0C18CA6O8RE181 Merrell men’s coldpack ice+ moc waterproof snow boot

(6 customer reviews)


  • material or fabric
  • imported
  • vibram sole
  • shaft measures approximately mid-calf from arch
  • vibram arctic grip outsole affords unparalled traction on ice even inside the most intense winter conditions
  • two hundred grams m pick heat lightweight, low bulk insulation continues you relaxed
  • nubuck leather-based and mesh top

7, 7 Wide, 7.5, 7.5 Wide, 8, 8 Wide, 8.5, 8.5 Wide, 9, 9 Wide, 9.5, 9.5 Wide, 10, 10 Wide, 10.5, 10.5 Wide, 11, 11 Wide, 11.5, 11.5 Wide, 12, 12 Wide, 13, 13 Wide, 14, 14 Wide, 15


Black, Brown

6 reviews for 0C18CA6O8RE181 Merrell men’s coldpack ice+ moc waterproof snow boot

  1. Techno-Redneck

    Ok. Let me start off by saying that there are aspects of these shoes that I do like. Namely the look, comfort, and fit. Those are all good. These are decent looking shoes that can be worn in almost any situation. To me, they fit just fine and are neither too wide or narrow, nor too long or short, but rather they seem to be exactly what I’d expect for the size that I ordered. Now, I purchased these shoes to use on a 3 week family vacation in Europe. My family and I travelled to Madrid, Bordeaux, Paris, Nice, Venice, Rome, Pisa, and Barcelona. Needless to say, we did MUCHO walking. Since we were traveling in the winter, we didn’t know exactly what type of weather we’d be encountering, so I wanted a shoe that I could walk around in that would help me be prepared for most anything. These shoes held up pretty well to all of the walking that we did throughout the vacation. They seemed to be comfortable enough after a day on the feet, and they’re not too heavy to make your legs terribly tired after being on your feet all day.Now, what do I not like? Well, the waterproofing… It’s just terrible and not effective. Look, we weren’t wading through rivers or trying to hike through monsoon rains, but make no mistake, it was raining almost every single day while we were in Paris. Typically only light rain, but certainly enough to keep puddles all around and a few times, it certainly did come down in a little more heavy fashion. My problem is that only a few days into the trip, I noticed that my toes and the areas of the outside of my foot near the toe were wet inside. Certainly not what I expect from a “waterproof” shoe. Now, this is only from walking around city streets in what I would consider normal rainy weather. It’s just not acceptable…Read more

  2. Jeanette

    I usually wait to write a review on a product until after I’ve used it for a bit… just to be sure I am totally satisfied. I purchased these work shoes for my husband about 5 months ago and he was very happy with them at first and the pictures are what they look like today. The price was a lot more than he usually pays for work shoes but the reviews and good ratings convinced me to give them a try. These shoes have been looking like these pictures for some time, I’m just getting around to writing the review. I can honestly say he has never had a pair of shoes fall apart like these. He complained of them leaking when it was raining and his white socks would be stained black from I assume the dye in shoe. He walks a lot on his job both indoors and outside about 7 miles a day but these shoes couldn’t take it.Read more

  3. djuan

    Before this I wore the Men’s Jungle Leather Slip-On Shoe for the last 2.5 years as my go to work shoe and paid just under a hundred. I put those through above average use and they never let me down. I only went with this varient because it was offered in a waterproof wide size where the others were not, and the regular fit was a bit too tight before they were properly broken in. The Coldpak Ice are pretty much a let down. Waterproofing does not repel even moderate moisture, and there is zero support…meaning the shoe moves around basically like you’re wearing a house slippers. I expect more at this price point and from Merrell in general.Read more

  4. R. Carlson

    I was looking at my winter shoes and noticing how shabby they looked. I figured I must have bought them several years ago and it was “just that time again”. I checked my prior order to get the size and was surprised to find that these just turned one year old! Since I don’t wear them during the summer, this wear actually represents only about 6 months. I love all my Merrils, but I will not be buying these again — they just wore out way too quickly!Pros:- Comfortable- Waterproof (until the rubber around the front cracked)Cons:- Fall apart in about 6 monthsRead more

  5. Amazon Customer

    I have been a fan of Merrell boots for about a decade now. I will start by saying these shoes are great, but not at all worth the price. I bought these shoes about a year ago. They were very comfortable and functional for a few months once i broke them in. However after 6 months of use, they have started deteriorating to a point of usability. It is just a bad design. The rubber you can see peeling and cracking in the photos is not durable at all, very easily it gets damaged. Also the sole is separating from the toe area as you can see in one of the photos, so water get in. The worst part is the material near the heal (by the finger loop) has started collapsing so it digs into the back of my foot when im wearing the shoe. I ALWAYS use the finger loop to put the shoes on, so this is not due to me being abusive to the shoe. I only wear these around my campus and have gone on a handful of hikes in them. You can see the sole is still in good condition, indicating that the other design aspects are not up to par.Read more

  6. Homer

    I have never purchased Merrell mocs. I have used multiple others by Chaco and Dansko. I like a good arch support and slip on comfort.These are pretty good. They fit well, slip on, and have a nice fit. I did add a Superfeet insert as the arch is rather wimpy and is only a soft insert that compresses with use.Using the Superfeet insert, they are nice. Good fit, comfortable and easy to wear.’My only concern is the heel cushion which other have noted has a tendency to wear. When you put on the moc, the heel cushion does get caught and at time has to be pulled out. I do have some worries that it might wear. But, for new shoes, they are right now having no issues.I’ll update if there are any issues with the heel wearing. I do find the fit good. I wear an 8.5 and they fell comfortable with sock or with bare feet.A nice winter moc.So, four stars.Not “I love it” , but pretty nice and may buy more if time does tellRead more

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