0C18DTTXIKM402 Men’s thermator mid-rise water resistant hiking trekking insulated outdoor boots

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  • waterproof mesh upper and hydroshield membrane waterproof
  • rubber toe cap safety and rubber outsole for optimal trail grip while hiking. You’ll find it that a totally competitive sole to grab the rocks and supply good traction
  • molded tpu ankle aid and moisture-wicking mesh lining. Integrated inserted eva midsole, light weight and sturdy enough even when carrying weight
  • two hundred grams thinsulate insulation for -25℃. Integrated inserted eva midsole, light weight and robust sufficient even if sporting weightize
  • functionality and fashion – those boots function unique era to protect your toes, molding rubber toe cap and molding tpu at heel for perfect protection, cushioned eva midsole makes the boots durable, strong, light-weight and luxury, perfect for your trips in the snow or hiking in bloodless weather climates

product description

version: thermator

shaft measures approximately eight” from arch

please observe : the shade camouflage is water resistant, an excessive amount of rain or water could not live too lengthy at the higher of it, as for the cloth of camouflage is cloth.

this thermator men’s causal hiking boots provide special era to defend your toes, molding rubber toe cap and molding tpu at heel for ideal protection, progressive layout of cushioned eva midsole makes the boots long lasting, stability and comfort.

if you are very avid hiker, this boot is right for your desires, on the way to work very well trekking via rocky regions in addition to moist dust, preserve you from slipping on the rocks or tripping at the mud, feet live dry for the duration of walks thru mud and snow, even the terrain is hilly and uneven, you may experience at ease for a complete day.

please word: about the scale, the “m” stands for medium, referring to the width. It is able to be a chunk small than everyday length, propose ordering a 1/2-size or a complete length up from your normal size. Also please kindly check the product care preparation within the field whilst you acquire the boots.

outside pleasure with xpeti hiking boots

water resistant mesh top and hydroshield membrane waterproof. First rate for all weather boots, continues ft dry and heat in the course of walks thru mud and snow.

included inserted eva midsole, mild weight and sturdy sufficient even if sporting weight.

comfort for trekking the trails, feet stay dry.

rubber toe cap protection and rubber outsole for most excellent trail grip. You may discover it that a totally competitive sole to grab the rocks and supply right traction.

men’s thermator mid-rise water resistant ankle boot

xpeti brand designers also are outside fanatic. We layout with our ardour.

we made the boots for the human beings that stay, paintings and spend time within the outdoors.

the hiking boots hold your toes dry at the trail or on the mountain, comfort all-day, make you feel better in an outside environment.

properly made and are quite lovable for a trekking boot.

durable and breathable, a nice style of shoes for trekking, on foot and sports.

stability and assist on uneven floor, foot protection on volatile ground


7, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 12, 13, 14


Black, Camouflage, Light Grey

8 reviews for 0C18DTTXIKM402 Men’s thermator mid-rise water resistant hiking trekking insulated outdoor boots

  1. KB

    “Very Disappointed” I thought I was really going to like these boots but at this point I have worn them only 4 days and the heels have completely broke / blown out on both boots.Read more

  2. Hammer

    I wear boots daily even in the summer in construction work. I hike as much as possible and have experienced many types of boots at 58 years old. Only two boot types out of 40 I’ve tried have fit perfectly and like a glove of comfort right out of the box. I have sent many back because my feet matter. This is only one of the two, trust me. I serious about my boots and only give it 4 stars because the 5th star will come as the boot proves itself on longevity and use over time. A few months of use will assure me of that. I believe they will stand the test of time as I make them work. 4 stars you will not b disappointed for the money vs. paying hundreds for specialty name brands that by the way fail my test over time.Your feet, deserve a great fit. One last thing, these boots support my past history of broken ankles and the height is thereason and arch support. The higher boot always takes getting use to if you wear low top anything else. They’ll be on my feet on a trail in Colorado, next weekend.Read more

  3. trini

    That I have a lot of likes about it and really no dislikes it held up well on my weekend hike to the Appalachian Trail from Pennsylvania to Maryland this weekend lightweight waterproof comfortable it’s not a heavy duty boot for heavy Rocky terrain but durable if you’re going to do a hike through a park with not a lot of Rocky Terrain this is the boot for you comfortable fitwell keep your feet warm nice qualityRead more

  4. Dean Waight

    Bought these as an everyday pair of work boots for fall/winter which is still a couple months away here in Tennessee. I’ll update how they hold up in a few months. For now though the fit was almost spot on. Ordered size 10, regular shoe size. Enough room for thicker socks which I doubt will be needed. These are going to be plenty warm. Not sure about the waterproofing yet. Footbed is very comfortable and overall the boots are surprisingly light. Soles seem to be quality material that should last. I included photos of two spots where the stitching looks iffy but there seems to be some type of panel behind the outer fabric so I can’t see where it would be an issue. Word of warning they add a bit of height so pay attention until your used to them. Other than that they appear to be a great pair of boots. Wore them for quick 3 mile walk. The new boot feeling didn’t last long. They were quite comfortable by the second mile. My feet did get warm but the boots do a good job a venting heat. My socks weren’t even damp when I got home. I have to add that after having a severe fracture of my right tibia a couple years ago that left me with a an arthritic ankle, permanent nerve damage and lots of interior hardware I’m very particular about my footwear. These boots are comfortable. I’m already impressed with them. But being a truck driver they’ll definitely be put to a real test and time will tell. Right now giving them a thumbs up.Read more

  5. Mark Lamb

    Just got back from Iceland and these boots kept my feet warm and dry. The fit was perfect and comfortable. I went on a hike on a ice glacier, snowmobile, black sand beach and walked around the city, they passed with flying colors. I wear a 10.5 in sneakers so I went with a 10 and it was perfect.Read more

  6. Adrienne Palmer

    Slipped them on and immediately fell in love. They are super light and then I thought about how comfortable they are and wondered how durable will they be? My first trek was through the desert(El Paso, TX) for short two mile break in, just to see how my feet would feel. Most excellent. Then went to Cloudcroft New Mexico another 4 Mile 6 mile hike in and out of mud and snow and a little bit of water. Excellent. My third trick was to the scenic hike at Ski Apache New Mexico. I don’t think we ever did find that trail since it was under a minimum of 4 foot of snow. Boots performed excellent. They kept my feet nice and dry and comfortable. Next, did an 8-mile hike through more snow,up to 4ft and mud. Again, the boot performed excellent kept my foot dry and I wouldn’t say warm but normal. The two times in the Snows hiking in Upper30 to lower 40 degree weather. During this hike, somewhere along the way and I’m sure it was when my foot sink down into some tree branches or possibly Mesquite bushes because we lost the trail due to the snow. The boot tour as you seen the picture. The cool thing is the thin-sulation & Water barrier stayed intact. I contacted the company to see if they would replace the boot since it had been right at 30 days and told them I did not want my money back just another pair of boots this time around because overall the boot performed excellent oh, and the grip is most excellent. It did great on the Rock mud snow in As Good As It could do on ice….. they are sending me another pair. Thank you Xpeti.Read more

  7. Rusty Shackelford

    Took these straight from the box on a 4 day hunt going through extremely rocky steep terrain, in several inches of snow and frigid wind. I could not have asked for better performance my feet were warm dry and still remain blister free.Read more

  8. luis ventura

    I love my boots, they fit perfect. Unfortunately, my son got the inside wet now they are so hard to dry, I’ve been trying to dry them for a long time with a hairdryer and even though they appear first to be dry my feet still get wet after wearing for a long period of time.Read more

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