0C185AH4MOE265 Hotop 6 pairs heel cushion pads heel shoe grips liner self-adhesive shoe insoles foot care protector (multicolor)

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  • correct stickiness: the heel cushion pads characteristic with properly stickiness favorable to preserve them in vicinity firmly when dancing, buying, and strolling, and many others.
  • rational layout: the heel liners undertake hole cylinder design to regulate the distance routinely; they hold your footwear from slipping out and cause them to more relaxed whilst shoe length is greater
  • protective gear: these heel cushion pads are fabricated from smooth sponge, top for reducing the friction among footwear and feet to keep away from foot ache and blisters after a protracted taking walks
  • clean to use: these shoe heel stickers have self-adhesive backs; peeling off the lower back cover, you may stick them in your footwear backs conveniently
  • extensive software: those heel cushion pads in shape for many footwear which includes high-heels, leather shoes; they’re relevant to new shoes and barely larger footwear, appropriate for every person
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8 reviews for 0C185AH4MOE265 Hotop 6 pairs heel cushion pads heel shoe grips liner self-adhesive shoe insoles foot care protector (multicolor)

  1. James Charnock

    Finding both expensive and inexpensive shoes that thoroughly fit is often impossible. They may fit the ball of the foot well, but not the heel or vice versa. And if you have a wide ball, the heels will almost certainly also be too roomy, causing the heel to slide up and down when walking. A product like this fills the void between the heel of the foot and the heel of the shoe, making walking feel more secure and comfortable.One reviewer mentioned that the adhesive on the back of the grips remained on the inside of the shoe if it was pulled off and/or it pulled some of the shoe surface off upon removing. Who cares? That part won’t be seen. Regardless, if there is stickiness left behind, rubbing a little baby powder into the area will stop that.Nevertheless, even this system works better if you are wearing mostly cotton socks, which are not slick and slippery like mostly-nylon/polyester. Conclusion: The most comfortable fit for loose-in-the-heel shoes are heel shoe grips (the spongier the better) AND mostly-cotton socks.Read more

  2. vdgxafvx33

    These have been one of my best purchases! Saved me from so many blisters and made slightly too large shoes fit better. I have recommended these to my roommates. I’d recommend them to anyone. Some of the shoes I have purchased were so painful to walk in that I never wore them. Insert these bad boys and I can wear the shoes ALL DAY with no discomfort. Buying more and putting these on all my shoes!Read more

  3. Britt Miles

    The material is soft & doesn’t grip my heel. Bought these to keep heels on and they actually made my heel slip out easier.Read more

  4. Sidney Smith

    These were comfortable, but the fabric on top of the pad ripped after literally one day of wearing them.Read more

  5. Kendra Beaty

    These work great the first few minutes, but then they flatten and it’s like they were never there in the first place.Read more

  6. Sam Diamond

    I purchased this along with “Sof Sole Heel Liner Cushions…” and this just didn’t do anything for me as far as adding the grip. It’s literally good only for a little tiny bit of cushion, if that’s what you’re looking for. Applied to a typical pump or shoes, it just slips right off since the surface is too smooth. If you’re looking to fill a little extra room in the back of a pump with a nice grip so the pump stays put, this is not recommended.Read more

  7. Julianna

    These don’t work well. Very weak adhesive, they fell off the shoe after one wear (even after letting the adhesive set overnight). And they are a sort of slippery fabric which still lets your heel slide past them, so they don’t help much to grip your heel. I think they’d work better if you’re looking for something to soften the back of your shoe and avoid blisters. I was searching for something to help make the back of my shoe smaller/tighter and limit heel slip, and these did not work :(Read more

  8. April

    I really love these heal grips.My main reason for my purchase was because when I wear flats or low heals. The shoe will usually always rub the back of my heal. These heel shoe grips work great. It adds enough padding. And also my flats don’t slip off. These heel pads are soft. I recommend if you have a shoe that rubs the back of your heal. Great for the price.Read more

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