0C184G6HRXN408 Qumy canine boots water-resistant shoes for dogs with reflective strips rugged anti-slip sole black 4pcs

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  • size 2: 2. Four”x1. 7″(l*w) for 18-27 lbs; size three: 2. Five”x1. Nine”(l*w) for 23-33 lbs; size four: 2. 6″x2. 1″(l*w) for 31-forty lbs; size 5: 2. 7″x2. 2″(l*w) for 40-55 lbs; length 6: 2. 9″x2. Five”(l*w) for fifty two-sixty five lbs; length 7: three. 1″x2. 7″(l*w) for sixty three-75 lbs; size 8: three. 3″x2. Nine”(l*w) for 74-88 lbs). The range of boot soles stands for the dimensions of the shoe, is not used to differentiate the left foot or the right foot, together with “7” stands for the scale 7, as opposed to representing the left ft.
  • comfortable and adjustable: smooth to position on / off. These dog footwear expands with a extensive split seam beginning and adjustable and reflective straps to ensure a tight fit, additionally make your dog safe at night.
  • rugged: tough anti-slip sole of dog boots gives balance and traction, protection from sharp thorns and hot pavement.
  • excellent: the canine boots have a rugged sole and excessive pleasant fabric which can be then sewn together to make sure they may be prepared on your journey.
  • stylish: qumy canine boots are with adorable puppy paw embroidery, paws facet is the outside, soft and hand washable.

product description

qumy canine footwear – an excellent accomplice on your dog

the exceptional material makes these boots defend the canine’s paws from being burned within the hot summer, but tender and breathable to paws.

those dog footwear are made with waterproof material, which could save you rain from entering the footwear, maintain the canine’s paws dry and clean after the rain.

these dog footwear can maintain the canine’s paws dry, warm and smooth in bloodless iciness, dogs can play as lots as they want with out frostbite their paws.

tough and anti-slip sole of dog shoes can affords stability and traction, make your canine stroll effectively on the tough floor, can prevent slipping and protection from sharp thorns and hot pavement.

these canine footwear are best for each day walks, guard the dog’s paws in opposition to harm from stones, asphalt, grass and many others. Qumy dog footwear will make your dog fall in love along with your daily stroll time.

long-term hiking can reason serious damage to the dog’s paws, so qumy canine footwear are essential for hiking, allow the dog enjoy the outdoor time even as also giving its paws exact safety.

while you’re taking your dog to the seaside or wasteland, these dog shoes can nicely guard the paws from the gravel and stones, in order that the canine can better revel in the surroundings.

while your canine comes again from out of doors with shoes on, you don’t want to wipe muddy or sandy paws. And clean shoes also are suitable for indoor use to prevent puppies from scratching carpets or timber floors.

those dog shoes have reflective straps, make your canine seen and secure at night. If you like to take your dog for night walks, it’s miles necessary to don’t forget canine’s safety.


size 2: 2.4"x1.7"(L*W), size 3: 2.5"x1.9"(L*W), size 4: 2.6"x2.1"(L*W), size 5: 2.7"x2.2"(L*W), size 6: 2.9"x2.5"(L*W), size 7: 3.1"x2.7"(L*W), size 8: 3.3"x2.9"(L*W)


Black, Leopard, Pink, Red

8 reviews for 0C184G6HRXN408 Qumy canine boots water-resistant shoes for dogs with reflective strips rugged anti-slip sole black 4pcs

  1. Justeen

    I bought these about 2 weeks ago, and wanted to wait to write a review to see how they hold up and i love them! I bought a size 6 for my 50lb pit bull, and they dont come off his feet even when he gets the zoomies and runs really fast. They protect his feet perfectly from the hot pavement and he loves to wear them. He gets so excited when i put them on because it means we’re going for a walk, and he gallops around the house in them. Would definitely recommend these to anyone! The video is from the first time i put them on himRead more

  2. earshplitten

    Awesome booties. These babies stay on. She runs, jumps and does everything she normally does except, she can’t scratch if needed. (Just gonna have to wait, that’s all.) Bought a size 6 for my 50 lb. girl pitty. She’s small but solid. Live in NW ‘burbs of Chicago. We walk a couple of miles a day. Our neighborhood has no side walks. When it sleets or snows, road salt is an issue. As most dogs do, she likes to off road it, so it’s in the snow, on the street, repeat. These keep her paws from getting packed up with snow and salt. Initially, it’s kind of a hassle getting them on, but it gets easier. If you buy them, put them on your dog in the house and let figure them out. And strap ’em down good.Read more

  3. Susan S.

    Hank loves his shoes! I needed something to help him walk on our hardwoods. He’s almost 13 w arthritis. We’ve tried everything. I wish I got these a long time ago. He’s a very good boy.. the instructions are great. With treats and encouragement, he was using them with ease within about 10 minutes. They fit great and have 2 Velcro straps. The top strap ensures they don’t fall off if you put them on snug. His sister tried to pull 2 off by giving a good tug, but they stayed on. Now the old man can walk with confidence and I don’t have to have towels or rugs everywhere.Read more

  4. Jaclyn Yetmar

    Great for dogs with arthritis. My 15 year old dog is wearing the boots on his back legs for traction. His back legs are just not strong enough and he struggles on slick floors. In the few hours that he has been wearing them…..he is walking everywhere. He has walked more in a few hours than he has in months. He doesnt struggle to get up or stand on the floors.Read more

  5. Matt

    Hey guys, i just got these for the winter to keep my goldendoodle’s feet warm and dry in the snow and rain since the grass is usually either muddy or at least wet most of the season. Fluffy dogs are known to get yeast infection between their toes if they aren’t properly dried, and these seem to be the perfect solution. The bottoms are a good thick quality rubber, and the two adjustable straps make for a really good fit. They are short enough to allow free ankle movement when she’s running, and if she’s wearing them inside, she finally has grip on the wood floors lol. I just took her out and there wasn’t any moisture absorbed through the material, but i can’t speak for the waterproofness in extremely wet circumstances like running through standing water or whatever, but for $20, these things are fabulous. She is about 60lbs, and these fit like a glove. She has about standard golden retriever sized feet. I bought a size 6, and i wouldn’t go any lower really because of the adjustability, and she has enough room hat they aren’t hard to put on, they slip right on her hooves. She liked them once she got outside in them. I would highly recommend these for the price, especially compared to a retail store’s pricing and selection. I think these will hold up really great. They also have little bits of reflectors on them if you’re using them at night.Read more

  6. pdxWildChild

    …it Lab a few times to get used to them (shook his foot like a cat with a piece of tape stuck to its paw, if ya know what I mean, lol) was actually kinda hilarious to watch him walk and try to hold his paws up like he had stilts on…lol….but now he knows when I get them out, that we’re going for a walk or a bike ride, and he loves those adventures…so no prob ! …(no more cut paws, and or hot pavement)…cant wait for winter to watch him play in the snow…no more cold toes for my boy..Ha!Read more

  7. Linda Martinez

    I am very pleased with the dog boots which fit my 70 lb. Standard Poodle perfectly. While he is still getting used to these new ‘things’ on his feet, after 4 days (during which he wore the boots about 2 hours/day) he wore them to the local farmer’s market today with great success. The boots stay on well with no shifting as the double velcro straps keep them in place. The sole is sturdy, with good traction, so not only does my boy have great protection from the hot pavement, but he is able to jump into the car and do all his normal activities without difficulty. We live in the Sonoran desert and I am relieved to know that he is now well protected, not only from the burning summer pavement, but from stickers, burrs and bits of cacti in the desert when we go hiking.I highly recommend these breathable yet protective boots for any large dog that you want to keep active with you through the hot summer months.Read more

  8. Tara

    I like using these boots to protect my little girl’s paws during winter days. However, she’s a bit moody and not always let me put them on. I think she’s not always comfortable wearing them. When this happens, I use Paw Shield by PetSupply. This paw balm does a very good job when it comes to paw protection and also moisturizes and heals dry paw pads.Here is the link to Paw Shield: recommend using both products at the same time!Read more

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