0C185WIG36L340 Men’s cotrell free loafer

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  • one hundred% leather and fabric
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • shaft measures approximately not_applicable from arch
  • heel top 1. Fifty seven inches
  • ortholite footbed
  • cushion smooth era
  • eva outsole
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product description

the cotrell loose by means of clarks collection is long lasting guys’s idler so that it will quick grow to be a pass-to. Crafted of easy leather-based and stitch detailing, this shoe features a removable ortholite footbed with cushion soft technology to offer splendid comfort and walk capability. Compliments informal pants which include denims and khakis.

clarks has been in business for over 100 years making very great men’s get dressed shoes in a variety of patterns. Featuring a wide range of top-best additives, clarks offers you the alternatives you choice within the fine you demand.


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Black Oily Leather, Tobacco Leather, Black Smooth Leather, Black Oily Lea

8 reviews for 0C185WIG36L340 Men’s cotrell free loafer

  1. cp0861

    Meh. Completely average. I used to always wear Rockports…they went cheap with the crappy soft bottoms that won’t last. I was hoping the soles on these were better, and they might be slightly better, but it’s still the same light foamy crap. Of course they’re light…the soles are probably recycled flip flops or some ish, and the other materials certainly aren’t heavy. There’s probably $0.78 cents worth of material in each shoe.They look fine, but they aren’t any more comfortable than any other $60 shoes….they actually feel a bit clunky. I’m shocked they are rated so highly. I bought them simply because I need a new pair and haven’t had time to go physically buy any, so I figured I’d give these a blind shot.These have now motivated me to start spending more on the shoes I wear to work – after 15 years of buying shoes like this for work, the quality (for the $50-$80 range) has completely deteriorated to these foam soled shiny rags. I’ll wear these out (won’t take long) and then research a higher grade of shoes. If you’re fine with regularly replacing these….they’ll work. But I’d rather spend another $60 and buy something more comfortable and longer lasting.Read more

  2. David Oz

    As with my other review on my new Brown Pair; My two much beloved Brown and Black Comfort Shoes were at the end of their useful life after 10 YEARS of superb foot support for a Road Warrior, I thought it would be simply a case of purchasing another set of known quality comfort shoes (as Clarks would traditionally be!). However as I searched across the web and in local stores, the “Clarks Shoes” I’m running into just never felt like the Clarks that I know and have proudly owned in the past!The one general review Customers emphasized on was that the “quality has changed for the worse”! I still decided to give it a shot with the deal on this item from Amazon; bottom line is that the shoe is a great looking pair and feels fairly well as I’m breaking it in; but one thing I can say is that all the Customer complaints and reviews are definitely justified! it does indeed seem that Clarks has elected to go “Cheaper in Quality” as a way to compete with lower (Amazon-type) pricing! Safe to say almost with certainty that there is no way these new Clarks would last more than couple of years, if that!One last thing on this Black pair, there is so much polish coming off the leather as I give it a basic wipe off every now and then; I hope this this is not a defect in the dyeing of the leather!Read more

  3. Alex

    Does not have a rubber sole as described. It is cheap foam that you expect in a PayLess shoe store shoe. Clark’s uses this sole to be super lightweight, and that’s fine, but it is not what is in the description. Some of their shoes have a thick heavy natural rubber sole . I have a pair of Clark’s with the heavy sole and they feel great.Please do not say “maybe they meant a rubber sole!”Sending these back.Read more

  4. Jamatt

    I expected to obtain a replacement for my current pair of Clark slip-on shoes that are well made of cowhide leather and worn out after two years. I am disappointed that the shoes that I received are much lower quality with low grade soles instead of the higher quality rubber.The description states “100% Leather and Textile” but let me warn you that this is misleading. There is much more textile than leather but taken together, it is “Leather and Textile” but mostly textile. As soon as I took the shoes out of the box, I didn’t dare wear them outside because I knew I would be sending these back. The material seems that it would crack if I wore them like I wore my old Clark shoes. I can only give these shoes one star.The price is what I would expect to pay for a standard pair of Clark shoes but the quality is much lower than I expected.Read more

  5. Nate Wagner

    my shoe didn’t hold up as expected. I typically don’t write negative reviews, but I was disappointed with the quality. I’m replacing this after just over 6 months of use.Read more

  6. A.Dub.Alva

    What a bummer. You buy Clark’s shoes because of their legendary comfort. After this experience I am going to have to read up and see if the company changed hands or was bought out since I bought my last pair years ago. (And that was what made them great was you could buy a pair and they would last for years and still be comfortable) sadly these shoes were so uncomfortable my husband is only keeping them because they were on sale so cheap it’s worth keeping them for beater shoes. He’s on his feet all day long working in a pharmacy (and during this pandemic that means he is on his feet ALL day and running no breaks and sitting down during the shift. I ordered these shoes for him to make him more comfortable. I’d hoped they were a good deal bc they aren’t terribly attractive, sadly even though he has very very narrow feet the heel cup padding was still too narrow for his heal and he felt like he was walking with stiff edge he’s all around his heel. He ended up choosing to wear Walmart brand shoes we got for $3 over these shoes. So very very disappointed in Clark’s.Read more

  7. Brichicago

    Unfortunately I can’t give these shoes a good rating due to a small sewing defect that makes them incredibly uncomfortable. The top edge of the shoe that fits over the top of your foot wasn’t matched perfectly when sewn and it cuts into the top of your foot. It’s only one of the shoes and I didn’t notice it the first day and when I did the box had been thrown away so I can’t return them.Read more

  8. Robert

    they fit well and are very comfortable. the sole as people have mentioned is some very light material not sure what it is. overall the fit and feel of these are good. the price is decent. after i am not sure how many months of wear i can feel the ground beneath my feet. i can tell they are near the end. seems like a lot of shoes are that way these days. i am rather hard on shoes ans these did hold up well the uppers are still in tact and the sole stayed attached but i feel the foot bed wore out a little to soon for my liking since i really liked these shoes. for the money i can’t complain too much they are on apr with the competitors at this price point. if you are not as hard as i am on shoes they will probably last a good whileRead more

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