0C186W5ON65658 Energeticsky upgraded version of walk traction ice cleat spikes crampons,genuine chrome steel spikes and sturdy silicone,boots for hiking on ice & snow floor,mountian.

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  • excessive fine stainless-steel spikes:abrasion-resistant 19 multi-directional superior stainless-steel spikes. Welding chain more potent,with extra sturdy spikes. High strength chrome steel spikes affords splendid traction on a spread of icy surfaces. Strategic placement of spikes ensures same distribution of weight for lengthy-lasting comfort and sturdiness.
  • greater safe and durabl:the link of this crampon use welding chain and more stronger chrome steel chain. This ice traction cleat might give you more confident at the same time as on foot at the ice or snow. These ice cleats would not rust and could more company and durable.
  • lessen harm:cover is made via silicone,not the general tpr rubber,fairly elastic and may not tear or snap. Examined to remain flexible to -60degrees f,full-sole insurance with cleats on heel and forefoot keep traction via your ordinary stride. Aggressive cleats and treads save you slips and falls on ice,snow,and wet pavement.
  • clean to wear and deliver effortlessly:proprietary silicone offers a bendy,lightweight,all-day traction solution. They suit effortlessly and securely over your own shoes or boots and fold small enough to keep in a percent,or to your vehicle.
  • broadly used:appropriate for each male and woman of any age of teenagers,adult,elders. Appropriate for outdoor ice and snow,trekking angled terrain,icy roads,ice driveway,dangerous sections of path (ice covered boulders,woods ice mud,and so on.)notable for winter path running,trekking,and ice fishing.

product description

our entrepreneurial group turned into installed in 2016. Our goal is to offer the maximum satisfactory service to our customers. We are a young, enthusiastic and active crew. The authentic goal of growing this product is get human beings excited to wander out into the wild and notice this lovely global for themselves! Strolling with a bit of luck in the snowy avenue. Are you prepared for iciness travel now?

stay up and live out with competitive traction you could assume!

from mountain tops to the crushed path, passionate wintry weather fans are packed with their love for the outdoors and human-powered journey born from the only to the soul. Tracing the footsteps, energeticsky grants unequalled traction for these fanatics. Abrasion-resistant 19 multi-directional more advantageous chrome steel spikes. Welding chain stronger. Silicone,now not the general tpr rubber,exceptionally elastic and bloodless-resistant,tested to stay flexible to -60degrees f.

  • long lasting deliver bag
  • a couple of prolong velcro webbing
  • silicone material,5mm thicker than tpr
  • 19 directional more advantageous stainless steel spikes
  • size_name

    Medium, Large, X-Large


    Black, Orange

    8 reviews for 0C186W5ON65658 Energeticsky upgraded version of walk traction ice cleat spikes crampons,genuine chrome steel spikes and sturdy silicone,boots for hiking on ice & snow floor,mountian.

    1. Matt Storer

      These got me to the top a St. Helen’s. Good grip even in the ash.Read more

    2. Jerril Madsen

      This is a very well made product. I wear a size 9 boot. I got a size large Crampon cleats. This size works well with my boots. The chains/spikes are not hard to put on. The fit is snug so that they will not fall off. I walked outside in the snow and on the ice packed path. I felt safe wearing these. A product made so you won’t slip and fall.Read more

    3. Jason

      These spikes provide excellent traction on ice. My wife and I used a set to hike Mount Marcy recently. We might not have have made it to the summit and down without them. They held up to the full 15 miles without failure. The points were subjected to ice, snow, bare boulders, and constant streams of water. They never came off once until I was ready to take them off. Easy to put on and the added strap over the top helps keep them on. I look forward to using them again and seeing how well the steel points hold up to more miles.Read more

    4. R. W. Draper

      This has been the worst winter for ice that I have ever seen in our area. These ice cleats are the best ones I have ever used and I highly recommend them. There are easy to get on and off and I feel like I could walk up the side of a glacier!Read more

    5. MICHAEL in Austin

      These snow spikes work! I used for a hike in the Rocky Mountains and they gave me 100% confidence hiking uphill and downhill on snow and ice. I simply did not slip. Takes about 10 seconds to take on or off. Stayed securely positioned on footwear. XL size fit my size 15 boot. Highly recommend for winter.Read more

    6. Some Random Guy

      I used these to summit Mt St Helens around mid March and there is no way I could have made it to the top without these. I had some problems keeping them on at first because I lost the strap that goes over your laces, but even without the straps they still worked great!Read more

    7. ricardocabeza

      Our family has two pair of these. We also have a pair from Hilsound and Kahtoola microspikes. The EnergeticSky microspikes weigh noticeably less than the other two we have.It comes down to daily versus occasional use.So if your intent is to use them occasionally in the backcountry these will work. We have taken these on several backcountry trips and they worked fine crossing ice fields and hardened snow. As two of us keep carrying the Hilsound and Kahtoola microspikes around I wonder if we have not chosen poorly as nobody likes to carry extra weight on trips. On the other hand, those from Hilsound and Kahtoola are very sound and sturdy. The Hilsound do have two spikes under the tip of the boot that allow them to dig in well on steeper sections; but one could argue that at that point you should have crampons on your feet.We do not live in a climate where daily use is required. In areas where a part of the year requires that these be used regularly their lightweight materials may leave you wanting. You get what you pay for as the materials found on the EnergeticSky traction system are not nearly as robust as those from Hilsound or Kahtoola.Read more

    8. Ravin’ Mad

      My first hike using EnergeticSky cleats was great. 2-6 inches of dry snow. However, my second hike was in 6-12″ of snow that turned mushy as the day wore on — see picture of snow covered cleat. If you look closely at the heel you will see a ball of snow — it is really compressed to an ice ball. I’m sure as a kid you may have had a snowball fight or built a snowman with some of this type of snow.The cause of this clumping into a ball on the heel of my cleats is that the cleats are too big. They are made for hiking boot sizes 11-14, and the silicone webbing does not tighten them enough for my size 12s. There is a lot of extra cleat I do not need. Enough that even drawn as tight as possible on my boots, the cleat chains flapped at the heel making snow balls. My fellow hiker recommended removing one link of chain from front and rear of both sides of the cleat. Back in my garage I did this, but found that the cleat rode too far forward — look closely at the pictures of the mounted cleats and you will see how one set rides way too far forward. You want the aft spikes to be centered on the heel and the forward spikes to be centered on the front of the boot tread. His modification worked for him, but not me.My solution for a good fit on a man’s size 12 hiking boot:Remove two chain links from each side of the heel. See picture with chains centered on heel. Count the remaining links. This leaves only one link on each side of the heel. This got my cleats riding correctly on the heel of the boot with no play. I used the tools pictured — what I had on hand — along with a Workmate.Removing the links: Do not remove welded links — just those you can pry apart (see pix of removed links). I used a homemade punch. Use what you have as long as it is tapered and when inserted in the chain link will spread the link apart so it can be removed. Once the punch is started in the link with a hammer, I placed it over a hole in my Workmate and give it a couple hits. To relink the remaining chain, fit the link back in with the open space facing the cleat side that will be against the sole of the boot. I used heavy duty needle nose pliers and a hammer to re-close the link. The vice grips just help stabilize things and save fingers.Tips: Some people have breakage issues with cleats. Cleats, like tire chains, need to be mounted correctly. If there is a kink or a twist in a link of chain, it will most likely break. So when you put these on, look — or have a hiking partner look — to ensure there are no kinks or twists.I’m sure removing links will end the warranty, but hiking with snowballs could end my ankles. I figured it was worth it to get them to work.Happy Hiking!Read more

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