0C18DTLD0X0548 Zhuanglin women’s short drying aqua water shoes casual taking walks footwear

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  • 90% material
  • rubber sole
  • breathable and durable air mesh higher permit the foot to respire
  • solyte midsole provides an incredibly lightweight midsole with brilliant leap-lower back and sturdiness
  • water grip outsole presents awesome traction in moist and slippery conditions
  • comfordry sockliner gives the premiere cushioning performance that creates a cooler, drier and more healthy shoe environment.
  • open mesh at the top and hole on the sole gives for advanced breathability and brief drying
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product description

engineered breathable mesh upper

upper with breathable ultra mild weight material,open mesh on the higher gives for superior breathability and short drying which creates a cooler and more healthy footwear environment.

specific drainage holes, quick dry

particular and pinnacle-high-quality anti slip rubber sole provide top notch bendy and comfortable. That may guard the ft as well as enhance the stability and luxury.


6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 10, 11


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6 reviews for 0C18DTLD0X0548 Zhuanglin women’s short drying aqua water shoes casual taking walks footwear

  1. VR1

    Love, love , love these water shoes. I have neuropathy and making an effort to lose weight doing water aerobics but all the jumping and walking/running even in the water was painful and balance was hard to keep in the bare feet. Now that is over!!! The shoes give very excellent support to the foot along with softer shock to the foot. 5lbs gone since I got them. They stay on the foot no slipping off and NO PAIN!!!Read more

  2. VeronicaVaughnV

    I have lived on an island a few blocks from the beach for over 20 years so I have owned more water shoes in my life than I can possibly count. These are literally THE BEST water shoes I have EVER owned, which is a huge compliment seeing as I have owned so many!! First I would like to apologize for the poor photo quality of my pictures (I took them with my IPad) and add that I took them inside so that I could get enough light to show how breathable the bottoms are! I also wanted to show them while they were such a beautiful blue color because I know that pretty soon the color will probably look much different due to mucky sand! These shoes are everything that water shoes should be. Light, breathable, and most importantly they are actually able to drain water out of the bottoms. Every pair of water shoes I have previously owned had soles that were solid pieces of rubber or plastic. Most of them had mesh uppers but when the water got in the top it would pool in the sole because there was no way for it to get out of the bottom! That problem has been something I have complained about for years because I just didn’t see how shoe developers have seemingly overlooked the concept of gravity!! (Water can’t magically float back up out of the top mesh part you know!). THESE water shoes are the solution to that problem. A totally GENIUS solution I might add! They have holes in the bottoms of the soles that are raised up (so you don’t step on sharp objects) and if you look closely you can see TWO layers of mesh at the top of the holes (right under your foot) that prevent sand and rocks from getting into your shoes from the ground yet allow water to slip right out of the bottom! Why did someone not come up with this idea YEARS ago?? They have the perfect design for shoes meant to be used while walking in the water, someone finally got it right!! I may sound way too excited over water shoes, but if you wore them as much as I do you would probably feel the same way! They are also extremely comfortable for walking around the house, or actually walking anywhere at all. There is no shoe that comes anywhere close (flip-flops excluded of course) to being as breathable as these shoes are. Your foot gets air from the top, sides, and the bottom! If you have a problem with Athletes Foot you absolutely MUST try these because these shoes will allow your feet to remain dry AND get plenty of air! There are so many uses for these shoes that I couldn’t possibly name them all (running, sports, canoeing, kayaking, wading, etc..) and I am certain that they will quickly replace traditional water shoes. The quality of the material is wonderful, they are light but obviously very well-made and durable as well (if this turns out to be untrue I will absolutely update my review!) They are also extremely comfortable (even after wearing for hours) and literally so light that you barely even feel them! (I weighed mine and WITH the dirt they have already accumulated from me wearing them they weigh: 7.9 OUNCES which less than half a pound!). They also have convienent tabs on the heel and the front of the foot opening to allow you too pull them off easily and put them on easily. I was unaware that they came in half sizes so I ordered a size 8 even though I usually wear a size 7.5. The size eight is slightly to large around the ankle area, but not so much that they slip around or slide off. I am going to be ordering the other type of water shoes in this brand (slip-ons with pretend laces) and I will be getting the 7.5 in those. They fit very true to size so I recommend ordering the size you normally would and since they have half sizes you will get a perfect fit. I absolutely recommend these shoes to EVERYONE. They are not only great water shoes, they are great shoes for just about any activity that doesn’t require steel-toes or cleats!* I was lucky enough to receive these shoes at a discounted price in exchange for my HONEST opinion and unbiased review. I honestly LOVE these shoes and I have already bought more! Also the regular Amazon price is great compared to what this kind of shoe would sell for at a tourist shop in my town. They sell the terrible kind of water shoes at those stores for $30.00, these would cost at least $60.00 and even so would be impossible to keep in stock (yes they really are THAT great!).Read more

  3. PA16E

    I ordered a 7, I’m usually a size 7 …. There’s a very tiny bit of extra room but a 6.5 would probably be too tight so I think they run mostly true to size… They stunk when I received them…. like chemicals…. Just threw them in a garment bag and washed & dried them with some towels. They were dry in like 2 mins & smell was gone! Still fit right too. They DO NOT keep sand out. They’re not something ready to wash the same off either. Washing machine & garment bag will be your friend. That being said, I did wear them alot on my cruise – they were that comfortable. And I get “I love your shoes” compliments on them too!Read more

  4. GingerBella

    I bought these to wear on my 5k Mud Run this weekend and let me tell you, they were perfection!! While everyone else was losing their shoes in the mud and having trouble getting water out of their shoes, mine were draining by themselves and feeling light as a feather!! I had zero issues with them, and they even were great while I was jogging, climbing, swimming, and crawling! They never came off or budged, cushy enough for running the outdoor course, and flexible enough to climb in them. When I got home, I hand washed them and took out the insoles, then threw them in the laundry. They cane out perfectly clean and still look new!! After all that mud, I was impressed! Do yourself a favor and get these. I want several more in different colors now! Even as every day wear. They have arch support and are so lightweight, I could wear them all the time!!Read more

  5. Dixie

    I was skeptical at first, but I needed a water shoes for our vacation in California and the beach, and Legoland and the Zoo.I looked around and found this.I wanted one where it can double as a walking shoes as well.It is very light and has holes at the bottom, of course the sides are made of mesh.My feet was still a little sweaty, but they fit properly.It is very versatile and they dry quickly.Maybe 15 minutes in the sun and they are dried.It doesn’t retain as much sand so that is good, unlike other water shoes that does and they became heavy.I wear a size 6 and I bought a size 6 and they are true to size. Holds my feet well, whether they are wet or dry.I had no problem using them at the beach and all day walking at Legoland and the San Diego Zoo.When we came back home, I put them in the washer and the dryer and they held up really good.The next day I used it in another park.It didn’t even give me any blisters and they compliment my feet so wellRead more

  6. HG

    First I will say, these shoes arrived quick and as promised (Amazon Prime). I bought these shoes to use for water activities on a cruise vacation. I go through beach/water shoes pretty fast and have found that most water shoes are uncomfortable especially if I use them at a water park or walk in them for any distance. These shoes however were AWESOME!!! I not only used them on the beach and water sports but I used them while shopping and walking extensively throughout an island town and my feet did not hurt! These shoes fit well both on land and in the water. They are light in weight, comfortable and a good value. They are better than some of the more expensive brands I have had. They were also easy to clean the sand out of them with out falling apart. They look & feel great on my feet and stood the abuse of a week’s constant wear. I’m actually gonna get another pair or two (in other colors). These are the best H2O shoes I’ve ever used!!!P.S. I did not receive anything for this review so my experienced is NOT influenced by the seller just my experience!Read more

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