0C188N6R7GH765 Wintry weather knit gloves touchscreen heat thermal gentle lining elastic cuff texting anti-slip 3 size desire for women guys

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  • pull on closure
  • comfy & heat – gentle and heat lining design, provide warmth and capability for running, hiking or cold-climate commuting. The knit fabric has a four-manner stretch, so your wiggly digits have the freedom of movement they require and might live of their herbal, relaxed function as you log the miles
  • touch sensitive & anti-slip palm – the particular and sensible three touchscreen functionality layout(thumb, forefinger, middle finger) that assures you might not must do away with the glove so as to use your phone. Palm big vicinity triangle silicone palm grip continues that valuable smartphone secure
  • perfectly suits & first-class gifts – achiou tremendous gloves with terrific elasticity, stretches to in shape no matter the dimensions of your hand. The high-quality gift on your pals, circle of relatives or anybody you cherished
  • handy & breathable fabric – living in the era age, achiou wintry weather knit gloves allow you to use your cellphone while not having to show your hands. Breathable fabric allows the gloves to ventilate to be able to lower sweat accumulation
  • simply do it – each pair of gloves undergoes strict inspection on the top of shipping. We are able to be usually with you. Any question, we are inclined to try our great to resolve it, without any requirement

product description

achiou wintry weather warm touchscreen gloves

achiou touch screen gloves – in particular design for each autumn and iciness out of doors activities, so you don’t freeze your digits at the same time as you’re seeking to stay related.

and even as it can no longer be the only glove you want, it’s simply the glove you will put on each day of the season.

first-rate preference for each ladies and men in sports like strolling, biking, motorbike driving, etc

please select your size consistent with the measurements

in case you are in-between sizes,we propose you pick out the bigger of the 2 sizes,in case you are decide upon a unfastened becoming gloves,purchase one size large you commonly wear.

medium:the circumference of the hand is set (7. 08-7. 87 inch)

big: the circumference of the hand is about (eight. 27-8. Sixty six inch)

x-big: the circumference of the hand is set (9. 05-nine. 45 inch)

achiou knit gloves with silicone gripper at the palm that allows you to preserve the steering wheel firmly at the same time as provide subtle warmth.

achiou touchscreen-like minded gloves are heat and snugly- in shape, you don’t should take off your gloves whilst you operate your cellphone/laptop in wintry weather.

fashionable, notable, it is suitable for wintry weather go back and forth.

the trendy look of the gloves allows you to experience the herbal beauty of your travels.

the silicone palm grippers assist you not to drop your phone as you’re making movements.

  • the silicone palm grippers help you no longer to drop your telephone as you are making actions.
  • achiou tender warm thermal lining gloves to assist hold your fingers toasty warm as you experience the crisp wintry weather climate.

  • achiou gentle heat thermal lining gloves to assist hold your hands toasty heat as you enjoy the crisp iciness weather.
  • achiou winter knit gloves with breathable fabric lets in the gloves ventilate which will lower sweat accumulation.

  • achiou wintry weather knit gloves with breathable material allows the gloves ventilate with a purpose to decrease sweat accumulation.
  • product description:

  • this winter glove is fabricated from splendid acrylic fibres cloth with extremely-gentle heat wool lining, black, brown, black and white, rose purple, brown and white, giving you extra selections.
  • palm&fingers are filled with a silicone triangle pattern for high slip resistance, which helps you to grip objects better, such as protecting a cell telephone and preserving the steering wheel;
  • specific and sensible three touch display finger feature design, very convenient, appropriate for texting/typing/writing in bloodless iciness;
  • with stretchy three-dimensional in shape material , achiou wintry weather knit gloves is pre-shaped to experience comfortable in your hand’s natural resting role.
  • excellent present on your sweetheart.
  • size_name

    Medium, Large, X-Large


    Black, Black & White, Blue, Coffee & White, Rose Red, Coffee

    8 reviews for 0C188N6R7GH765 Wintry weather knit gloves touchscreen heat thermal gentle lining elastic cuff texting anti-slip 3 size desire for women guys

    1. Erica Ivy

      If like me you are a huge Wu Tang fan, but struggle to keep your hands warm when throwing your “W” up during the cold winter months, your search for the perfect gloves is now over.I have searched far and wide for a glove which provides both warmth, and allows for the right amount of dexterity required for the physical manifestation of the Wu Tang logo. Most manufacturers fail to even mention the capability of their gloves in this regard, so imagine my joy when I saw from the product image that these gloves were specifically designed with the discerning Clan member in mind.SuuuuuuuuuRead more

    2. Kate Mulligan

      I have really long fingers, and finding warm gloves that aren’t ridiculously loose is a problem I’ve had my whole life. These gloves are quite warm (i have used them in weather as cold as about 20F), super soft on the inside, and even with my long nails, they don’t make me feel like I’ve got webbing between my fingers! And the little rubber grip dots go almost to the tips of each finger, so they’re great for driving, playing on my phone without dropping it, and anything else I need to do.Read more

    3. Clair

      Bought these gloves because I am a college student in Michigan. The winters are brutal and I usually talk on the phone while I walk to and from class. On really cold days (which are most days in the winter here) my hands ache while holding my phone as I walk to and from classes on campus. I couldn’t wear regular mittens because it defeated the purpose when I had to use my touch screen phone. I went on amazon and found these gloves. They’re so cute and warm and work on my phone, I am thoroughly happy with my purchase.Read more

    4. Mychill Anne

      These gloves are extremely comfortable and surprisingly warm considering they aren’t bulky! The inner lining is made of a soft fleece and they fit surprisingly well with my small petite hands. I only gave them 3 stars because my main intent in purchasing them was to be able to utilize my phone with them in. While they do work great in some instances, they seem to not work as efficiently (sometimes not at all) when it’s colder outside (below 20 degrees). I’m not sure how temperature effects them but that’s the only conclusion I’ve come too since they work well when it’s above 30 degrees outside. Also with the stretchy snug fit, I can type a text just as fast as I would without gloves. Hope this helps!Read more

    5. Rashida

      So I love these gloves! I was kinda bummed when I went to order the “thick” black gloves and they weren’t gonna be available until after I needed them. So I ordered the regular gloves thinking my hands would be a little cold but that’s not the case! They fit so good and are super warm. Only thing is when using the index finger I had to press pretty hard on my screen for it to work but the other fingers work fine. For as much as I paid for these gloves and the amount of time it took to get to me (2 days and I don’t have prime!) I am very happy 🤗Read more

    6. R. Le

      Touch screen works great however these gloves are coming apart in less than one weeks use. I’m very disappointed since they fit well but just don’t lasts. BewareRead more

    7. Lily Lax

      I live in AZ, and these are great for cold morning runs, being able to touch tracker on phone without removing gloves.Read more

    8. meljoj

      Great gloves! When I saw them and put them on I was very skeptical that they would work but sure enough they do! I did notice though, that after wearing them for awhile the finger that you use most will lose the effect. But if you switch to a different finger you’re back in business. Then when you take them off and put them on later again they work just fine. Does this have to do with body temperature? Not sure….overall though I’m happy with this purchase. Great fit, great price, does what is expected. Would buy again.Read more

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