0C18EO5990L564 Boy’s female’s water resistant facet zipper short ankle iciness snow boots

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8 reviews for 0C18EO5990L564 Boy’s female’s water resistant facet zipper short ankle iciness snow boots

  1. stephanie

    Very wide, and the inside liner fell apart after 3 weeks. So lame. Not made well. Customer service was good. They’re sending me another pair so that’s what the one star is for.UPDATE : while I’m scrambling ordering a new pair (new company) my daughter called me from the office of her school to tell me her shoe completely broke and couldn’t walk home. These shoes lasted me officially 2 months and literally broke in 2 pieces. Crappies shoes I’ve ever purchased. After the first pair I thought for sure the crappy quality was a fluke but nope! Both pair were equally crappy. See picture .Read more

  2. Brenda R.

    I bought these boots for my child to wear when playing outside in the wet weather. I was looking for an alternative to clunky, heavy rain/snow boots and this was it! These boots keep the water out and stay on when climbing around on playground equipment. They are very light weight and have good rubber soles for running. Best part, my 3yo can put them on herself.Update: After a winter in these boots, they are still in great condition (having been worn almost everyday) and my child loves them.Read more

  3. Brit

    Adorable and excellent quality for the price! My 16mo typically wears a size 7, but has fat Fred Flintstone feet (her feet are 5.5″long and 2.5″wide)… I ordered a 7 and they fit great, but also have plenty of room to grow. Good thick material and flexible soles. I bought “without fur” as I wanted a casual spring/fall weather shoe, and these will be perfect. They do have a slight chemical/plastic smell, but not terrible as other reviews stated.Read more

  4. Claudia

    My son loves these boots, I have ordered them in two different colors. They look awesome and we ALWAYS get compliments on them. HOWEVER, the inside rips apart within a month with frequent wear. The padding comes loose, disintegrates, whatever, and leaves the shoe’s skeleton. It’s uncomfortable for kids to put their foot in that. But I love the shoes. On the outside, even after 8 months, they still look amazing. I just wish they would use better quality material on the inside.Read more

  5. KNS

    I bought these boots for an outdoor family photo shoot for both my 4 year old and my 2 year old thinking okay if they are horrible they only have to wear them this one time. I got the fur lined version and my kids really like them. They were able to run around and play in them and my son has worn them to day care several times. Seem to be holding up well there’s no pealing/creasing on the exterior and the internal fleece/fur isn’t getting ratty. Over all very pleased with this purchase especially for the price.Read more

  6. Kat

    I bought these last winter for a one off wearing to a man made snow patch (FL). I bought the size she was wearing at the time and they were pretty roomy but she was able to wear them for the event. Fast forward a year, I pulled them out to see if they still fit to use with a pirate outfit. They now fit perfectly and have become her absolute favorite shoes to wear every day. She gets lots of compliments on them because they look cute and stylish for a toddler. They are easy for her to put on and off herself which she likes. They definitely seem to fit like a full size larger than the sizes at like Carter’s/Oshkosh or Payless by comparison though.Read more

  7. Tyler

    UPDATE: the 2nd pair i purchased, one of the tabs on the back to pull the shoe up immediately ripped off, and the fur lining was not stitched down all the way at the bottom of the zipper and flaps about. The 1st pair i purchased, the bottom just fell off of one one day. They appear to just be pretty much hot glue gunned on.My son still likes them, they still keep his feet warm and dry(excluding the one missing a bottom…) but the quality of the craftsmanship is definitely cheap.ORIGINAL:My son loves these boots and they keep his feet warm and dry. Just ordered him a backup pair. Followed the chart and the recommendations in reviews/questions and they fit greatRead more

  8. kisha

    My 4 year old spent all last winter in snow boots because he could easily put them on himself. He wore them even when it wasn’t cold. I wanted something similar for him this year without the bulk. Something he could play outside in and ride his 4 wheeler with but that could also be worn with jeans. Well these boots arrived yesterday and he hasn’t taken them off. They are so comfortable he asked if he could wear them to bed!Today however one fur “insole” came out. It’s not really an insole but more like an insole cover – it’s like a thin piece of “fur” was laid down and not adhered in anyway to the insole. Since my son prefers to go without socks (which is why I ordered the fur lined boots) it’s not as comfortable on his bare foot without the liner (it’s rubbery). I deducted only one star for this because I was able to find what will hopefully be a good solution: removable, washable insoles. Since he likes to go without socks his shoes can get pretty smelly. Removable, washable insoles would end up being a blessing.I just wish I didn’t have to pay as much for them as the boots themselves.But if the insoles I ordered work I plan to buy another pair of these boots in a different color.Read more

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