0C188CRTC7K197 Snow prints kids foam snowshoes. Toddler outside winter snow toy

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  • make certain this suits
  • by using coming into your model range.
  • children snowshoes – foam snowshoes for youngsters make animal like foot prints within the snow
  • animal tracks – hike round inside the snow and make cool animal foot prints (when the snow has enough moisture) with this snow toy
  • light-weight – mild-weight make it smooth for kids to trek alongside. A compact snow toy for children
  • adustable straps – adjustable velcro straps make it clean to match those kids’s snowshoes to any kids or little one boot length
  • made in usa – fabricated from 1. 5 in foam. An outside iciness toy for children age four years and up. Measures 14. Five x 10. 25 x 4 inches. Weighs 6. Eight oz.
  • strap colors vary

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product description

snow prints is a fun new toy for kids to play in the snow. Not best does it permit the kids to walk on pinnacle of the snow however it lets in the children to make massive animal prints as nicely. Snow prints are clean to slide on and take off. The velcro style binding suits all sizes of shoes. They’re light weight and clean to apply. Youngsters will experience playing out of doors with them. Amusing for every age! Made within the united states of america.

8 reviews for 0C188CRTC7K197 Snow prints kids foam snowshoes. Toddler outside winter snow toy

  1. Jolly

    Got these for my not quite 3yr old and he does really great on them! He is about 80th percentile for height so I think his legs are just long enough that he is able to walk around fine in them. He had an absolute blast and for the price I think is completely worth it. Only used once so far but they sure seem like they will hold up just fine. Very simple design and foam but really all that is needed for a toddler anyway.Read more

  2. iurp59

    I sent this to my nephew, he will be 4 soon and I see it working well for this winter and next winter. I think the 10 year old might be “heavy” on the foam.Read more

  3. Katerina

    I bought those for my 3 year old. They are very light, cheap, but work as well as the traditional expensive snowshoes. They look fun for kids. I also tried them on myself, and they fitted! I was able to walk in the snow, and they didn’t break, and I am 135lb, shoe size 9.Read more

  4. Weihua Li

    The snow print is not clear. I see a rectangle rather than a paw shape. Also the tapes are not very stable. It gets loose easily after walking on the snow for a little bit. Maybe I didn’t do it the right way.Read more

  5. Joseph L. Cipp

    My daughter has pictures of my grandchildren using this product in the snow at our upstate home. IT WAS A GIANT HIT !!!!!!!Read more

  6. Rowdy Ray

    Oh so cute the Grandkids will love them.Read more

  7. udontknowme

    Worked greatRead more

  8. Barbara

    Silly and loads of funRead more

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