0C180QQY82A888 Toddler lady moccasins princess sparkly mary jane clothes footwear top class light-weight smooth sole crib shoes toddler footwear

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  • [ quality ] – high first-class pu leather-based higher with comfort cotton lining. No any stimulation to the skin of baby’s toes.
  • [ easy wear ] – adjustable hook and loop closure design makes our toddler flats easy to position on, take off, and stay on your child’s feet.
  • [ anti-slip ] – soft soled with anti-skid dot, which is right for infant’s toes to gaining knowledge of taking walks. Accurate for a more healthy increase and walking.
  • [ fashion design ] – lovable glitter layout makes your baby shining, and draw a good deal interest and praise. Those crib shoes suit for different activities like crawling, taking walks and playing. It’d be a amazing toddler newborn baptism, bathe, first birthday present.
  • [ size tip ] – because of each toddler is different, please measure infant’s feet length to select the proper size. The age is for your reference, if there is any query, please sense unfastened to contact with us, we will respond asap. Thanks
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product description

rvrovic is a style, colourful and contemporary brand. Launched ladies’s shoes, guys’s footwear, kid’s shoes to satisfy a selection of purchaser wishes.

diversity & colorful infant women footwear are your quality selections!

our princess sparkly mary jane footwear can make your angel look greater lovable!!!

meet the wishes of developing infants!!

adorable glitter layout makes your baby shining, and draw a whole lot attention and praise.

these crib shoes healthy for distinct events like crawling, walking and playing.

shoes info

our mary jane apartments are fabricated from high best pu & sythentic leather higher with comfort cotton lining. No any stimulation to the skin of child’s feet.

adjustable hook and loop closure design makes our little one residences smooth to position on, take off, and live in your infant’s toes.

adorable glitter ,bowknot and flower layout makes your infant ladies shining, and draw an awful lot attention and praise.

length chart

we offer general age hints for each of our sizes.

please measure your baby’s ft for the fine feasible in shape.

we suggest which you pick a bigger length to allow room for developing.


0-6 Months Infant, 6-12 Months Infant, 12-18 Months Toddler


0-black, 0-pink, 0-red, 0-white, 1-gold, 1-pink, 1-red, 1-silver, 5-gold, 5-pink, 5-red, 5-silver, 7-red, 8-gold, 8-pink, 8-white, A1-beige, A1-black, A1-brown, A1-leopard, A1-pink, A1-suede Apricot, A1-suede Blue, A1-suede Brown, A1-white, B1-beige, B1-black, B1-pink, B1-red, B1-white

8 reviews for 0C180QQY82A888 Toddler lady moccasins princess sparkly mary jane clothes footwear top class light-weight smooth sole crib shoes toddler footwear

  1. Crystal Gillespie

    Will be returning the adorable shoes because they are way too big. Received a size 5 my daughter is a 3. She is 20 months, so I really thought I was safe.I did check the size chart and there is no corresponding size for the age range listed as option to purchase. So needless to say, not too happy about that.Luckily a department store near by has some I was able to order online and have ready to pick up tomorrow in time for her costume tomorrow. She will be Dorthy..Read more

  2. Sherry K. Holland

    I guess I should not be surprised based on the price but the photos online were so good…they look and feel very cheaply made and are not at all soft. I am afraid to try them on the one-year-old I bought them for because I think they will rub and cut into her skin. The fabric flowers that look so nice in the photos are smooshed and permanently out of place. 🙁 After having been so excited to purchase then – very let down after receiving them…Read more

  3. Garsaya

    We ordered 3-6M and they fit great she was about to be five months when the photos were taken and she’s seven months now 1/2019. I want to say they still fit her.Read more

  4. Lauren reyes

    Not nearly as cute as the picture. I ordered 12-18 months, and on the shoe it says size 5 which is too big… I’m not sure why they don’t allow you to choose the actual size rather than trying to estimate while ordering..They’re very wide and boxy looking, cheaply made… The picture looks much cuter. They look like I bought them from the dollar store, it was not worth it. I’m disappointed, they would’ve matched my daughter’s outfit perfectly.Read more

  5. Bridget L

    I was looking for a new everyday shoe for my almost 10 month old. These caught my eye with a stylish design and low price. After receiving them I am so happy! They are adorable and worth the price. Specifically, they are a soft faux leather material, and do not have any scratchy edges exposed to the foot. Also, they have a real flat rubber sole with some traction. This seems to be a rarity in baby shoes! I highly recommend! 💜Read more

  6. Ruby Garcia

    After reading the reviews AND measuring my girls’ feet we decided to go with a 6-12 mo and they barely fit into them like they’re toes are at the very end and are tight. They are super cute and perfect prewalker shoes. They do have a soft sole but I think it’s great for being in the house. We are returning and sizing up to a 12-18 so we can use for the summer. My girls are currently comfortably in a size 3 converse for size reference. Hoping the 12-18 is a little bigger.Read more

  7. Happymama

    These are great shoes for the price you pay. They are not the highest quality but you get what you pay for. They are very cute and the sparkles are very pretty. Some of the sparkles on the bottom edges have started to wear off after a couple uses. I will just use these for “cutesy” outfits, not everyday use. They do run large but just follow the size chart and measure your babies feet. I got 6-12 months for my 15 month old and there is plenty of room to grow.Read more

  8. FTMAT35

    These have to be the cutest red, glittery shoes ever. I bought these for my 6 month old to wear with her Dorothy costume this Halloween and they are perfect. There is some glitter fallout from the shoe but not much for how sparkly they are. I ordered the 6-12 month size and they’re still a tiny bit big but that’s perfectly fine because I also plan for her to wear them during Christmas!Read more

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