0C18I5EQLTD533 Armor all automobile cleansing and leather wipes – interior purifier for automobiles & truck & bike, 30 remember (percent of 2), 18781

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  • convenient, disposable wipes protect your vehicle’s rich appearance
  • leather-based wipes clean, situation and shield leather
  • leather wipes renew and revive leather’s herbal splendor
  • cleaning wipes easily dispose of ground-in dust, dust and filth
  • cleaning wipes are lint unfastened, may not go away greasy residue on fingers
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cleans & protects

keep your car’s rich appearance.

  • convenient, lint-free disposable wipes assist maintain the beauty of your automobile’s indoors surfaces
  • cleaning wipes without difficulty get rid of ground-in dust, dirt and dust
  • cleansing wipes received’t dry out, damage or fade automobile surfaces
  • leather wipes are made with cleansing retailers that attain into the grain to soundly put off dirt & soil
  • leather-based wipes incorporate conditioners that beautify herbal beauty, restore supple feel
  • preserve your vehicle’s rich appearance.

    preserve the splendor of your automobile’s indoors surfaces with armor all excellent automobile

    products. Original protectant wipes fight fading, growing old and cracking. Leather-based

    care wipes renew and revive the rich look of leather, and restore its supple

    experience. Convenient -% canisters characteristic a moisture lock lid that keeps

    wipes fresh and may be stored to be used whenever you want them.

    armor all cleaning & leather-based wipes twin p. C. (2×30 rely)

  • wipes away dust & debris
  • automobile indoors cleaning wipes without problems do away with floor-in dirt & dust
  • won’t dry out, harm or fade outomotive surfaces
  • cleansing dealers reach into the grain of the leather to safely eliminate dirt and soil
  • conditioners decorate leather’s rich, herbal splendor and restores its supple sense
  • effective blocking off retailers assist protect towards spills, stains, cracking, fadding, discoloration and premature growing old
  • convenient & smooth to use
  • moisture lock lid facilitates hold wipes clean for at the least a 12 months.
  • handy, dispossable wipes
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    Leather (30 Count), Leather Wipes (1 Pack), Leather Wipes (6 Pack), New Style (2×30 Count)

    8 reviews for 0C18I5EQLTD533 Armor all automobile cleansing and leather wipes – interior purifier for automobiles & truck & bike, 30 remember (percent of 2), 18781

    1. Krista L.

      So deeply disappointed that these wipes literally ruined the interior of my brand new car. I could not believe it when I got in my car an hour after cleaning it to see that the seats were discolored. I quickly cleaned again and then realized after two or three days I would need to live with my new car looking spotty with streaks that won’t ever go away. So disappointed, don’t waste your money.Read more

    2. CG

      I’ve been an amazing customer for years and have never written a single review. But I had to come on and write this so nobody made the same mistake. I bought these wipes for my Jeep with black leather interior and used the leather on my seats. My seats are now stained from the wipes and it will not come out. This has never happened before with different wipes. I can see I’m not the only person this happened for. The regular wipes worked fine for my steering wheel and dashboard, but please do not make the same mistake as I did with the leather.Read more

    3. Jason Puckett

      DO NOT BUY THIS.I wanted to protect the black leather interior of my new car and used these leather wipes. This product MADE THE LEATHER LOOK AWFUL, STREAKS & STAINS EVERYWHERE.I started reading other amazon reviews immediately after, because it did not look right… I could tell something was wrong with it. OTHER BUYERS TALKING ABOUT HOW THIS PRODUCT RUINED THEIR INTERIOR.HOW TO FIX – I immediately starting wiping down the leather seats with a shammy wet with water. I did this within 15 minutes of the original application; before the product had a chance to dry and set in the leather. I ran the wet towel over the leather, and then used a dry towel immediately after.I was able to fix about 95% of the damage. there are STILL some areas where it is noticeable.DO NOT BUY THIS.Read more

    4. Angela B. Kimble

      I expected a lot more from ArmorAll. These wipes leave heavy streaks and smell like piss! Seriously, urine. This is not what I was wanting to use on brand new leather seats. 😡Read more

    5. Rob

      My whole dashboard looks like a bird pooped on it and I smeared it all around. It’s my own fault for buying something that costs $3 and using it on a $200,000 cars leather. You get what you pay for. I had to remove this stuff so it didn’t hurt my leather. Ugh. Armor all used to be amazing when I had my first little POS car. If you have something nice, spend the extra $7. I’m giving it 2 stars because i’m taking partial blame.Read more

    6. AmazonMunchies

      TL;DR (Too, Long; Didn’t Read) VersionBought as simple leather cleaner for a BMW – overall works well.The good- Works well to clean ground-in dirt, dust, and grime.- Safe to use on vinyl and plastic.- Comparatively cheaper to buy online compared to buying them at the store.The bad- The wipes are moist inside the tube and needs to be stored in a cool area to prevent drying.- Difficult to remove long-term stains.- Can cause discoloration in some leather. We saw some slight discoloration when putting pressure in some areas.Your questions, our answers:Can I use this to clean the dashboard and vinyl in the car?Absolutely.If the interior already has sun damage , will this stuff be able to clean it off?This does not clean or repair sun damaged leather.Can these be used on Mercedes Benz leather?The wipes are safe to use in all types of leather, including Mercedes, Audi, and BMW.Read more

    7. Oath

      You came here for Armor All cleaning – that’s what you’ll likely get. It does a good job, the only rub is how poorly-maintained your vehicle surfaces are. If it has been a while, you’ll likely need several wipes to get through the job – letting the cleaner ‘set’ for 5-10 minutes on problem areas often removes the bulk of the grime and gunk aimed to be removed.It does a great job of both cleaning and polishing most car surfaces, and the lather care wipes do an admirable job on black-tinted leather (AFTER the leather has been well cleaned)Read more

    8. Reina Brown

      I am so hurt. I WISH I would have read the comments before purchasing. My 2020 truck is barely 3 weeks old and after using this product my black leather seats are completely ruined. Please do not buy this item. I’m going to take it to a professional and pray they can get the streaks out and restore the driness. These wipes sucked the life out of my poor seats 😓Read more

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