0C189S9E074246 Myra baggage bucket genuine leather-based with animal print tote, brown, size one_size, tan, khaki, brown, one_size

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  • made from authentic leather-based and upcycled substances
  • measures 14″ w x nine” h x four” d
  • 9″ manage drop
  • real leather-based
  • every bag is genuinely authentic in view that they’re made from upcycled substances

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product description

appropriate on the way to carry it in day by day-use, which includes buying, dating, running, touring and so on. Carry your mobile cellphone, wallet, cosmetics, ipad, umbrella, and different daily things.

8 reviews for 0C189S9E074246 Myra baggage bucket genuine leather-based with animal print tote, brown, size one_size, tan, khaki, brown, one_size

  1. Kelli Mack

    I am in love with this purse! Can you believe the price? It’s worth every penny. I read another reviewer suggest putting a felt organizer inside the purse to give it shape and it works perfectly. I used one I purchased on Amazon for my medium LV Neverful.Read more

  2. hungergamegirl71

    I purchaced the Myra, Sel de Mer bag and loved it so much I came back for another style. The cowhide caught my eye, but I read there were some discrepancies in review due to the differences and cow patterns. I took a gamble on how my cow pattern would turn out, and I could’t be happier. The hode combination and patterns on my bag are perfect. Love the leather. Love the size. This bag looks perfect! Hope it lasts!!!!Read more

  3. PrancingQueen

    Looks great, well made in USA, upcycled material, roomy, chic, the leather smells great! Like it so much I ordered a different style as a gift right after this arrived! This is a must have! The price is phenomenal!Read more

  4. Tina

    I have another Myra bag that is wearing out, so I searched online for a replacement. These bags are so nice- they have a great feel, the straps are thick and well stitched, a GREAT value for my money, and great for traveling! I wanted one that had leather on the side that I use to hold against me when I walk around because the one I have that has the “hair” on all sides sheds eventually. This one is perfect for what I need.It’s a good size- not too deep so I lose my keys if I forget to put them in the smaller pocket, but deep enough to still have a bulging wallet, a .38 Special revolver and my glasses case. The zippered pouch is where I keep my makeup and it’s just barely big enough for everything I carry, but it works.You won’t be sorry- it’s a nice handbagRead more

  5. Kelley

    This bag is so cute and I get a ton of compliments on it. I read one review which stated that the cow fur sheds. I have not found this to be the case at all. This bag is very roomy. The only thing I don’t like about it is that the sides collapse in on themselves too easily. I solved this problem by using a felt insert with it and now it’s perfect!Read more

  6. Brenda

    Really nice bag.im happy with it.great price.note on this bag .you get the bag they send.i got a black and white one.i love it.its a big bag .soft.im happy with it and recommend. Next thing to buy is a felt insert for it.Read more

  7. Donna Williams

    I have been looking for a nice westernish purse. This one is perfect size. I bought an organizer insert and i love this purse. It doesn’t tip over!!! The only draw back is straps are too short for your shoulder. It needs an additional strap so you can carry it on your shoulder.Read more

  8. Carol J. Williams

    Very cute bag and great price!! Smelled sooo good, real leather. Gave it 4 because the cowhide is only on one side, leather on the other side. Still beautiful and perhaps I should have looked at the description closer?Read more

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