0C189WI5UDZ813 Gilman water resistant insulated boots for youngsters

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  • fabric and synthetic
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • shaft measures about mid-calf from arch
  • new light-weight, bendy and rugged outsole for max grip in all weather conditions
  • true bootie construction with seam-sealed membrane resistant to 10,000mb pressure/4 hours
  • thermal insole with comfortable/heat felt lining
  • 3mtm thinsulatetm lining cold rated to -35
  • water-proof materials and gussets help keep water and particles out
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product description

this lightweight yet robust water resistant, cold climate boot will make certain your little one explores in consolation and safety, with its flexible gripping outsole and water resistant, insulated design.


4 Toddler, 5 Toddler, 6 Toddler, 8 Toddler, 10 Toddler, 2 Little Kid, 3 Little Kid, 4 Little Kid, 11 Little Kid, 12 Little Kid, 13 Little Kid


Toddler (1-4 Years), Little Kid (4-8 Years)


Grey, Gray Woodland, Navy/Pink

8 reviews for 0C189WI5UDZ813 Gilman water resistant insulated boots for youngsters

  1. Abby

    I purchased these on amazon and they are horrible. They are nowhere near waterproof. Even in damp grass my sons feet were soaked all the way through his socks. I don’t understand how so many people say they’re waterproof. I get if he were jumping in giant puddles but soaked socks just from damp morning grass doesn’t make any sense. I bought these because they were supposed to be waterproof. I tried posting a review on the SKR website before but it didn’t get posted so I’ll leave this here.Would not recommend.Would not buy again.Won’t buy SKR boots again.Not worth the $$$Read more

  2. summersky

    The huge advantage to these over clunkier snowboots is that the thinner, flexible sole allows for toddlers to run and play as if wearing sneakers. They also shine with thermal insulation where heftier snowboots would be too warm.The con to the thinner, flexible sole is that it does not provide enough thermal insulation when walking on snow.I have let my toddler wear these in cold (above freezing), rainy days and her socks come out warm and mildly damp (a little perspiration still happens even thought the perforated upper suggests more ventilation). The one time I let her go outside in these boots when there was snow and the temps were in the mid 20s, she came back with just as mildly damp socks, but much colder feet and she told me her feet had felt cold. This was after 2 or 3 hours in the snow.So I would say these boots are good for milder winters where there isn’t much snow and the temps hover around freezing or slightly above.About the mild dampness – that is the same whether it is snow, rain or dry weather and I have concluded that it is due to mild perspiration. That is with a thicker merino sock (so the sock is damp, but feet stay warm).If looking for snowboots specifically, I would suggest boots that have a thick, rubber sole and seamless rubber foot. That is what I use with for my toddler for snowplay or subfreezing temps and have been very satisfied.Read more

  3. Mariya

    I sized up by one size as they suggest and the fit is perfect. My son normally wears size 12 and I got size 13. Love how not bulky they look and how light they are compared to most children’s boots. My son wore them in the rain and his feet stayed dry, so they are waterproof. We didn’t have really cold temperatures yet so I don’t know how they will perform in freezing temperatures but I also got him wool socks anyway.Read more

  4. Christine

    Excellent product. This is the third year we’ve bought a See Kai Run winter boot for my daughter. This model is by far my favorite. This boot is flexible for play, very light for running around, waterproof, keeps toes toasty in 20F weather, and easy to pull on and off for a little 3yo. Will be getting this model again next winter!Read more

  5. Morgan S.

    These are adorable and warm and my daughter loves them. They’re also waterproof, which is great for snowy northern winters. They do run a bit small so I went up one size and they fit well.Read more

  6. Severidt24

    We always like See Kai Run shoes for our little boys, and these didn’t disappoint. A little expensive, but we figured they cover a few bases for this season so we will end up buying less total shoes. All as expected and shipped quickly.Read more

  7. Elena

    Great shoesRead more

  8. AD

    Just perfect!Read more

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