0C18IHR3SE0680 Traction cleats, ice snow grips crampons for shoes withstainless steel spikes for on foot, running, climbing, trekking on snow and ice

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  • what you get: 1 pair of traction cleats, appropriate for all kinds of shoes.
  • forceful grip: 19 spikes according to foot, 12 spikes on the forefoot and 7 spikes on the heel. Each wide steel plate with three spikes (heel metallic plate with 4 spikes) and each spike is half” lengthy.
  • lighter and harder: the elastomer band is constituted of stretchy thermoplastic elastomer (tpe) which has ideal flexibility, anti-abrasion and anti-tearing, can quick healthy on a spread of shoes.
  • praktisch: the stable traction cleats have maximum spikes in the magnificence, long lasting soles with warmth-dealt with stainless steel cleats make it could chunk into the slickest ice and snow easily.
  • 90 days a hundred% pleasure: if you aren’t 100% happy with this product for any motive, please touch customer support within ninety days, and we are able to right now help you to resolve the hassle

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M-19Spikes, L-19Spikes, XL-19Spikes, XL-26Spikes


Black, Orange

8 reviews for 0C18IHR3SE0680 Traction cleats, ice snow grips crampons for shoes withstainless steel spikes for on foot, running, climbing, trekking on snow and ice

  1. Ultrapeg

    I have tried all different types of ice walkers. So far, these are the best! Great value, too. They go on easily without a huge struggle and more importantly, they STAY on. I’ve already worn mine enough to see that since I put them on they haven’t budged. In the past I have had trouble with every variety of ice walkers including YakTrax, STABilicers and many others. They either break immediately, slip off my shoes or gather balls of snow underneath. Be award that these can gather snow balls and rocks can get stuck between the cleats. But they are much easier to clear than any other ice walkers I have used. I do not advise wearing them indoors, though, so be aware of that. I bought 2 pairs since I am so used to having these break as soon as I wear them, but so far the 2nd pair is just a spare. I have already recommended these to friends. I live in South Dakota where we have lots of treacherous walking in the winter.Read more

  2. SC

    I just got back from a 4.6 mile hike with these. The trails I was on were a mix of fluffy powder, packed snow, wet snow, and ice. They worked well on all. I was slipping on my way from the parking lot to the first bench at the trailhead where I sat down to put these down, but I had good traction from there on out.The large size fit well; I wear Keen Targhee II EXP’s in size 12.I didn’t use the velcro straps, I can’t see how they’d be helpful unless you were on the smaller end of the range for the size you bought. For me with the large there’s no way these would slip off by themselves.Some people complained about having trouble getting these on. I can see how you might have trouble at first but after you see how they fit it should be easier. Just look at the pictures on the listing. The rubber should be over the top of your toes, not at the tip of your toe, if that makes sense. You should put your toe in first with the rubber over top, then pull the back up.Read more

  3. JAC

    These things are amazing. I broke my former at the ball and socket almost 3 years ago so getting around in snow and ice is very tricky. My son recommended that I get a pair or crampons and so I researched and found these. They are wonderful, I can walk around in the snow and ice and don’t worry about falling, they grab right into the ice. I can help my husband shovel, I can feed the birds, I can walk to the mailbox and feel safe about doing those things. I would give more than five stars if I could, my feeling of safety and being able to get around in the winter is worth much more than that to me. I very highly recommend these crampons. I just leave them on my pair of boots that way I can just put my boot on and go.Read more

  4. Hmort

    Bought them for my wife, as she is an avid hiker even in winter conditions where trails may be steep and icy here in Northern Utah. They are very easy to pull and stretch for a snug fit on her hiking shoes, and they look very nice and high quality. They come with a nice little storage bag which stash away nicely in her trunk of her vehicle.Read more

  5. Cheri Fitch

    These are THE BEST WINTER INVESTMENT I’VE EVER MADE! I have a set on my walking/running shoes and on my farm boots! These are a lifesaver it is SO icy this year! Excellent quality, excellent fit on both boots and shoes, excellent price! Love this product. Was actually recommend by our mail man!Read more

  6. Michael Wallace

    I have hiked Mt Adams twice in the past month. I used a more expensive micro spike on the first hike and they did ok but I slipped a bunch on the steep inclines. I then purchased these for less than half the cost. They appear to be just as durable but the spikes are longer and I never slipped. I will definitely purchase another set of these for my son.Read more

  7. KK

    Ok, “life changing” may be a little dramatic. However, I am very afraid of falling on ice having had two injuries from do so – a broken back as a kid and then a torn knee that required surgery when I was mid-thirties. I have spent decades avoiding outdoor activities in the winter, and, I live in Wisconsin! I purchased these because I’ve taken up birdwatching – seriously going out to look at birds in all kinds of weather and terrains. With these on my winter Kamik boots I feel safe enough to enjoy being outside. I’ve out been birding, shoveled lots of snow, maintained my many bird feeders on our farm after just snow, but, also the recent ice storm when everything was glare ice. I’m still very aware of the conditions, but, I have yet to even slip at all. I’m amazed how well these work. I am no longer housebound in winter!Read more

  8. Steve Dooley

    It seems most of the USA has been hit with bad winter weather and in the Midwest we have had many ice storms and these traction cleats have been a great asset in keeping one from falling on the ice. Easy to get on once you figure out the system and then you are good to go. They come off very easily and you can use them on a different set of boots if needed.Read more

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