0C183GLYEK2870 Men’s x extremely three mid gtx trekking boots

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  • a hundred% artificial
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • shaft measures about mid-pinnacle from arch
  • water resistant hiking boots: whether or not you’re hitting the paths or looking for a stable paintings shoe, these greater durable, water resistant, mid top hiking boots are designed for max traction on all terrains
  • a better manner down: designed with descent manage era, the x ultra three gore tex mid height hiking shoe successfully tackles technical hikes and without a doubt shines throughout hard descents, even in wet situations
  • journey awaits: whether or not you adore a nearby day hike or hitting the paths for a multi-day adventure, salomon makes revolutionary hiking and backpacking footwear and boots for women and men to help you pass the distance
  • time to play: whether you’re into path jogging, hiking, backpacking, or mountain climbing, salomon has footwear and tools for kids, males and females to help you triumph over a new distance, personal file, or event
  • due to the fact that 1947 salomon has created innovative outside sports tools; from running and trekking to backpacking, skiing and extra, our footwear, boots, bags, clothing and accessories assist make any path your very own
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Black/India Ink/Monument, Quiet Shade/Magnet/Virtual Pink

7 reviews for 0C183GLYEK2870 Men’s x extremely three mid gtx trekking boots

  1. Brian M

    First let me say that I rarely do reviews, and when I do I only give a rating and a very short sentence about what is good or bad about a product in my opinion. With that said, I am very finicky when it comes to my shoes. I have long and narrow feet (usually size 12-13 and narrow width) and I can almost count on one hand the number of shoes that I have bought that I thought were comfortable right out of the box. Boots especially always seem to have a long break-in period before I consider them comfortable. I can usually tell right away if a pair is going to work for me or not, the question is just how long is it going to take before they feel good. I can honestly say that these are definitely the most comfortable boots right out of the box that I have ever bought. They are light, limber and actually feel good on my feet from the very first time I put them on. I have had them for several months now and can honestly say they have “broke in” and are even more comfortable. It hasn’t gotten really cold again since I got them so I can’t really comment on how warm they are, but I have pressure washed 2 big decks in them, and even though my pants were soaking wet from my knees down, my socks were completely dry both times. They fit great even on narrow feet. I would recommend getting 1 size bigger than usual if you plan to wear heavy or 2 pairs of socks and definitely order the wide option if your feet are even on the slightly wide size. I definitely recommend these and plan to buy this brand again.Read more

  2. Kathleen DeFalco

    I like the way they looked coming out of the box but when I picked it up they just don’t seem right. I went to REI and the same shoe there feels different. I am seriously wondering if these are knock offs.Read more

  3. Dane Troyer

    Sorry in advance for a long review, but this all must be said. If you are unfamiliar with Salomans or are on the fence about spending coin on them, read this.My last pair I owned, XA Pros, lasted about 4 years. Why only 4 years, you ask? Well… I wear them everywhere. Work, riding the motorcycle, working outside, hunting, competitive shooting… I beat them up. Most comfortable and durable low boots I’ve ever owned. Then, I got rearended by a pickup on my motorcycle one day, and ended up ripping the steel footpeg from the steel frame with my foot. Broke my ankle. Shattered the big toe. Boots? Tiny gash through the top, thin textile layer. Still wearable. Still waterproof. Still comfortable.I still wear them for rough work, but got a pair of X Ultras for my everyday boot. Bottom line: if you want a boot that is capable of laughing at steel, and able to outlast even your bones, then get these. They are absolutely worth every single penny.Read more

  4. KSD

    I bought these for my husband for our trip to Iceland. In the spirit of packing lightly – and despite my protests – he decided to not even bring any other shoes or sneakers for the 16-day trip (except for a pair of flip-flops which he only used for pools). He wore these hiking boots daily when driving long distances, hiking on sharp lava and slippery rocks, in muddy areas, on hot geothermal ground, on sand, in the rain, on city streets, and at restaurants. Never once did he complain about his feet or ankles being tired, achy or wet. (He is not the most stoic of men, so this is quite telling!) Never once did I complain that his shoes look dirty and he cannot wear them to a restaurant! (It’s the oddest thing! Considering the elements these were exposed to, they do not look dirty and beat up!)We both agree that this was a great purchase.Read more

  5. Crazy Bob

    I bought these to replace a pair of Salomon mid hikers I purchased back in 2012. I love Salomon shoes. They are the only pair of shoes you can put on and immediately start hiking in and not hurt your feet. I have worm my Salomon shoes in some of the most rugged environments imaginable. 90% of the shoes I wear are Salomon. When I first got these, they didn’t seem like the same Salomon quality I have had in the past. In addition, for the first time, they actually hurt my feet to wear them. Maybe this is a fluke, but I don’t think so. They simply do not feel or look like the same quality of what my other shoes have been in the past. I wish I could buy another pair of the ones I had, but sadly they don’t make them anymore. I want to give these a 5 star, but I simply can’t do that. I highly doubt these will last longer than a couple of years at best. They just are not the same quality, its poor craftsmanship for sure and substandard material. I would expect more from Salomon, especially for the cost and the reputation.Read more

  6. JR74

    Purchased these as I have worn out my Ultra Mid 2’s. They don’t seem to be as good of quality as the predecessor. They are definitely not as comfortable. The way they are built at the ankle doesn’t seem to allow a good fit allowing my foot/ankle to move around. I’ve been wearing them for about 3 weeks now pretty much on a daily basis. My feet feel very tired at the end of the day and I can’t wait to get them off. The previous version did not do this and were more like an old comfortable pair of athletic shoes. Time will tell if they hold up. The lacing system has changed and I’m hoping they last as long as my old ones. Not sure why Salomon needed to fix something that wasn’t broken!! If I could find the old version, I’d buy 10 pair!! Gave three stars b/c they do look nice and seem somewhat rugged.Read more

  7. Tina

    My girlfriend ordered these for me for an upcoming hiking vacation. I’m NOT a hiker… But she is. She hikes because she loves it… I hike because I love her.That being said, I would never have invested this kind of money into “hiking boots”. Luckily, I didn’t know she did. But, wow, these things have been awesome right out of the box. I’ve worn them pretty solid for about 2 months now and LOVE them! We even did a 12 mile hike to the second highest peak in San Diego county and my feet felt fine.The only thing… I changed out the insoles. The ones they came with were pretty wimpy. But, I’m used to that.Read more

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