0C186HIXD0Y724 2020 ventiventi aviator twin-beams polarized lightweight shades plastic oval traditional double bridge frame for guys

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65 Millimeters


Blue Frame/Blue Revo Lens, Matte Black Frame/Smoke Lens, Matte Black Frame/Smoke Lens+blue Frame/Blue Revo Lens, Matte Black Frame/Smoke Lens+shiny Black Frame/G15 Lens, Matte Black Frame/Smoke Lens+transparent Grey Frame/Smoke Lens, Shiny Black Frame/G15 Lens, Transparent Grey Frame/Smoke Lens

8 reviews for 0C186HIXD0Y724 2020 ventiventi aviator twin-beams polarized lightweight shades plastic oval traditional double bridge frame for guys

  1. Kirstin

    I love aviators, but almost all of them have nose pads, which when you put them on top of your head, it’s hard to take them off without pulling your hair. These do not have nose pads…have a great look and feel like good quality and will also work great for sports and hiking which is exactly what I wanted….not sure how much they will scratch yet, havent used them enough to know, but they were inexpensive enough that I don’t mind buying another pair in 6 months or so if the lenses are all scratched up.Read more

  2. J. Lefler

    I wasn’t expecting much for sunglasses in this price range, which tend to be the kind that you lose somewhere or just keep as a spare. I’ve been looking for this style of aviator for a while, but all the ones I found tended to be very large or even comical looking; luckily for me, I took a chance on these shades and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. These sunglasses arrived in a very nice box and leatherette carrying case, and also included a cleaning cloth. The glasses themselves are lightweight but not flimsy, and they’re very comfortable at just the right size for this style that tends to be over-sized a little too much. The polarized frames are legit and truly make a huge difference, as I noticed when I wore them on my way to work this morning. Overall I’m very impressed with what I received, and at around $12 I feel that these frames could easily be sold for 2-3x that amount. Are they the same quality as Ray Bans? No, and if you’re expecting them to be at this price range then I feel you should reevaluate how you make comparisons. Are they a great value? Absolutely. I would buy these again without question.Read more

  3. Mel1222

    I have another style of sunglasses like these and I was looking for a replacement. I was so excited when I found these I bought the black and brown. Well I wore the black ones for the first time and I got black marks all over my face from the sunglasses. Every time I took them off I had to wipe my face. Super frustrated because I can’t even return them because I threw the boxes away. Don’t waste your money.Read more

  4. cramekard

    These sunglasses are inexpensive not cheap. They are surprisingly comfortable and with the polarization they work well while driving and while in the sun. They have a matte finish which is smooth to the touch. They also come with a pu leather case and a black cloth for lens cleaning. You may want to purchase another case. Overall if your looking for a high quality inexpensive pair of sunglasses I highly recommend.Read more

  5. Betty Boop

    Arrived in nice packaging, looks like I was expecting based on pics. They do fit really well- they stay in place on my face, and on top of my head when bending down. That’s really important to me with sunglasses. Snug enough to not slip or fall off, but still comfortable. While cleaning them initially, they had that kind of “crackling” noise to them that past glasses have had and then the lenses would fall out. So hopefully these are better made. But so far I like them!Read more

  6. 3than3j

    It’s perfect for my husband’s to use it at work, he gets rid eye and sensitive sometimes while at work. I gave it a 4 stars from the second one (yes i order twice because my husband’s friend wants it and so he gave it away) i ordered was broken when it got deliver, it was only in a plastic package, it should be in a box. These glasses are very light and it’s perfect fit. Even i like it, which i hate wearing glasses or sunglasses because it bothers my face. You just have to secure it.Read more

  7. Adrian Godinez

    The glasses look good and polarize very good. I purchased one of the black ones and after 2 months the left arm of the glasses broke off at the connection. Purchased a second one and the same thing happened again at the same place, where the frame connects with the glasses arm, left side. If you’re really gentle with the glasses you should be fine. But if you raise them over your head to hold back hair or anything, they will most likely break on you.Read more

  8. Jo-Jo ’77

    These would be 4 to 5 stars had they lasted longer.The Good- pretty good quality; hefty but without making my nose sore. Weight on the ears does become uncomfortable after a while, especially when wearing a hat. Pretty good eye protection but keep in mind that with this style, you are completely vulnerable to light coming in on the sides.The Bad- arms started becoming loose after a few months, with very little wear (weekends only).The Ugly- while bent over, glasses started to fall out of my shirt and when I grabbed them to catch them, the arm snapped right in half at the seam. Completely clean break with very little pressure.Peace.Read more

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