0C183RXKSCT664 Pangton villa led strip lighting 6. 56ft for forty-60in television usb backlight kit with remote-16 shade 5050 bias hdtv

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  • make sure this suits
  • through getting into your version number.
  • mild up every facet of your tv – seventy eight. 7in / 2m 5050 led light strip for forty-60 inch tv
  • perfect temper mild and can enhance photo clarity, relieve eye fatigue. Bring domestic theater-like amusement
  • 24key far off-16 color changing-dimmable 4 modes. Manage distance 19. 6ft-26. 2ft
  • clean to install-sturdy double sided adhesive tape installation,we made the mark at the mild strip,just related it according to the mark
  • protection: 5v usb powered. Any product troubles please touch us
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6.56 Feet, 14.3 Feet

7 reviews for 0C183RXKSCT664 Pangton villa led strip lighting 6. 56ft for forty-60in television usb backlight kit with remote-16 shade 5050 bias hdtv

  1. Devin J. Andrews

    I can’t say much about how long they’ll last…but out of the box, they are pretty awesome. I’m digging the glow in my living room now and I let it fade cycle through the colors. I’m using them on a 60 inch samsung and they fit really well. The 3m backing tape holds firm. The only thing I would change would be making the is cable black to match most tv’s. White sticks out a little.Update… 10/9/2018 ….. These lights are still going strong and I have had zero issues with them. I don’t even think about it anymore because they are so reliable. When i turn on my TV, they turn on with it and cycle through the colors just as the day i purchased. They even make a great night light for people who don’t like the dark. I would strongly recommend these lights to anyone looking to add ambiance to a room.Update… 5/15/2019…. They don’t quit. I’ve had zero problems. The lights turn on EVERY TIME without doubt. I can’t say enough good things about them but if you’re on the fence on which light to get…. look no further. THESE are it!Update… 10/08/2019… Its been over two years since I bought this product. At this point, I’m fairly certain I might die before this product stops working. The glue still holds strong. The lights continue to work everytime and I can’t believe I paid so little for something that had lasted so long.Read more

  2. alexis

    These things are so addicting! Hahaha im planning to buy another batch! Lol! The adhesive tape sticks excellently too! Highly recommended!Read more

  3. Tiana

    Super easy to set up, I haven’t had any problems, I will do an updated review if any come about, so far everything is perfect 😍 love how bright it is. The fact that I took these pictures in the daytime make me excited to see how they look at night!Read more

  4. Jennifer L. Riches

    I love it. When I couldn’t find a piece in the package, I contacted the company and asked for a replacement. They responded immediately and offered a replacement. Turns out I had simply dropped a piece when opening the package.After installing it, the colors are excellent. Some LED strips only do colors made from red, green, and blue. Those strips can’t do a proper yellow/gold. This one can. I’m including pictures of gold, orange, light blue with the TV off and then red, green, purple, and dark blue with the TV on. The tiles behind the TV are a greyish tan. The columns are white.I’m very happy with the outcome. Would do it again. The lighting is turned up all the way in the photo, but pictures were taken with some natural lighting in room. In a darker room, the colors become even more clear. TV set in picture is a 55 inch screen (diagonal) for scale.Read more

  5. K

    We used these lights on the back of my 45 inch TV. We followed the instructions for 60 inches if I remember correctly (we lined 3 sides), and there was just a tiny bit of overlap.Even with my kids constantly trying to pick at them, they’re holding up well. The adhesive was much stronger than I initially gave it credit for – especially considering we bought a $5 pack of similar lights from Wal-Mart and they fell off within a few hours.I love the color selection! White does look more like a very light blue, but that’s fine with us. We leave these on the fading cycle anyway.I definitely would recommend these lights. When (if…) they ever die, I’ll be purchasing again.Read more

  6. Jesse Jarvis

    These RGBS are great, ive got 3 packs of them in total and its great because i have them on the back of my monitor, behind and wrapped under my desk, and inside of my PC. Because my reviews get some attention im going to be writing the pros and cons of these lights so you can know what youre buying.Pros;-So many lighting options. You’ve got Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Baby Blue, Purple, Light Green, Navy Blue, Magenta, Dark Green, Dark Blue, Pink, Flashing, Strobe, Fade, and Smooth and on top of all that you can adjust the brightness.-They are easily controlled, i can point at the receiver inside of my computer from across the room with the remote and change the colors without any interference or having to find that “right spot” to make it work.-They are so easy to install and stay where you put them. They have 3M adhesive on the back so they are staying still and as for the ones i have on the back of my monitor they’ve been moved from my monitor, to the desk, to the PC, and then back to the monitor so if you need to move them you can but they obviously wont be as strong as before.Cons;-The only con i could think of is just something i think they could do as an option of buying or something. The initial plug in for the lights connects directly to them, plug to usb to rgb receiver, but i think the receiver should then be attached to the lights by an extender because setting up the lights behind my monitor was kinda hard to conceal wires with the immovability of that one piece being in one compact design.Read more

  7. GMak

    I purchased these to back light my computer monitors and they work great. Very easy to apply (peel and stick) and easy to configure. Sixteen different colors, including white, can be selected via the remote control plus dimming. I think that background lighting can be more useful for computer monitors since you sit so much closer to them than your television. Also, the light given off by your monitor tends to be harsher since you are often viewing documents or other scenes with a white background. I’m thinking of purchasing longer strips of these lights to use as under cabinet kitchen lighting or even to illuminate the toe-kick area. You could set different moods by adjusting the intensity and color.Read more

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