0C18EY26T5Z314 Gpeng snowshoes for guys ladies teens youngsters, light-weight aluminum alloy all terrain snow shoes with adjustable ratchet bindings with sporting tote bag ,14″/21″/ 25″/27″/ 30″

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  • aluminum alloy
  • sizes & weight capacity: 14 inches:30 – 70 lbs / 14 – 31 kg; 21 inches: 70 – 150 lbs / 31 – 70 kg; 25 inches : 120 – 180 lbs / 55 – eighty two kg ; 27 inches:a hundred and sixty – 235 lbs / 73 – 107 kg; 30 inches:one hundred eighty – 250 lbs / 81 – 114 kg
  • design: ergonomic and streamlined design and a barely upturned rounded tail, the snowshoes make certain a comfy and easy walk in your trekking and mountaineering. Meet max floatation and rapid movement in heavy snow circumstance
  • the bindings are molded around a man’s boot to cradle and pad the arch and ball of the foot, so there are no stress factors. The lacing gadget holds your toes securely and smooth speedy-loc buckles make donning and doffing brief and easy.
  • purposeful use: a sturdy steel body presents a stable platform even as the high quality pe decking creates max flotation; heel straps with brief launch buckles preserve your ft in area; all terrain solid aluminum alloy crampons for competitive traction
  • absolutely adjustable : double ratcheting bindings easily modify to most footwear and allow a comfy match for max performance in the course of outdoor treks; one-buckle tightening mechanism coupled with an tpe heel strap gives efficient assist

21 inch, 25 inch, 27 inch, 30 inch


Black, Blue, Red

8 reviews for 0C18EY26T5Z314 Gpeng snowshoes for guys ladies teens youngsters, light-weight aluminum alloy all terrain snow shoes with adjustable ratchet bindings with sporting tote bag ,14″/21″/ 25″/27″/ 30″

  1. Ryan R. Sargeant

    I wasn’t sure if I would like snowshoeing or not, so I ordered a pair of these shoes just to try it out. As it turns out, I really enjoyed snowshoeing. Over the next few months, I went showshoeing ~twice a week on a variety of trails.These snowshoes weren’t designed for the heavy use that I subjected them to. They started to break down after ~15 hours of heavy use and required quite a bit of repair. I’ve since invested in better shoes, but keep these around for my kids to use.**I contacted the company when the shoes broke and they immediately refunded my purchase. I repaired them anyway and now use them as a “loaner” pair.Read more

  2. Melanie Morris

    I bought these to carry on my Snowbike as a safety measure. I tested them for fit and put them on my Snowbike to carry for emergencies. I have never needed to use them. Within two months a Buckle fell off, making the set USELESS.I have contacted Amazon multiple times, they gave me 4 different ways to contact the Manufacture which I tried (even converting English to Chinese), and Amazon said they would contact the Manufacture also. In the beginning I offered to buy a new Buckle and Rivet it myself plus pay the shipping. I am no longer willing to pay for the Buckle replacement. Had they responded in a timely Fashion I would have. Now I figure they owe me a new Buckle and Rivet. If they resolve this I am happy to change my rating. Its now been many months…Update: Months later I finally get a response from the Manufacture and again explain my request to get another Buckle and Rivet which I will install. A week later no response to my request.Read more

  3. K. Damos

    I was very excited to use this pair of snowshoes. They had the same kind of bindings of an old pair that I had. I used them on flat groomed trails and went maybe 2 miles. The webbing broke in two spots on one snowshoe; on the other snowshoe it broke in one spot & cracked in another. So disappointing. Would not recommend purchasing.Read more

  4. Ken Wall

    The first pair I got had a broken clasp on one of snowshoes, luckily amazon replaced them with in 3 days, and the Kohls drop-off was fantastic.I’m taking a fun snowshoeing class at my college and needed a good pair of snowshoes for the Michigan snow. So far the second pair is perfect for beginners like me. :)Fit well, work as expected, and I love the color.The carrying bag is great too, because there is extra room to keep my gloves in it. :)Read more

  5. Kelly L

    We used these on just one trip this year – about 4 miles in 18″ deep powder. They’re light and pretty tough. I liked the carrying bags – they’re durable, and the showshoes fit inside without a struggle. My only (minor) complaint was that the binding fasteners were a little difficult to use, and tended to loosen over time. I stopped to re-tighten 2 or 3 times over the trip. A good quality product for the price!Read more

  6. Michael T. Cotterall

    I bought 2 pair of these snowshoes for my wife and me. They are very difficult to get on do to the bindings. The toe strap comes off your toe if you aren’t careful and the heal strap is so stiff it’s almost impossible to hook. Once you do get it hooked the snow shoes work well. Then getting them unhooked is really hard.Read more

  7. Barbara Edy

    These are gifts, so I don’t know how the people will like them yet. I received them when promised that I would. They look good.Read more

  8. HikingAroundTheGlobe

    These shows are so worth every penny. My friend and I ordered them to use on an overnight snowshoe trip. We decided to try them out ahead of time. We had so much fun. We went through hard icy snow, powder snow and everything in between. These snowshoes held up so well. Buy them! You won’t be disappointed!Read more

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