0C18AN90OC4643 Msr evo trail 22-inch hiking snowshoes

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  • reliable, long lasting all-situation snowshoes offer terrific traction and floatation on snowy trails and rolling terrain
  • steel traction rails and brake bars are molded into snowshoe decking, and in conjunction with carbon metallic crampons, provide cozy grip in elaborate situations
  • duofit bindings deliver freeze-proof, glove-friendly, adjustable attachment to a huge range of footwear
  • optional 6-inch modular floatation tails (sold separately) offer extra floatation in deep powder
  • snowshoes degree 8 x 22 inches, weigh three. Fifty six pounds, and might convey a one hundred eighty-pound load; bindings in shape guys’s shoes sizes 4. 5-15; made in the united states of america

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6 reviews for 0C18AN90OC4643 Msr evo trail 22-inch hiking snowshoes

  1. The Suburban Experimentalist

    The wife and I used these to snow shoe in the San Juan National forest outside of Durango Colorado. We were both carrying a backpack of about 20 pounds.What is your size?I weigh about 185 without a pack, and am 5’10”, and my wife weighed maybe 105 pounds on a good day without a pack.How deep of snow can these go in?We were hiking on about 3 or 4 feet of snow I found out, after taking them off thinking I didn’t need them, and then almost immediately sinking one like up to my crotch. It turned out, we were actually snow shoeing over a creek when I did that, because I could look through the hole I made at the water rushing under the leg sized hole in the snow….How heavy are they:They are light enough to just strap to your pack when you don’t THINK you need them…Why buy these over cheaper brands?They are made in the USA, and are guaranteed, and I have personally tried them!In a word, these work. We were walking over creeks, up very steep snowy embankments, etc.Get the flotation tails also!If you want to see them in action, type “Mark Daniel Imaging” into youtube, and look for “Durango Colorado, and the Narrow Gauge rail on my channel.Read more

  2. Jennelle

    I am a female, about 170 ish pounds, and I feel these MSR Evo 22’s work very well for my size and work for what I need them for. My mother has a similar pair of MSRs and she loves her’s as well. I had longer, bulkier pair of snowshoes (I wanna say they were like 35” ? I did NOT need that long of a snowshoe. Learned my lesson) but they were so awkward and just so hard to maneuver in. Graduating to the MSR brand has been life changing for my casual snowshoeing adventures. I have more freedom of movement, and can actually walk more normal in these, unlike my other shoes that made me look like a flailing duck in a pile of mud. The nice thing about these, is you can buy the longer attachments for them, so if you are in some softy snow, you can put those on at any time.Read more

  3. T&J. S.

    I havent had these long so maybe this review is premature. So far they are what i expected, good for snowshoe trails, meaning traveled on and slightly packed. These are NOT for breaking new snow as they dont have very good flotation at all (@ 180 LBS). They do make a little slapping noise when walking from the plastic hitting the heel of my boot. It’s noticable but not too bad. The grip is excellent. They are very light feeling and make walking with a snowshoes on very easy and not clumsy.On a side note- i removed the black strap holders and turned them around backwards so the opening is facing forward. Otherwise i found walking near deeper fresh snow wants to push the straps out of the black holders which could make them unbuckle. This now works well.Read more

  4. GHR

    Around the Olympic National Forest these are used as the main rentals. They are almost bulletproof, figuratively speaking. The straps will wear, and could eventually break, but as with all Great Gear, they are Easily (and relatively inexpensively) replaced.Was able to traverse steep terrain in very deep powder conditions, hike comfortably for a few hours, and even gracefully glissade the descent.Love these snowshoes and the fact that you can put floats on them, though they performed well enough without to not warrant need for them!Also they Seem Indestructible, so far GREAT product and I don’t think my mind will be changing any time soon!Read more

  5. retiringtoNH

    After trying 3 other pairs of snowshoes I opted to get this better pair. Size is great, I’m 5’3”. All reviews seemed to be happy with them and I was not disappointed. No more struggles with straps or buckles. No more clicking sounds while shoeing. Easy to manuveur as I broke trail a few times. No slipping down steep grades. I am pleased with these and have already recommended them to 2 friends who are also frustrated with old straps and shoes.Read more

  6. MJS

    If you are looking for something to try snowshoeing with that is generally inexpensive these are worth a go. MSR has a bewildering product line up and choosing a snowshoe can be hard. I got these plus the tails and seemed to be good for wondering around Vermont either around the ski resort or on trails. It’s an excellent work out for the days the days you don’t ski, and you get out and you don’t pay for a full price lift pass. I would probably get the Evo Ascent if it was available, but that’s more money and they weren’t available when I was buying.Beware: A lot of is made of where you snowshoe and the conditions in the place when buying. I feel like a lot of reviews and recommendation are for the deep powder white conditions of Colorado and similar. This worked for me on the East Coast. If I was going to CO, I’d probably get a bigger, fancier one. In the East Coast around NY and souther VT it seems it can still be cold but deep snow is rare.Read more

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