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reliable and dependable protection from all of the factors engineered for use in all circumstance, this boot is fortified with our patented thermal-reflective lining, deep insulation, and a water resistant creation. The columbia guys’s bugaboot iii bloodless climate boot is perfect for almost every tough middle trek. Those boots feature a pu covered leather and fabric higher mixed with an injection molded rubber shell and outsole. Waterproof and seam-sealed construction, plus a first-rate plush faux fur coated collar and tongue, and colourful bungee coloured lacing, make for a comfortable match to be able to hold your ft dry, warm, and glad throughout three season weather. Columbia offers those men’s boots in more than one colours, with authentic-to-length suit.

columbia gives a wide variety of outdoor overall performance footwear, outerwear, sports clothing, and accessories. Columbia merchandise are engineered the use of the best technologies and maximum first-rate substances, imparting you with progressive merchandise that are useful but fashionable and a exceptional fee.


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Black/Bright Red, Cordovan/Rusty, Titanium Mhw/Squash

4 reviews for 0C189G6OYK5529 Men’s bugaboot iii snow boot

  1. Edward S.

    I think the boots are very well constructed. Good material and they look good, too. I ordered my normal size{10} because Amazon did not offer 10.5. When I first wore them with “merino socks”, I notice that the boots were snug. (I believe they run narrow, not small), Length wise, they fit me like a size 10 would normally fit, just snug.My first day wearing them, the temperature was 28 degrees. It had snowed and than it turn to freezing rain. So, in 28 degree weather, standing in either 4″ of snow and sometime up to 2″ of standing water, my feet stayed both dry and warm.Occasionally, I felt that my feet felt cold or even wet. But what I discovered was that my ‘merino socks’ (to me) were too warm for these boots. So I went to a lighter pair of cotton socks and my feet were still warm, but not too warm to make my feet sweat or feel cold or damp. Plus with the normal sock, the boots weren’t as snug and now, they are starting to feel better the more I wear them.I’ve also had the chance to wear these boots in 12 degree weather with a wind chill factor of 6 degrees, no snow or rain. Now let me explain that I am a Crossing Guard and I only have to stand in these conditions for about 35 minute, four times a day. It feel good not to have to worry about cold or wet feet.As a side note: I drive a 2015 Cadillac ATS just for reference. This might not apply to everyone (depending on your car’s pedal) but, because the soles of the boots flare out slightly (wider than other boots) I found it difficult to sometime switch my foot from the gas pedal to the brake and vice versus. I have to make a conscious effort to be aware when changing pedals. A few time when going from the brake to the gas pedal, my boot’s sole would hang up on the brake pedal and prevent me from pushing on the gas. Problem was resolved when I make the effort to slightly pick my foot up and transfer it the the gas pedal and back to the brake when need.I hope this helps. If you really need half sizes or a size that Amazon doesn’t have, I tried the seller’s website:(Peter Glenn Ski & Sport) with great success. But I kept the size 10 and now I am completely happy with themRead more

  2. Berto

    I bought these boots ahead of a trip to Canada in the winter. I needed a Comfortable, warm, waterproof boot to deal with the elements on the trip.My wife and I are huge fans of Columbia footwear for our outdoor activities.I bought this boot a full size bigger and WIDE. I typically wear wide shoes but with thicker socks i was hoping to get even a bit more room. Length wise the shoe was as expected but the width was very not very wide.Before the trip I used the boots a few hrs at a time to try to break them in didn’t really experience any issues.One night on the trip to Canada , I went to swap my insoles into another pair of shoes just to go to dinner and noticed the bottom of my insoles were WET! Luckily our room had a fireplace to dry out the boots with. Also, I found the material around the ankle too stiff, naturally the material bends/creases with movement. One of the creases was right on my ankle and was digging in in the exact same spot while worn. Making it very uncomfortable.I will say I wore them in -26 DegF and my feet were comfortably warm.So out of three things I was hoping for Comfort, warmth, and waterproof. These boots failed at 2.To make things worse my trip was completed just outside of the return window from amazon. I reached out to Columbia, they were generally willing to help, which meant I had to ship my boots back to them at my expense. That is great except shipping my boots back to them was going to be almost half the cost of the boot. I reached out to amazon and they gracefully extended the return window. Top notch customer service from amazon.Read more

  3. PK

    I sojourned for 3 weeks, searching multiple website for new boots after my trusted Timberland mid calf boots began to split and leak after 12 years of enjoyable ownership.My journey led me to these bugaboot III’s by Colombia. I wear a size 10 sneaker/dress shoe, so I ordered according to other reviews 1 size up, size 11 via amazon. The boots came in, were lightweight, rugged looking, had great treadwear, and everything that I liked in my trusted Timberland boots, minus the hooks on the top rung to tighten the units up.Lacing the boots down and forcefully trying to insert my foot into the 8″ mid rise, I found it as difficult as trying to stuff 20 pounds of sausage into a 5 pound sausage casing. The mid-rise portion is very narrow and I had to struggle to insert my foot down the cavern of the bugaboot III. Once I got my feet into the foot bed, it was an immediate panic attack that ensued trying to free my feet from my adversarialfoe, aka the foot bed of these boots.I felt I was going to lose consciousness the second these were wrapped around my feet, like a boa-constrictor’s squeeze on the helpless mouse it was going to consume. I finally was able to dislocate my ankle joint, and removed these boot wondering why must this trek of finding boots that fit without choking the life out of my feet so difficult.In the end, I gave up, returning the boots, and will continue my sojourn with my trusted, but split and leaky Timberland’s.Read more

  4. Alan S. Mathias

    Because I purchased their regular hiking shoes, I thought these boots would be high quality.They simply do not last if you use them to hike in wet terrain. A terrible purchase.I wear 11 and these came too small.Read more

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