0C186CG7W69859 Honeywell home rth9585wf1004 wireless smart color thermostat, 7 day programmable, touch display screen, strength celebrity, alexa prepared

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  • make certain this fits
  • by using coming into your model variety.
  • consolation comes for your shade. Customise your wi-fi smart color programmable thermostat to suit your décor.
  • your schedule. Your way. Bendy programming options in your time table or utility organisation’s peak fee pricing.
  • smooth operation and intuitive. Vivid, easy-to-study touchscreen makes for easy operation.
  • weather display screen functions. View the each day forecast on the screen, and take a look at indoor and out of doors humidity.
  • smooth-to-use-app. Select from the entire join consolation app or the honeywell home app to manipulate your wifi thermostat whenever, anywhere.
  • clever home integration. The wi-fi clever color is like minded with voice assistant gadgets like amazon alexa, google assistant, microsoft cortana, and extra.
  • month-to-month strength reviews. Track your heating and cooling and get customized recommendations on reducing strength use.
  • performance and rewards. Works with application packages throughout the us to deliver you even more savings.
  • smart indicators help you fear much less. Get air clear out change reminders, temperature notifications, internet connection indicators, and greater.
  • use with a non- honeywell home cord saver can also reason product failure and void producer’s warranty.
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the thermostat it truly is all approximately you

one of the maximum particular functions of the wifi clever shade thermostat is the colour display. Change it to suit your décor. After which alternate your thoughts each time you want.

bendy programing alternatives on your agenda to offer you the options you want on your weekdays and weekends.

effortlessly connect your wifi clever colour thermostat with well matched voice assistant gadgets like amazon alexa, google assistant, microsoft cortana, and greater.

shiny, smooth-to-read touchscreen and convenient app makes for simple, intuitive operation.

view daily forecast on display display and test indoor and outside humidity.

you’re in control from anywhere

choose from the whole join consolation app or the honeywell domestic app to govern your wifi thermostat each time, anywhere. You will also obtain intelligent alerts, inclusive of air clear out and humidifier pad trade reminders.

product description

this 2nd generation wireless smart color thermostat is ideally suited for the linked domestic. Its packed with clever features, a customizable coloration contact display and a simple, diy set up. You could manipulate the thermostat using the touch screen and change the history colour to suit your paint shade or private desire or use your tablet or pc. All you need is a wireless connection, or use the loose app for cellphone/pill to mange the thermostat remotely. Smart signals help to preserve your gadget walking at height performance by sending you air filter and humidifier pad alternate reminders, and also to inform you of excessive high or low indoor temperatures and humidity. 1) view neighborhood climate – each day forecast on screen and five – day forecasts on app, 2) completely flexible progamming options, 3) automobile trade from warmth to cool – routinely determines if your home needs heating or cooling to provide maximum comfort, 4) dependable, comfy community guarantees app availability, five) everlasting/transient/excursion keep – adjust temperature to suit your time table. Does not paintings with warmness pumps with electric baseboard heat (120-240 volts)


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4 reviews for 0C186CG7W69859 Honeywell home rth9585wf1004 wireless smart color thermostat, 7 day programmable, touch display screen, strength celebrity, alexa prepared

  1. Bruce5714

    Hello, I just want to share my 2-cents about this thermostat. I installed 2 of them.1. This thermostat layout and appearance is similar to traditional one. This help for all age at home to adjust thermostat without learning curve. LCD screen and silver color case is elegant to me. this is the reason I choose honeywell over Ecobee.2. Need C wire. It is clearly stated. Giving bad rating because you do not have C wire at your home is unfair. You can buy the one doesn’t need C wire.3. Smart Response Technology – this is your option to thermostat to run ahead of time to get desire temp at your set time. If you do not want this, you can turn off this feature.4. You can adjust or set temp day by day. As far as I know , traditional one cannot do it . This help to adjust family members with different work schedule and off day. This work for me.5. This thermostat has no feature to connect to remote sensor. My understanding , if your thermostat adjust temp to a room sensor that is colder than other, other rooms may have grilling temp. I will adjust vent louvers to adjust each room temp, no need of sensor.6. Wifi work well as well as online registration. Installation takes only 15 to 30 minutes if you have c wire.7. Face plate pins to connect to base are small and look fragile, carefully plug in. Reality is we only do this once. We are not removing face plate everyday to bring to work.8. LCD brightness – you can adjust to too bright to totally dark from score 0 to 10. Is this enough for you?9. We are human. Sometimes we forgot to adjust heat or cold, when we rash to go out, you can adjust from your phone. This is cool.10. Homeowner has to be smart , not thermostat. Do your home work that will save your bills.11. I know it seem biased , if I do not say any drawback about this thermostat. Online control menu, there is two choices, setting and schedule. I wish default should be schedule, not setting. We do schedule change often, setting may be once. What I want to say is I have to do one more mouse click to get to schedule . Lazy bear.I do not get any promotion price or pay for this review. I paid full price for this thermostat. My reason of this review is for future homeowners to get more information. Thanks for reading my review.Read more

  2. t3t4

    This is my first so-called “smart thermostat” and I love it, really, it’s almost everything I wanted with out the crap that I don’t want. All useful information is right there on the home screen at a glance, no cluster menu garbage to deal with, just clean and informative on every tab except the settings tab which you would expect. But even the settings tab is clearly laid out, just more involved/busy. I don’t foresee grandma having any issues here, even the most resistant to change can still turn the temperature up/down which is all you need to know to use this thing!For the rest of us, I’d call this a “programmable thermostat” cause that’s what it is. Everybody keeps calling these a smart stat and well, that simply is not true! There is no AI here, it does not guess your mood on any given day and adjust accordingly, no, nothing like that. You simply set it and forget it via a static permanent “hold” temperature or by a programmed scheduled which you set. See, just a simple thermostat, but it has some real nice features!I guess it’s “things I love and things I don’t” time:–It’s a multistage thermostat for both hot and cold which is great for controlling my 2 stage gas furnace.–I get a $25.00 rebate from Met-Ed. If you know who met ed is then you can probably get the same rebate.–I love the backlit display and the ability to change it to any color I want.–I love all the information on the main screen, almost everything you need to know and nothing that you don’t. It’s a clean looking interface!–I love all of the options for both heat and cool, you can really control almost everything from one stat.–I love the programmability, using the schedule feature I can see lots of money saved. And it’s very well thought out!–I love the accuracy. It matches all my other thermometers and more importantly it matches itself. If you call for heat @ 71 degrees, it will shut the heat off when the room gets up to 71 and then maintain that heat within about 1/2 of a degree. In other words, what I’m seeing on my stat is 71 degrees, but “I think” when the stat reaches 70.5 it will call for heat and then shut off when the stat reaches 71.5, but the whole time my stat has a room temp of 71 and a set temp of 71. I never see that 1/2 degree shift on the display. I can feel the difference in room temp and like I said, all my other thermometers match this Honeywell stat. So that’s a tolerance of 1 degree room temp accuracy! That’s fairly impressive!– I love the app. It’s just like the thermostat display with one new feature, you can voice control the stat via the app. And it’s fast too, within 3 seconds of either a physical tap on my tablet or a voice command, the stat on my wall changes. Yeah, it’s a bit of a novelty thing, but it’s the main reason I bought this thermostat, for remote control and monitoring!What I don’t love:–The cheesy feeling wall mounting plate. I’m seriously afraid to remove the stat from the wall for fear of breaking that wall plat. Then what do ya do? I mean C’mon Honeywell, couldn’t spend an extra buck to thicken up that saran wrap you used for a wall plate? You know I would have paid for it!–That 1 degree of accuracy thing I mentioned above, I’d really like to see that on screen cause I know it’s happening behind the scene. If they removed the “degree” symbol then they could replace what we already know with an actual number instead. Yes we know it’s 71 degrees, Celsius or Fahrenheit makes no difference since they both measure degrees of temperature. Show me 10th’s of a degree in place of the degree symbol and I’d be soo happy. Let me see that 71.5 that I know is happening behind the scene. It wouldn’t take any more real estate since you’d delete useless and replace it with useful in the same size and font and location, nothing would change aside from the information.–The app requires you to sign your life away in terms of privacy, but what doesn’t anymore or now-a-days?I’m struggling to think of things not to like about this whole thermostat set up and system. Yeah, I think that’s it, this thing is solid aside from the few mentions above. We’ll see how well it holds up.(Update 11/29/18): My first replacement is on it’s way already, why? Because some weird things began happening. One of the main reasons I bought this stat was to control both stages of my heating system. When I first installed it the stat would call for 1st stage heat and after some time had passed it would then call for the second stage. I never timed it but I’m guessing it was about 5 min before the call for 2nd stage. Now, all of a sudden, this stat is calling for both stages when I set the desired temp only 1 degree higher then current room temp! Why is this happening, what changed? I don’t know and the Honeywell support people didn’t know either. So after about an hour of tech support and firmware updates, a little voltage testing, I have a new thermostat on it’s way. This ordeal has gained me some experience and understanding of how this thermostat works, also when and how. There is a bit of an algorithm that determines how and when multi-stage heating systems work. We’re going to add this to my list of things I don’t like!In settings I can see when the stat is calling for what stage from my furnace, but I have absolute ZERO control over how or when the call for 2nd stage is activated. This stat uses some pre-programmed assumptions based on outdoor temp and what it learns from a call for heat until the stat is satisfied in your home. In other-words, if you want your home 70 degrees, this stat will pay attention to how long the heating system runs and on how many stages and adjust itself to an average to maintain that temperature. The way this happens is by monitoring the room temp verses the call for heat, it pays attention to the time it takes to increase room temp by 1 degree, and then the real assumptions begin. Next it will monitor outside temperature and adjust itself accordingly to “best guess” how many stages should be used to achieve your desired temperature on any given day. And that’s a no go for me, I’m tellin ya right now, for my situation, this sort of second guessing the master (me) is completely unacceptable! I need manual control over the various stages of my heating system and this stat does not allow for even rudimentary control such as time. Just give me a 15 min clock that I can adjust before calling for second stage.!? So far, no option! So to work around this issue, I now have my second stage physically disconnected from W2.Less heat over longer run time =’s greater comfort, that’s why we have the infinitely variable heaters of today, but yesterday’s heater will work just fine in this regard if you can control the thing! Calling for both heating stages when I call for a 1 degree increase in room temp? That’s not saving me a dime let alone a dollar, in fact, that kind of thinking costs me money! Until a proper firmware update is released to address this issue, I’m taking off a star because this is a really big deal for my system and my home. Don’t ever second guess me! Give me total control of MY stat and MY heating system! Otherwise, my previous review stands and I still really like this thing, again, let’s see how well the second stat holds up.(Update 12/18/2018):You wont believe it (I can hardly believe it myself), but I’m tellin the truth, I’m going on thermostat #3 now on it’s way. After a 2 week long battle with software and computer, I’m now going on my 3rd thermostat from Honeywell. This time I told them to make damn sure it’s fully tested and fully functional before they send me anything. That just reverberated in a hollow skull as this was their reply below, and I quote:”We already placed the order for your replacement. We hope you can receive it in the next days (7 to 10 working days).If you have any other question, please let us know and we will assist you again.Best regards!Thank you,Resideo Customer Care “End quote.Aside from getting someone on the phone, these guys have been helpful all in all, but I’m a bit concerned about what what is coming. I purchased an RTH9585WF and that failed to control two heating stages logically or at all. They sent me an RTH9590WF as replacement and this thing was so broken out of the box. This one you can talk directly to the stat, well, they never could get that working, but from showing the weather to keeping room temp, this things is seriously broken! Nobody is testing this crap before it goes out the door and now I’m the butt end of somebody’s freekin joke, NOT LAUGHING! Honeywell said they are going to send me a different but similar model stat, well here, you read it, and I quote:”Once again, thank you for your quick answer!After analyzing the situation, we concluded that the problem is definitely your thermostat. We will replace your device one more time for a similar, but different model and we expect your thermostat won’t have any more problems.”End quote.Yeah, they expect it to work just as I did way back on stat #1, but I ain’t holding my breath! Good GOD if ya could just get one of these things to work and just work consistently it would be so awesome, but now onto stat #3 of whatever mystery model they send, will it work? If I were you at this point, I’d hedge my bets! Oh and take a look at the pic I attached which shows the original and replacement stat as of this date 12/18/2018. I’ll write another update when I know what stat #3 is all about, working or not. I’m not adjusting anymore stars until I know what Johnny #3 does, or does not.Update 12/30/2018: My 3rd and I’d say final thermostat is in, it’s exactly the same as my original stat which is model #: RTH9585WF and nothing has changed according to Honeywell. At this point I now have 3 thermostats, none of which give me any control over my 2 heating stages. So nothing has changed aside from I now have 3 stats that cannot do the job I require. I still have terminal W2 physically disconnected so the damn thing only runs one stage of my heating system, but unlike the RTH9590WF I no longer have to deal with that voice control that should work, but never does!The support team did alright by me, they could not fix the issues nor cold they recommend a suitable alternative, they just kept on replacing what is clearly broken. Doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results, yeah, Einstein had something to say about that way back when. And so I’m done here. Like I said, hedge your bets, it’s great when it works, 2 stage heating has ZERO control for the user but when the stat just works like a stat, well, it’s hard to beat! I have 3 of these things now and I really only hate 1, that RTH9590WF should burn in hell it’s so broken out of the box!I hope some of this helped at least someone, but this has been my real life trial and tribulation and I’ve lost interest now in thermostats, for the rest of my freeekin life!Read more

  3. Staci E.

    I bought this “new”, however, while unboxing started seeing signs of previous use – Drywall dust on one of the anchors, etc. I figured this sometimes happens at the big box stores, etc, so I continued to install the thermostat. I got it installed and working and went to register the product for local weather, etc. Then I got an error message saying that the product was already registered and that I needed to log into the account that it was registered under. So I went on the website to send a note, but the website would not allow me to send info the reCAPTCHA said- ERROR for site owner:Invalid domain for site key- So no dice, I went to call customer service. With an hour left before customer service closes, I got the message -Due to high call volume, we can’t take your call right now, try again later, goodbye–CLICK. Really? I’ve never had customer service robot server hang up on me.If you buy this product I hope you never need to call customer service!!! Honeywell is always on the bottom of customer support polls. I should have known better.Read more

  4. Christopher W Perkins

    Recieved and installed Tuesday and working fine, and 36 hours later in Thursday midday I recieved a notification on the app that my thermostat had thrown an error code. Checked out the Tstat and it said “Faulty Sensor”, and it would not do anything but blow the fan. The error code said that “A sensor in my thermostat had encountered an error and my thermostat needs to be replaced”. How frustrating on a hot August day! I tried to call Honeywell customer service and I hung up after about 30 mins on hold. I replaced this with my old thermostat for now. I will be returning and I already ordered a Nest to replace this.Read more

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