0C18HKXXYHO550 Low-pro ice cleat

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  • ensure this fits
  • by way of coming into your version variety.
  • permanent studs for maximum sturdiness
  • tungsten carbide studs for extra put on
  • low-profile studs for versatile iciness traction
  • deep tread for traction on unfastened snow
  • business stength ice cleat
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product description

low-seasoned ice cleat is a compact , mild weight business electricity ice and snow strolling tool that suits over all types of shoes and boots. Those professional ice spikes for boots are extremely clean to apply and can be placed on or taken off in seconds. Light in weight, the low-pro ice cleat is virtually inconspicuous on the user’s foot. Vital to the low-seasoned slip-on ice cleats, is the transitional traction design. This traction footwear layout features 26 minimally exposed tungsten carbide studs that permit the employee to advantage traction in iciness conditions even as nevertheless being capable of navigate smooth surfaces with reduced hazard of floor harm. This makes the low-pro normally more secure to put on both indoors and at the same time as using, lowering the need to your personnel to usually cast off the object from their foot. The low-pro ice cleat features a patent pending twin-elastic layout. Large elasticity in the higher part of the low-seasoned allows to facilitate an easy and brief on/off process. Reduced elasticity in the sole guarantees more abrasion resistance and standard elevated sturdiness. This aggregate makes the low-pro ice cleat one of the most particular ice spikes for boots to be had.


Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large


Orange / Gray

8 reviews for 0C18HKXXYHO550 Low-pro ice cleat

  1. SonShine

    I’ve had my LowPro Ice Cleats for almost two months now, and I’m a big fan.First, they’re easy to slip on and off of boots without tearing your fingernails off.They provide excellent traction when walking on ice or ice covered with snow, even slush.And perhaps best of all, when running errands, they don’t have to be removed to walk into malls or stores. They’re not slippery on inside floors at all, however, I wouldn’t advise walking on hardwood floors. After all, there are metal cleats in the soles.One drawback is the price you’ll pay if you order from Canada. The actual price of $39.95 turned into $85 once duty, shipping, and the dollar exchange between US$ to CAN$ were applied. Nevertheless, they allow me to walk with confidence on icy roads and sidewalks. Hence the five stars.And if I could whisper in the manufacturer’s ear, I would suggest that they drop the grey and orange under soles and make them in solid black. And perhaps set up a subsidiary or shipping location in Canada to reduce the price. Canada has a LOT of winter and these would be a big seller here if the price was more reasonable.Read more

  2. R. Hugh Kidding

    STOP! – DO NOT ORDER UNTIL YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THESE ITEMS ARE NOT ACCURATELY SIZED AND HENCE THEY WILL NOT PROVIDE THE PROTECTION YOU EXPECT!Size “Large” slipped off a size 9-10 LL Bean Maine Hunting Boot within the first 100 steps on a flat, snowy driveway. I, like you, probably didn’t want to believe similar prior reviews. To not offer an accurate Fit Chart cost this product 4 stars.The concept is good, as is the quality of manufacturing. But neither matters if they won’t stay on your feet.Packaging totally mutilated upon arrival.Read more

  3. Susan

    Oh my gosh these low profile cleats are a lifesaver! I live in a complex that does a terrible job of cleaning up the snow and ice, and I have to walk my dog 4 times a day. I have nearly fallen numerous times on the ice in every kind of boots, so I thought I would give these a try. I’m so very glad I did, because now I’m not so afraid of falling.I had previously purchased a set of spiked ice cleats, but they are only good for thick ice and deeper snow, and you can’t walk on the pavement in areas that have no ice or snow because the spikes will bend. Also you can’t walk into the apartment with them on.With these low profile cleats I can walk on the ice, packed snow, pavement, and even walk around inside my apartment, a store, etc. There’s no need to take them on and off to go in and out. You must still be cautious while walking because nothing is going to be completely safe if you don’t watch your step. I’ve read some reviews saying that they slip off or move out of place, but I have been using them for a few days and they haven’t budged. Maybe those people are wearing them in the wrong size or on thinner type shoes or boots.One note: These are not designed for walking in deep snow! Those would be the type with the chains and spikes.I highly recommend these low profile ice cleats!Read more

  4. rrhoades

    Living in Maine with a steep driveway that I need to clear and sand, I’ve tried different types of cleats and found that every one of them eventually came off my feet. Not these. I wore them a lot this winter and felt very confident walking up and down our steep driveway. Worked great. They stayed on my feet, yet were easier than many other brands to put on and take off. No buckles or Velcro. They seem durable and only show a bit of wear after one year. Good product. By the way, I didn’t get anything for writing this review and I paid for them just like you. Full price.Read more

  5. Getting by in Michigan

    ok, so far so good. I’ve wore these on icy days and it does grab on the ice and give me a little extra security–plus I can wear them indoors and not have to put them on and take them off then put them on again. The only issue I have is that they do add a little more weight on already heavy boots so just be aware. And, I do walk with caution on tile floors–but I’ve never slipped so it’s probably me just being pro-active in not falling. When these wear out I will definitely buy again.Read more

  6. Heiwashin

    They do what they’re supposed to do. i used them for a full day on ice and on the dry pavement and in stores, at the end of the day one of the studs look like it didn’t handle the weight too well and was pushed in a little, the rest were fine. The traction was much better than the nothing than i’m used to on ice. It does sound like i’m walking with clacking spurs or something, but no one says anything, and there’s no floor damage that i can see.Read more

  7. Dick S.

    I live in Colorado and deliver pizza part time. My time is spent driving, in and out of store and walking up and down driveways and stairs. Everyone maintains their property differently, working at night, spotting ice is sometimes impossible. The work is fast paced with no time to spend putting ice cleats on and off, these cleats work great for my need, I’ve not slipped or fallen since purchasing them. Good for driving and walking on tile floor also. Highly recommend these!Read more

  8. Paul D.

    I am men’s size 11. Ordered Large, which was correct on the chart. Went on easily, compared to YakTrax, but tended to fall off! Smaller size is SMALL! It surely will not fit.Not sure what to do.Read more

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