0C18ETC3KWH781 Seasoned acme classic aviator sunglasses for men ladies a hundred% real glass lens

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58 Millimeters


Black/Black, Gold/Brown, Gold/Brown Gradient, Gold/G15 Green, Gold/Grey

8 reviews for 0C18ETC3KWH781 Seasoned acme classic aviator sunglasses for men ladies a hundred% real glass lens

  1. Peter

    I have worn Ray Ban Aviator glasses since the late 60’s. After a while they usually succumb to operator error. I sit on them, drop them overboard, loose them after a while, scratch the lenses…the usual stuff. I thought I’d give these a try to see how they are because Ray Bans aren’t cheap to replace.Unless you are looking very, VERY closely and know exactly what you are looking for you can’t tell these are not Ray Bans. I have a bag of old Ray Ban lenses and broken parts that I thought would be my back up if I didn’t like these glasses. I’d cannibalize the frames off these and use the parts to fix my old glasses. If you actually hold up the Ray Ban lenses over these lenses you can see there is about 1 mm difference in the curvature of the outer lower corners. The difference is enough that the Ray Ban lenses wouldn’t go into these frames, but you have to hold the old lenses right up against these to see the difference. However that doesn’t matter as the lenses in these glasses are excellent, and as I have stated you can’t tell that the frames are not Ray Ban unless you are measuring them.The glasses came with the nose rests needing adjustment. Frankly I have never owned a pair of Ray Bans that didn’t also need that adjustment when brand new.Included with these are a lens cloth and a nice case. The case is the only thing that doesn’t look Ray Ban exact match, but that doesn’t bother me. If I wanted to really complete the illusion I’d just use one of my old cases…but I’m the sort of fellow who would rather be known for finding a great pair of quality sunglasses at a fabulous price instead of trying to impress people with over-priced fashion sense.Read more

  2. Jarod Toffelmire

    Great price point for a pair of non polarized glass lenses!Read more

  3. Janie

    Very cute glasses for the price. I have a smaller face and they fit me perfectly. I love them.Read more

  4. Walter O.

    45 Years ago I had a pair of Raybans for a couple of years before I left them on a campsite table in Northern Arizona. I still have the Case for them. 5 years ago I lost a three hundred dollar pair of Prescription Sunglasses at the SuperMarket. That’s it! No more expensive sunglasses for me! A month ago I lost a $35.00 pair of exceptional, large Aviators that I have been had pressed to find a large-sized suitable replacement as I have a big head. I ordered these. They are the typical average dimension glasses that fit most buyers. I put them on, and they don’t look ridiculous, but maybe 3/16 inch overall width smaller compared to the ones I just lost. They are OK, as i’m the only one who might think they’re a little small and that is only by comparison to the others. They are glass, classic green aviators, prescription ready. Nothing at all wrong. They fit well enough. My son is a pilot, small, experimental craft, and I gave him this pair as a gift at my Granddaughter’s graduation Party. (she said they way they executed her drive-in graduation was fine with her, no complaint’s). All good, even without the seated assembly. They fit my son to a “T” He really likes them. I don’t think you would see enough difference, (if any), so why pay $165 for RayBans and even more for Maui Jims? No one at the Gas Station while you’re pumping gas would have a clue if you were wearing Raybans or these Pro Acmes, so why pay five times as much? Would you walk up to a perfect stranger and say “Hey, I’m wearing genuine RayBan glasses, see – if you look close you can read the label on the lens.”?Walter O.Read more

  5. FC SFla

    My car has a heads up display so non-polarized sunglasses are a must (polarized ones all but erase the HUD projection). They are also hard to find.. these sunglasses fit the bill. They are great quality and the lenses are glass so they are less likely to scratch. Clarity is excellent. One thing I’d improve from manufacturing is to lubricate the hinges before assembly. The legs are a little hard to open and when they do, they feel a little rubby bindy (like where they pivot). I cant really loosen the screw, I’ve tried but it’s too tight so then the screwdriver slips and I dont want to round off the head or scratch that area so I stoppes trying. If the leg operation was smoother I’d buy 10 pairs lol. But really for the price they are amazing. Buy them. Dear manufacturer: consider posting UVA UVB filtering results and improving your hinges / lubricate in assembly. Also consider not printing your name on the lens.. maybe on the leg inside on the acetate tips but the lens it’s just cheesy w that name.. sounds like something from bugs bunny.Read more

  6. reegee

    These sunglasses are nice – they arrived packaged very well, they seem sturdy, the lenses are truly glass, and by all appearances they’re well-made; however, they’re very small. I searched for “oversized” aviators and these came up, but they’re more of a child’s size than adult’s size. In fact, I wouldn’t even say they’re normal size sunglasses. If you’re looking for something that goes beyond the outer corners of your eyes and above (or at least even with) your eyebrows, these aren’t a good choice. If, however, you have a tiny head, these will probably work well.Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    Love it.. so many compliments. The quality is awesome.. looks expensive and feels awesome on the face. So many people thought they are real ray bans.. comes in beautiful case along with rag to clean them.. will buy it again and in another color..Read more

  8. Tom

    Long time Ray Ban Aviator wearer. Have owned probably 4 pair of authentic ray bans and always managed to lose, scratch, or break them. Tried an eBay special for 85 dollars… fake. After that frustration I decided to give these a try. Couldn’t hurt for the money. I love them. Are they ray ban quality? No. But you can buy 11-12 pairs of these and wear them without concern and get the same look and similar comfort. Sure I had to do a little bending to get them just right and yes I had to use the provided screw driver to tighten the arms a little. And yes they were hard to tighten without stripping. But they fit and they look good for 15 bucks… I’m sold.Read more

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