe an hour or so) but he is running in them and playing. I can tell he’s not a huge fan but he’s not ripping them off, and once he realizes he can stay out of his crate all day with the shoes on, I think he will beg me to put them on.Read more

  3. Anita Kealer

    We travelled as a family with my husband’s guide dog in July to the Grand Canton, Bryce Canyon, and Zion and needed shoes to protect his paws from the heat, sharp stones, and water when hiking. After buying a cheaper brand that didn’t stay on or offer as much protection, we went with these shoes that stood up to every hike and condition. It only took his lab a little while to get used to them. They fit as promised and stayed on when the Velcro and bungee straps were both tightened. Our vacation would have been impossible without these shoes. We used to have to avoid walks in the middle of the day, but now that we are back home in Florida, we’ll continue to have him wear them when we are walking the hot pavement.Read more

  4. Mortgage Banker

    Great shoes, this is the second pair I purchased for my two-year-old pitbull, this set ran one size too big. Do not jog or run for extended periods of time, if not properly fitted can it be make your dogs paws raw. Also do not let them jog or run in when wet. I didn’t realize… think of how your feet would handled those situations. We do a lot of hiking and running in AZ having said that they will last you a solid year. Worth every penny to protect my pup. Forgot to mention must keep dogs nails short and smooth with no sharp edges or it will wear the shoes faster and also cause his paws to get sore because his nails will rub against their inner top pads. Buy them!!!Read more

  5. Weaden

    I bought these on April 10th for the hot sidewalks/streets in Miami. I really love the product and she was used to wearing them. I got a lot of compliments on her shoes. However, sadly with normal use the band snapped and now she’s unable to use it.Read more

  6. The Reviewer

    The durability is better than other shoes I have used. But the sizing is wrong. The large is like an XXXlarge in other brands.Read more

  7. M.G.

    I purchased these for my mini poodle. She is almost 6 pounds. I measured the paw according to the directions and ordered the boot according to the sizing guide. They were huge and so Uber durable that her little 5 plus pound self didn’t have enough weight to do anything but stand on her toes like a ballerina and give me the evil eye. I tried to press down on the boot with her foot inside to help her walk but the rubber is so thick and durable that she just popped back up on her toes. When gravity finally took over she just toppled over. Funny? Yes…very. Unfortunately I had to return them.Read more

  8. Corey

    The boots are made for walking, or running according to the box. With my dog, not so much. They stayed in place fine when we were walking, but I live in an area where I take my dog daily through a canyon off leash where he’s free to run around to his heart’s content. When he did that, the boots would slip down to the point he began tripping, moreso on the front paws (about an inch) than the back (half inch or so). If I tightening them more, they would stay in place but his sprints would be short lived and he would drop to the ground and start biting at them and when he would walk again he’d be limping – basically, too tight and or a pinch point. They seem to work great for other people but for my 90 pound bundle of energy and love not so much.Read more

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