0C18IN42XX8671 Quadtrek all-terrain slip on traction cleats perfect for snow trekking hiking and dirt well suited with all shoes boots sneakers sandals and loafers

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  • mainly designed to your comfort: quadtrek makes certain your toes do not pressure. 5mm thicker and wider than different cleats and full anti-slip safety at the heel and forefoot, our crampons hold enough traction and sturdiness for all your out of doors activities in both summer season and winter. In contrast to other ice cleats, those will easily adjust to your footwear, be it shoes, sports shoes, loafers, boots, sandals, and extra.
  • corrosion resistant steel spikes make trip smooth: 24 spikes on each sol offer you the most traction while hiking or hiking in woods, snow and extra. Crafted from steel, those microspikes are anti-corrossive, and sturdy. With high bloodless resistance able to keeping elasticity at -forty five ranges f, those crampons can firmly preserve the snowfield and help you stroll more stably.
  • the entirety you want on a budget: the product simply weighs 300g due to the fabric composition which makes it portable sufficient so that it will deliver for trekking, trekking, strolling, hiking, fishing, or some other out of doors sports effortlessly. Also, the iconic and rust-loose spikes are an ideal fee for the charge.
  • provides more safe, strong and relaxed grip: the triangular metal spikes provide you lots needed lightweight traction on grass, snow, ice, free dirt, or any sort of slippery floor. It guarantees a comfy grip whilst on foot and jogging on snow and on icy, or slippery surfaces. Quadtrek in particular benefits your elderly and youngsters for strolling on snowy and icy roads.
  • what makes quadtrek the nice? Quadtrek gives a entire stroll traction solution with the first-rate first-class than competition with constrained lifetime guarantee. Our spikes are very smooth to easy and reuse, just wash it with normal water and soap, rinse off and air dry. Smooth to put on, and take off, our ice cleats are small sufficient to be rolled up and located in any bag.
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Small ( 4 -7.5 Men/ 4 – 7.5 Women), Medium ( 7 -9.5 Men/ 8-11 Women), Large (10 -12.5 Men/ 11.5 -13 Women), XL ( 12 -14 Men/ 13 -15 Women)


Black, Brown, Red

8 reviews for 0C18IN42XX8671 Quadtrek all-terrain slip on traction cleats perfect for snow trekking hiking and dirt well suited with all shoes boots sneakers sandals and loafers

  1. dave

    I wear them to blow snow off a steep and icy concrete driveway, with a tracked blower. A least 2 hours each time. They work perfect, no slipping. I used the size chart and wear mid weight cloth/goretex hiking boots. Size 10 boot. You may want to up size if your are at the end of the size scale and wear a heavy work boot. I did wear a pair out after 2 seasons, they appear to be steel spikes and not carbide. Did you really want to pay for carbide ? Not recommended in the house for other than carpet floors.Read more

  2. pjwi

    Great product but I had to get the XL size and I only wear size 10. I gave the original size large to my wife. They fit her size 8 boots with some room to spare. Awesome traction though!I found that it is much easier to stretch them over your boots if they are warm. So I keep them in the house now instead of in the garage. They also seem to stay on better that way. I doubt they would be likely to ever come off accidentally when walking on a flat surface but I have had them come off when stretched onto my boots cold and then walking on uneven terrain. Having them warm has solved that.Read more

  3. C. Pandapas

    Bought these to run outside in winter conditions and had the chance to try them out over Thanksgiving on a snowy, icy trail. Worked great. Slipped them on over my sneakers. They stayed in place and provided the traction I needed to run with confidence in the slippery conditions.Read more

  4. nrspckl

    These ice cleats are FABULOUS! Game changer for me! I live in Minnesota. We have many freeze/thaw cycles during the winter. I can very confidently walk my dog ever day and never enemy come CLOSE to slipping. Very well worth the money! Easy to put on and take off, and they stay put every single time! I won’t go for a winter walk anymore without them!Read more

  5. Concerned Citizen

    Love, love, love everything about these cleats. They’re easy on/off and I can confidently tromp around on icy, snowy Wisconsin winter surfaces. Cleats are long enough to grip well but not trip you up. Good quality. Worth every dime.Read more

  6. H. Beniker

    I bought these to help with trail running behind my house. There’s a lot of mud and even with decent shoes I’m slip-sliding. The good thing is these do work, they have fairly substantial metal spikes embedded in the silicone. The bad thing is they don’t stay on. I took him out for a test run and within a half a mile I had replaced them half a dozen times. It got to where I couldn’t even look at the trail because I was constantly looking down at my shoes waiting for them to come off again.In all fairness, I think they were meant for dress shoes or something similar, as they have a pointed toe profile that doesn’t really work well with my wide trail shoe. Also I guess there’s the possibility that I ordered too small a size. I wear a size 12 and ordered a large. I think they would be useful to keep in your car if you need to go into the store on an icy day or something, as they slip on and off really quickly. But, if you’re looking for something to wear on the trail I’d get something with straps over the top.Read more

  7. MMC

    I bought these for a pair of snow boots. They seemed way too short to fit, but they stretched and stayed on during dog walks.The metal is effective at stopping slips on ice.Read more

  8. natia

    Update: a note from the seller helped make it right. You must stretch these out for larger shoes and they will keep the bigger shape. Definitely keeping now.Very small. The xl wouldn’t fit my size 12 shoe. In the process of requesting a return and refund.Read more

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