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  • make certain this fits
  • by getting into your version wide variety.
  • our one of the best elite spin snowshoe is again with spin through north wave binding machine to keep you securely inside the shoe and a brand new, light-weight frame
  • providing an ultra-strong 6000 aluminum triangular tube frame with incorporated noticed enamel traction, the elite spin is built to last over the years
  • an integrated heel elevate keeps you up to your toes at the inclines
  • the quick strap heel strap and spin via north wave binding machine keep you securely in the shoe
  • weighing 4. 8 pounds, the 9×30 length body is constructed for users as much as 250 kilos

from the producer

elite spin snowshoes are among the finest for height overall performance whilst trekking thru the snow.

based in 1996, yukon has grown to be one of the top snowshoe and winter sports activities providers within the world. Constructed with the notion that the outside is for anyone, we make our products with nice and accessibility in mind. With that, we’re proud to proclaim that we’re…

designed in denver. Built for the yukon. Made for all, to experience winter.

  • 20+ years of creating iciness recollections
  • access-stage to expert-orientated product line
  • yukon elite spin snowshoe – unisex snowshoes for wintry weather trekking

    the elite spin snowshoe features a brand new body that keeps you floating on pinnacle of the snow while additionally providing aggressive traction. Proposing an ultra-robust frame with integrated noticed enamel traction, this snowshoe is constructed to closing over the years. An integrated heel carry continues you up to your ft on the inclines, and the quick strap heel strap and spin by way of northwave binding device preserve you securely within the shoe.

  • spin by using northwave dial binding system with integrated toe container
  • loose flex axle device movements together with your herbal stride
  • mountain claw crampons that will help you grip and drift across the powder
  • 6000 aluminum triangular tube body with integrated noticed tooth traction
  • assist on hills is a snap with our heel raise

    everybody should use a touch assist on the up-hill part of a hike. The elite spin snowshoe design includes an included heel raise to relieve calf pressure and fatigue on steeper inclines.

    mountain claw ii™ crampon gadget allows with traction

    the aggressive mountain claw ii crampon machine has a new appearance, and has been re-engineered into a light-weight, compact bundle that’s capable of resist the pains of any snowshoeing experience.

    6000 aluminum body built to remaining

    this extremely-robust 6000 aluminum body is the strongest and maximum torsionally-inflexible body we provide, so that you can push it to it’s limits. The elite spin snowshoe is constructed to final you through many seasons of snowshoeing

    9″ x 30″ frame

    the 9×30 elite spin snowshoe is made for wearers and equipment among 201-250 pounds. Load up your backpack and strap at the elite spins to get you happening your subsequent journey.

    included heel lift for inclines

    mountain claw ii™ crampon system

    6000 aluminum frame

    nine” x 30″ body

    product description

    our top-of-the-line elite spin snowshoe is again with a new frame that continues you floating on top of the snow even as also supplying competitive traction. Proposing an ultra-robust 6000 aluminum triangular tube frame with integrated saw enamel traction, the elite spin is built to last over the years. An incorporated heel raise maintains you up for your ft on the inclines, and the swift strap heel strap and spin by using north wave binding device keep you securely in the shoe.


    Elite Spin snowshoe, 9×30

    8 reviews for 0C18I8KT03Q341 Yukon charlies elite spin snowshoe

    1. S. Stewart

      We’ve only had 2 good snows so far this season, but they were enough to tell me that these snowshoes do the trick. I’ve had no trouble putting them on, even with a thin pair of gloves. Once in the snow, they are superb tracking. Even in relatively shallow snow, they traversed just fine and I carried on into the deeper areas. Now, if we could just reverse global warming so that I can get some snow!Read more

    2. leslie

      The bar that goes across the bottom underneath the heel is only riveted to the frame, and both shoes are now broken because the rivets can’t holdRead more

    3. Roberta Boyea

      These snowshoes are easy to tighten and loosen and comfyRead more

    4. Katawampas

      These are very good snowshoes.-They are very easy to put on/off,-Easy to adjust to the wearer’s boot.-Have a pivot binding which means the bindings pivot under the ball or the foot. This lets the tail fall back/down as you move so that you fling less snow on your legs/snowshoes. It also is less tiring for your legs.-Have a heel lift for climbing hills. It prevents calf/Achilles heel strain. It is very easy to use by just pulling the strap at the back of the boot. It locks in place very well.-Sturdy steel crampons on the bottom for really good traction.-Aluminum frame is sturdy & light.-When choosing snowshoe size, consider your weight, combined with your pack weight. You don’t really need to go very oversized to carry your weight – getting within the correct weight rating for the snowshoe is more important. Take in to consideration the type of snow you will typically be in. Light fluffy/powder snow takes slightly bigger snowshoes to float. If you typically use trails, get the smallest snowshoe for your weight.Read more

    5. William D. Colburn

      New update: fifteen hours of snowshoeing in the mountains above 9000 feet. I like these a lot. They work well. I had trouble at first not putting them on tightly enough, and they fell off. That was bad. But once I tightened them up they stayed on. Both of the tightening mechanisms worked well in snow and freezing conditions.First update: It snowed, so I got a chance to try these out in the snow.First impressions is that, outside in the snow, these are a bit harder to put on than I’d like. I’m sure practice will help. The heel strap just doesn’t like to cooperate. The binding for the shoe, the little turn wheel, works very well for both putting them on and taking them off. Beyond that, they seem to work fine as snowshoes. I didn’t really have enough snow to really test them, but it was a fun walk around in them. I didn’t take them up the sledding hill though, because I didn’t want to sled down in them.Original review follows (headline I have no snow):I got these because the price was right (Amazon vine) but they come at a inconvenient time to try them out. There is no snow. There were a few flurries yesterday, but that’s not enough.I bought my current snowshoes back in the late 1990s. These are very different than those. The outside frame is made with sharp edges down, presumably to grip snow and ice. The boot retention is a little flimsy looking with a very thin cord, but it is probably one of those new super high density polymers which are nearly indestructible. So that should be good.One weird thing is the heel lift. When I first saw it, I thought maybe it was an assistance level to help pull my heel up, but that didn’t make any sense. It appears to be a small wire platform to raise the heel on uphill climbs. Lacking snow, I haven’t tried. I suppose it would work. It doesn’t look very strong, so I’d be careful transitioning onto flats with it in use.The locking system seems clever. But I worry it might be too clever. If it gets clogged with snow and ice it might not work well. I have no snow and ice to test it though, so it’s just a worry I have.I haven’t tried my big boots in them, but it looks like these are big enough to fit them.Overall I’m happy. If I try them in snow and my worries are unfounded I’ll come back to change the 4 to a 5.Read more

    6. Nitty’s Mom

      My husband plans to use these hiking this winter. He hasn’t used snowshoes in the past, so trying these in an early NJ snowfall was interesting to say the least. Putting the shoes on was simple and easy, using the quick adjustable heel strap and the spin tightener which adjusts to any shoe size. He wears size 9-1/2 EE boots and they fit no problem. The 9×30 shoe is for weights to 250lbs, while he only weighs about 170lbs. That means they are longer and wider than necessary for his weight. They were also easy to release from the binding and heel strap.It takes some getting used to when walking and especially turning. Certainly it will be easier with his Yukon Trekking Poles. The heal lift for going uphill was easier to implement while seated, but with some practice should be doable standing in the shoes. Sorry that I can’t compare these to other brand snowshoes, but these seem to be excellent design and quality.Read more

    7. Ardeal

      After 2 seasons of light use in southern Appalachian winters, I am gaining confidence in the durability of these Yukon snowshoes. When I received them, at first glance, some of the connections seem very prone to ripping/breaking apart due to the limited contact. So far everything still looks good. It takes some adjusting to walking over snow with such large surfaces, but it is a lot easier and with less issues than walking with spikes on ice, since I end sometimes up accidentally ripping the bottom of my pants when I use those. No such danger with these snowshoes – the biggest worry is accidentally stepping one over the other but once you get used to, it’s no problem.Read more

    8. R S Cobblestone

      These Yukon snowshoes are longer than my series 821 and 825 snowshoes. The Yukon Elite Spin Snowshoe 930 still has the aluminum frame, but it isn’t tubular, and I had to really inspect it to decide whether it was aluminum or some type of rigid plastic or carbon fiber.Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for snow to put these snowshoes through their paces. They are long, light, well-made, and engineered to grip the snow on push-off. Let the cross country skiers beware!Read more

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