0C18HEM9CM9200 Triwonder gaiters low gators lightweight water-proof ankle gaiters for hiking on foot backpacking

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  • ⚠️ please be assured that we’ve already improved the buckle design! Those gators will paintings well for your purpose.
  • ✅ awesome waterproof — followed 15d nylon with silicion coating procedure that shows a brilliant capability in water repellency. The low gaiters can successfully guard your footwear and pants from rain, snow, dust and straw
  • ✅ suit tightly — the ultra leg gaiters can fit nicely over your pants and attached to your footwear firmly with the aid of the steel hooks. The velcro is superb robust in protecting the bond with its different 1/2 that you won’t be worry about the trekking gaiters will slip down or off
  • ✅ realistic layout — pinnacle elastic band facilitates the trekking gators hug your legs greater firmly and now not permit sand or twigs to get into it. The snow gaiters cowl your ankle and wrap footwear absolutely that also can be used as a mudguard. And the bottom strap is durable, designed to lock your footwear more firmly
  • ✅ lightweight — compact boot gaiters with extremely-light & windproof design that is easy to place on / take off and relaxed to wear. The ankle gators can be wiped off easily and dry speedy, easy to fold up, simply sense unfastened to carry it everywhere
  • ✅ good sized application — the waterproof gaiters are active properly in consistent with season, best for trekking, on foot, cycling, searching, mowing, fishing, backpacking, etc

product description

triwonder gaiters

pass outside and be near the character is that why triwonder exists. Out of doors is the pursuit of journey with the whole frame to loosen up, and our ankle gaiters goal to provide convenience and protection for you. Simply experience your adventure and we will emerge as your backing. Be your accomplice, be your armor.


▏call: gators

▏goal: unisex

▏material: 150d nylon material

▏weight: 70g / 2. 47oz

▏use for: outside, trekking, mountaineering, looking, trail strolling

all-round for according to-season

absolutely welded leg gators provide the higher the safety you need towards moisture, rocks, and dust.

maintain regular

the mental hook prevents separation at the same time as in use, fix the quick gators greater firmly.

robust velcro layout

adjustable, treat you with the maximum fit by way of a clean adjustment. Handy put on, smooth to position on and take off.

elastic band layout

the pinnacle elastic band is effect to keep away from the fast gaiters slipping off and forestall moisture, rocks, dust to get in.


Black & Gray, Blue & Gray, Green & Gray, Orange & Gray

8 reviews for 0C18HEM9CM9200 Triwonder gaiters low gators lightweight water-proof ankle gaiters for hiking on foot backpacking

  1. H.H. Eccluus

    I have a great, comfortable pair of hiking books which have only one drawback — they are so “open” at the top that small stones, gravel, twigs, leaves, snow, even bugs get flipped up and into the books as I hike. I was stopping every 1/2 mile or so to empty my shoes! And I hike almost every day. So, it was annoying. I found these gaiters on Amazon and decided to give them a try. They work great. I can hike for hours without having to empty my shoes one time. They are lightweight and fairly comfortable. They have a strap that goes under the arch of the shoe and Velcro at the back to connect them on to my boots. I was afraid that under-strap might wear out quickly but I’ve hiked a hundred miles or more wearing these gaiters and they haven’t busted yet. They do make my feet sweat a bit but then I get fairly moist after a couple hours on the trail anyway. So, yeah, they work for me. They look a little odd but then I’m too old to care what my feet look like.Read more

  2. PeggyDR

    This buy was a bit of a whim but boy I really like them! My guide thought they were really nifty as well. He’d never seen anything like them before. I bought them to hike in the rain/cloud forests in Colombia. While they won’t keep water from entering you shoes if you are submerging them (obviously), they do a GREAT job of covering up your socks/bottom of your pants. What I generally do is treat my socks with permethrin and then tuck my quick-dry pants into my socks (leaving some sock exposed). These were PERFECT to cover that pant-shoe bridge. It sucks getting your socks wet and these perfectly covered them. When all the vegetation you are hiking through is wet, these are perfect! You can figure out the adjustments.Read more

  3. allenlid

    On the first pair, the stitching of these came undone after one use around the velcro. I would rule out improper use because the other one wasn’t broken. Returned first pair. Customer service contacted me and wanted me to be satisfied. So they sent me another pair.UPDATE: After receiving another pair, the gaiters seem to be holding up. But keep an eye on these. I recommend these for light use. Snow, sand, but probably not with hardcore undergrowth. Sticks would puncture them.Read more

  4. J. Mayfield

    I bought these to keep grass clippings out of my shoes when mowing the lawn. I’d hoped these would basically be a short version of some knee-length gaiters (different brand) that I’d bought earlier this year. I used them for the first time today and while they did keep clippings out of my shoes, I think the strap is in the wrong location, at least on my size shoe (11M). When tightened, the strap really wants to slide around and under the heel instead of around the raised arch area right in front of the heel. This might be resolved if the strap were sewed about an inch closer to the front.So I’ll rate these 3 stars because they do seem to do the job. But that strap problem keeps them from 4- or 5 stars.Read more

  5. SamThePoltergeist

    Mixed feelings on these. I bought 4 pairs so that family could go backpacking in some light snow. I figured they were going to be one time use, but I needed to save the $$ so … here I am.We ran in to a lot more snow than I was planning, and these things actually did a decent job of keeping it out. They also mostly lasted all 4 days which surprised me. Some of them could be used again. If your in a pinch like me, these are fine, but if you plan on using them twice, get something better. The biggest problems are:1. They are very uncomfortable on bare skin (if your not wearing pants)2. The under-foot strap is terrible, and the sincher is weak (one broke) and doesn’t stay tight. (they still worked with boots but were definitely a tripping hazard)3. The elastic ankle opening is one size fits all and it … mostly worked but more adjustment would be better.Overall, our feet stayed pretty dry wearing these. They were lighter and cheaper than the OR Rocky Mountain Lows that I would have gotten if money was no issue.Read more

  6. Since You Asked

    I need these for walking through brush in California desert, lush in spring, now tall, thick & dry and filled with seeds like arrow heads that penetrate socks and get into shoes poking feet. That’s history now. The canvas-like plastic material defends me while no constriction whatsoever. It covers back of shoes and some of the shoe laces. Easy on and off.Highly recommended in this price range is the best I’ve found.Read more

  7. Jen

    I beat these to heck, over a couple of years’ worth of hiking in spring conditions. They are very thin but do keep the rain/muck out of the tops of hiking boots. The only con is that the strings used to tighten them do fall under the foot, causing a bit of a tripping hazard. So, the wearer needs to tuck all of the excess in, sometimes several times on a hike. I liked the lightweight-ness and price of these enough that I bought a second, new set.Read more

  8. mikeb

    These fit over my large (size 13) Lowa boots to provide some protection from ticks and debris while walking local trails. We live in central NJ USA; ticks and Lyme are major problems. I have large calves, just larger than higher gaiters allow, but these give enough coverage to seal my pants legs. I sprayed them down with Permethrin as well. The trails here right now (December-January) are leaf-covered in many places, and these do a good job in keeping out junk during walks. Very light.Read more

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