0C18KK63C8S253 Ice cleats – snow grips crampons anti-slip traction cleats ice & snow grippers for shoes and boots – 10 metallic studs slip-on stretch shoes for girls men youngsters (more 10 studs)

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  • πŸ‘ž [each size includes extra 10 studs] ❄ ice cleats for footwear & boots – walk or run with confidence on ice or snow, keep away from from slipping before you fall. Hold close the ice firmly.
  • πŸ‘ž snow grips for ladies & guys ❄ – essential equipment all through iciness while you are outdoor. It may not affect your day by day activities durable. Stretchable, larger then it is original size if you need and without damage.
  • πŸ‘ž ice grippers for trekking & on foot ❄ – ideal for taking walks, climbing, hiking, ice fishing, and many others; cooperate with all varieties of sports activities footwear, trekking footwear, and mountain boots, etc., suits for maximum footwear shape.
  • πŸ‘ž anti-slip ice traction cleats ❄ – with 5 high-power alloy enamel, superb protection for using at the ground of snow and ice; ultra light and excessive elastic, easy to put on and take off. Facilitates lessen the hazard of falls & injuries.
  • πŸ‘ž transportable journey crampons stretch footwear ❄ – those durable quick fit ice grips assist save you slips and falls on ice and packed snow. They can be without problems fitted over footwear and boots and are important for icy situations or when strolling round in iciness. The snow shoe grips are lightweight, compact and smooth to shop.
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8 reviews for 0C18KK63C8S253 Ice cleats – snow grips crampons anti-slip traction cleats ice & snow grippers for shoes and boots – 10 metallic studs slip-on stretch shoes for girls men youngsters (more 10 studs)

  1. Linda R Patchett

    Have you ever, as an older woman, tried to walk your dog when ice and snow are several feet deep? Every step is a challenge as to whether you’re going to fall or not. Thanks to these ice cleats my problem was solved. I love them and feel much safer out there. The only issue I found was that when you step into deep wet snow/slush the suction may pull one off. Nonetheless, I will permanently make these cleats a part of my winter wardrobe. I’ve recommended them to several other dog owners and they too have purchased them. Thank you.Read more

  2. AsherDolph

    These boots traction devices have little metal bits on the bottom that work like studded snow tires. I’m not very old but I don’t have great balance, so I wanted some hard-core protection against walking on ice. These helped me feel much more confident on the ice, and fortunately they are pretty easy to take on and off. I wouldn’t want to walk indoors and ruin my hardwood floors or the floors of places I’m visiting. The only thing I can’t speak to right now is how long they will last. I hope I don’t have to replace them every year, but if I do it really wouldn’t be too much expense to buy these every year to ensure my safety when walking on ice. I’d just prefer not having to throw them out and create more waste.Read more

  3. Smile G.

    The ice grips are great they arrived quickly and fit good on my sneakers I have not tried them yet as there is no snow or ice yet but think they will really work good. So happy I got these I got to try them out today we had a snow and ice storm and I had to walk like half a mile to work the road was covered in ice and the ice grips worked fantastic had no problem walking I showed them to my co worker and she is going to order them. These are so easy to put on and take off and I can walk fast iwith these on my sneakers just super!Read more

  4. Meg

    Break easily and the studs fall out. I bought these because they were the only cleat manufacturer that seems to have cleats small enough to fit a large child’s boot. But they really were not sturdy enough. They might be fine for someone tossing them on to walk from their car park to the office – probably would work better for urban use than rough and tumble kids in the yard.Read more

  5. Diane

    Living in NE PA how did I ever live without these. Melting snow created lots of ice. How the heck could I walk the dog. Well look on Amazon and had them in 2 days. 5 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I would give them 10 if I could. So easy to put on and just left them on cuz dog had to be walked few times a day. What a life saver!!!!!Read more

  6. Happy Camera Camper

    They seem to be a bit big. One kept shifting/rotating a bit… but worked really well on ice. Kinda odd when walking on dry patches (similar to cleats).Read more

  7. Sharon

    I bought these to use on a recent backpacking trip to Grand Canyon Nation Park. I used them for about a half mile of the hike and three of the cleats broke off. The yellow plastic part that holds the cleat to the rubber gripper is not very strong at all. They did improve traction, but they won’t last very long.Read more

  8. kc

    I bought these as I just had a new steel roof installed on my home. I was hoping they would make me feel more secure on the roof, using them without the studs. Unfortunately, they seem more slippery than just wearing my tennis shoes alone.Read more

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