0C1859IHEWE755 Amazon basics water-proof camping tarp

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  • ensure this fits
  • with the aid of coming into your version range.
  • multi-purpose outside tarp—first rate for protecting gadgets or placement beneath a tenting tent
  • waterproof design made from durable rip-stop material with polyethylene lamination on both facets
  • rugged rust-resistant grommets along the outer edge for securely tying down the tarp
  • reinforced corners and edges for long-lasting electricity
  • measures 10 through 12 toes; subsidized via an amazon basics one-12 months confined assurance
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tenting tarp

this convenient camping tarp works properly for whatever from defensive items from the elements to growing a moisture-blockading basis for a tent.

durable, water-proof layout

the water-proof tarp capabilities tear-resistant, rip-stop fabric with a polyethylene lamination on both facets. It folds without problems for compact garage.

reinforced corners and edges

the plan for protection received’t unravel thanks to the tarp’s reinforced corners and edges. Its strong design holds up to repeat use, rain or shine.

rugged rust-resistant grommets

the tarp’s frivolously spaced rust-resistant grommets along the outer edge make it smooth to comfy the tarp, whether or not staking or tying it into vicinity.

product description

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10' X 12', 8' X 10'

8 reviews for 0C1859IHEWE755 Amazon basics water-proof camping tarp

  1. Mike

    As Admiral Ackbar would say… IT’S A TARPRead more

  2. Rebecca L

    It’s a thin, crinkly dark green 8×10 tarp. I use them for covering patio furniture for winter. I also have other tarps that are a softer, more flexible tent-like material which drape like fabric. Those softer ones are more expensive and look nice but tear easily. I also have the very expensive ones that are shaped to fit chairs, etc – but those cost nearly as much as the furniture, and they rip too. This Amazon basics tarp is cheap, and keeps things dry. I have 4 of these now, and none of them have ripped. For covering outdoor furniture, I tuck the ends under the furniture legs to keep them in place. For pieces that are out in the open and exposed to strong gusty winds I just run bungee cords underneath the item and hook into the grommets to hold in place to be sure they don’t blow away. They are not as pretty as the custom shaped furniture covers but once everything is covered in snow you can’t see them anyhow.Read more

  3. Edrock200

    Written Jan 2019: Got a 10×10 pop up canopy with side walls for outings. Unfortunately it’s roofing material would leak even with only a slight drizzle. The thing is bulky and heavy, so I didn’t want to deal with returning it, so I bought this tarp and overlayed it. It’s the right size to cover the entire roof and over hang the sides a little, and even with the heaviest of downpours not a drop has come through. It’s been in direct sunlight for about 3 months now, but it’s been cold so we will see how it fairs in the summer Very happy with this tarp.Edit July 2019 – I’ve had this tarp outside in direct sunlight for about 6 months straight. We had record rain this week and it’s also very hot this summer. Still no leaks. Color has sunfaded slightly but otherwise this thing is a champ.Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    Awful construction broke within the first half hour of use. The cords that give strength to the edge are clamped at each edge without tying — meaning that the slightest force undoes the entire tarp corner. Useless.Read more

  5. Tara L.

    This guy arrived just in time to times it camping. So far so good. I used it as a footprint for my tent. It’s lightweight and thin so I was concerned that it wasn’t going to stand up to the terrain I was camping on but it took it like a champ. I’m doing a 4 out of 5 because the thin worried me but it was really nice to pack, use, clean and pack back up.Read more

  6. Kelly

    I purchased this tarp to put under a small inflatable pool and it works perfectly for that. It’s been outside getting trampled on by kids and dogs all summer as well as being exposed to the weather, including Texas summer heat, and it still looks perfect.Read more

  7. Simon A.

    broke on heavy wind, eyelets rippedRead more

  8. AGR

    Nice tarp of “lightweight” material. Would not survive the multiple treks we were hoping to make with it. Nice “basic/ entry” level tarp.Read more

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