0C18M9S0D4D845 Diy slime kit toy for children ladies boys a long time five-12, glow inside the dark glitter slime making package – slime elements w/ foam beads balls, 18 thriller container boxes crammed crystal powder slime

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  • jumbo slime making kit consists of – 18 specific colored slimes, three reducing/shaping utensils, 2 plastic straws, 12 vials of coloured glitter, 2 bags of sugar paper, 3 baggage of beads, 6 luggage of foam balls
  • the whole thing you can ever need – this large slime kit for ladies and boys comes with over 50 different gadgets! Why supply the gift of regular, uninteresting toys whilst you may have 18 fantastically wacky colorings of crystal slime ranging from clear slime, to crimson slime, 12 sorts of glitter, various foam beads, fishbowl beads, plastic fruit slices as well as sparkly sugar paper. Oh, and don’t forget the tool package and straws used to govern the slime.
  • brain booster – unlike maximum christmas items and children toys for women and boys, our slime materials help unleash your little one’s creativity and help them broaden their motor talents as well as enhanced hand-eye coordination! Grownups can play too! Arts and crafts for women and boys were tested to be some of the exceptional stress alleviation toys. Do not hassle shopping for strain balls for children, slime is the best for strain remedy!
  • glow in the dark slime kit – surprise! Our jumbo diy slime kits now comes with glow inside the dark powder! Mix in a bit, blend in lots, or say “blend i’m able to no longer!” this slime will glow in an immediately! Ideal unicorn slime boys toys and ladies toys!
  • extraordinary christmas gift idea – ideal gift toy for the a long time of 5 -12 year vintage boys and women. Slime kits make wonderful birthday items for five to twelve year old girls and boys as properly tremendous celebration favors for youngsters and adults. Whether you’re searching out presents toys for five to12 year antique boys and ladies you will be absolutely be a hit with this slime making kit
  • secure and non poisonous – made with eco-friendly fabric, our slime and slime packing containers are cleanable, reusable, secure and do now not comprise borax powder. Best-tested non-poisonous formulas are a hundred% secure for kids and adults. Astm licensed. Recommended for kids five and up. Do now not consume.

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product description

the zen laboratory slime package

the precise gift for slime kit for slime obsessed children!

the zen laboratory slime kit is filled with greater sweets than any other slime package available on the market! With 18 hues of ready made slime with over 50 blend-ins such as many colours of glitter, beads, sugar paper, and glow-in-the-dark packets that may be combined with any coloration of slime to lead them to glow. The possibilities for creativity are endless with hours of a laugh and smiles!

superbly designed. Endless creativity. Hours of safe a laugh.

the entirety you may ever want.

this giant slime kit comes with over 50 specific gadgets! 18 superbly wacky hues of crystal slime, 12 sorts of glitter, foam beads, fishbowl beads, plastic fruit slices, and sparkly sugar paper.

designed by dad and mom, for mother and father.

the nice borax unfastened secure slime package! Not most effective will our slime kit entertain your children for hours, however it’s also the most secure borax unfastened alternative for your traditional slime making kit.

thoughtfully designed, carefully crafted.

not like most toys for women and boys, our slime resources help unharness your toddler’s creativity and help them develop their motor abilities as well as more advantageous hand-eye coordination!

construct precious recollections.

switch out their clever telephone or tablet in desire of a sensory toy that fosters creativity and motor function development. Blend collectively over 50 components to make the maximum precise introduction possible!

get off the couch and play!

made with the most secure substances, our slime and slime containers are washer-friendly, reusable, safe and do now not contain borax powder. Pleasant-tested non-poisonous formulation are a hundred% secure for kids and adults.

fantastic present idea.

art components for kids make brilliant presents for boys and women as well first-rate birthday celebration favors for birthdays and holidays. Regardless of the event, you’ll be sincerely be a hit with this slime making kit.

how do i make my slime glow within the darkish?

first add some glow powder to any slime introduction and blend properly. Next, divulge glow slime to a light source (flashlight, light bulb, and many others.). Be careful now not to touch any mild bulb! Take your glow slime to a dark area, and watch it glow earlier than your eyes!

how do i remove slime from fabric?

if slime gets onto cloth, first try to cast off any excess slime you could do away with easily by using hand, very well soak the region with distilled white vinegar, allow it sit down for 30-60 seconds, then scrub and rinse with warm water.

why is not my slime stretchy?

our slime is borax loose, which makes it more secure for kids. That also means that while you first take it out of the field, it could be a bit stiff. Don’t worry! Warm slime in your hand for 60 seconds. Pull & stretch slime slowly for max stretch!

how do i mix slime accessories?

with slime on a flat, smooth surface, vicinity the add-ons you need within the center of the slime. Fold slime edges over your slime add-ons, and preserve folding slime over and over. Revel in your new slime introduction!

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8 reviews for 0C18M9S0D4D845 Diy slime kit toy for children ladies boys a long time five-12, glow inside the dark glitter slime making package – slime elements w/ foam beads balls, 18 thriller container boxes crammed crystal powder slime

  1. Brook Barngrover

    My daughter said she wanted some slime, so I compared a bunch of different options and this looked like the best value. Her eyes lit up when we opened the package and she refused to stop playing with it for about 2 hours! There slime is just the right consistency, a little bit thick so it is fun to squish and not sticky so it’s super easy to clean up. There are tons of things to mix in, form shapes and manipulate the slime with. The glow in the dark powder is definitely a favorite. You can add it to any of the many slimes to make them glow in the dark. We had a bunch of family over to visit and they couldn’t stop talking about how cool the slime was and how great of a deal it was. I’m very happy with this purchase and will be picking up a another kit for my daughter’s friends birthday next week!Read more

  2. Parz

    What a great slime kit. For starters- slime is already made! There is such an assortment of colors and add- ins kids will have fun “creating” their own unique slimes for days! The size is a little small- but enough to stretch and play with. The molds are fun shapes and really hold the shape well! Fun beads add good texture! Glitter made me cringe a little but actually didn’t get all over their hands like I worried it would. The glow in the dark powder was a neat addition – wish the bag was like a ziplock so it can be closed after opened. I took the mold toys out of their bags and stored the glow in the dark powder in there since it sealed! Overall- kids love it! I’ll be ordering kits for presents! Can’t go wrongRead more

  3. M

    There is HOURS of fun to be had here! I bought two kits so my kiddos wouldn’t have to fight over anything, but it turns out one is plenty big to share. There are so many containers of slime and accessories to mix with. I recommend having a few ziplock bags on hand as not all the slime will fit back into the tubs. This is not a kit for a neat freak–the slime itself isn’t messy, but be prepared to have glitter and foam balls everywhere. This is the kind of toy that will create lasting memories–so worth the mess!Read more

  4. J.R.

    This slime is so much fun! My 2 and 4 year old love glow in the dark and this is the only kit I could find with that option. They absolutely loved every minute of it. The kit came with everything advertised and exceeded our expectations. It’s so nice the add ins have resealable bags, which we haven’t found with other kits we’ve purchased. There is so much variety. The extra toys included are cute and extended the play time. We will definitely buy this one again.Read more

  5. Gee Whiz

    I opened it and was impressed by all the stuff in the box. It has all sorts of accessories to add to the slime. I can’t wait for my son to play with it. He loves slime! He’s very fidgety so this will help him put that energy to good creative use.Read more

  6. Jeffrey

    The colors are awesome. The packaging is fantastic and everything is neat and organized. I highly recommend this product.Read more

  7. Kirtyb

    Excellent slime! This was our first time purchasing slime. I had a 7 year old, 9 year old and a 10 year old playing with it. This kept them busy laughing and creating for at least 2 hours and they didn’t even use all the slime up yet! This is a good quality. It wasn’t sticky to the touch and was easy to get off your hands (and out of hair haha). The thought of glitter worried me because, let’s face it, once you touch glitter it sticks around forever…..once you put it in your slime it does NOT come off on your hands! The kids were thrilled that they could each make multiple containers of it since there are so many included in the kit. We also discovered that it’s bubble slime and they enjoyed blowing bubbles as big as they could!This would be so fun for a birthday party and it’s a great value! I even purchased a second box for later :)We did do it outside because they were messy with the glitter.What they likeThere’s so many different options for things to add.The slime isn’t stickyIt glows in the darkIt comes in a variety of bright, cheery colorsThe only dislikeIt only stretches if you do it slowly. If you pull too fast, it’ll break.We LOVED it.Read more

  8. Kiley J

    The box is brightly colored and lead to lots of excitement and anticipation as we open the packaging. The packets inside contain a wide variety of bead balls, glitter, and add-ins. There were no directions per-say as the slime is already pre-made in neat little plastic containers that you can store the slime in after you make your concoctions. There was enough for our four kids ages 5 to 10 to create and share. The glow powder was a nice feature. The glitter lids were very hard to remove and we had to use a scissor, but other than that, this is a fabulous set. Great gift idea for boys or girls.Read more

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