0C180KO47H4171 Icetrax v3 tungsten wintry weather ice grips for shoes and boots – ice cleats for snow and ice, stayon toe, reflective heel

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product description

icetrax v3 tungsten winter ice grips

the new and stepped forward icetrax v3 tungsten iciness ice grips with 9 strategically placed tungsten carbide ice cleats provide final traction on difficult packed snow and ice. The comfy becoming design of the ice cleats includes a stayon toe cap which lets in the grippers to conform to the form of your shoe, operating with nearly any style of shoe or boot. Whether or not outside shoveling snow, on foot the dog or going for walks errands, the lightweight yet long lasting layout of those traction cleats will come up with the confidence you need whilst on foot or strolling in icy and snowy wintry weather situations.

put money into your safety this winter with icetrax ice cleats to help prevent slips and falls on ice and snow. Born in the snow and ice of the tough canadian iciness, icetrax is an outside adventure logo dedicated to growing the pleasant winter traction aids for footwear and boots in the marketplace. Genuinely put – icetrax grips better, fits better and wears better than the rest!

key features

tungsten iciness ice grips for shoes and boots

  • advanced traction
  • stayon at ease suit
  • easy to use
  • night time safety
  • durable
  • size_name

    S/M (Men: 5-9 / Women: 6.5-10.5), L/XL (Men: 9.5-13 / Women: 11+)

    8 reviews for 0C180KO47H4171 Icetrax v3 tungsten wintry weather ice grips for shoes and boots – ice cleats for snow and ice, stayon toe, reflective heel

    1. Shelly Warmuth

      I slipped and broke my ankle last year, so I was all about these this year.I wouldn’t say they’re easy to take on and off my boots, so I left them on. The spikes on the bottom make a cringey nails on the floor sound when you walk on a hard surface and I admit to being worried about walking on the vinyl in the public restroom in them. They’re certainly not something I’d want to be wearing while walking around a store.Outside, however, I never slipped. Not once. And the spikes on the bottom don’t seem to have bent or dulled from all of the times walking across the cement floor to get into the house. Only once did they ever become out of position and I’m not sure if that was from taking off the boot or what, but they weren’t broke and have stayed in place all winter otherwise. I live in an area with a lot of snow and ice, so I’ve worn these boots almost every day since receiving these cleats.Would definitely recommend and will buy again when these do fail!Read more

    2. MN veterinarian

      I live in Minneapolis where we have lots of icy weather and I walk about 3-5 miles per day, regardless of the weather. I’ve had these on my winter walking shoes for about 1 month now and used them about 1/2 dozen times (the other days weren’t icy enough!) and they work fantastic. They even worked like a charm when we had totally glare ice the other day. I’m a size 9 women’s shoe and they stay on really nicely (I bought the size s/m). I also got the size x/xl for my partner who wears men’s size 11 and he loves them as well. They’re very hearty, make walking on the ice easy peasy with NO slipping and are super easy to put on. I don’t tend to take mine on / off since I worry about stretching them out over time, but they may be fine if you use them this way also.Read more

    3. JV

      Actual gripping “spikes” are about the size of a spark plug electrode and very sharp. They definitely bite into the ice and frozen, packed snow. I ordered the XL size (men’s 9-13), but I had to really stretch them to get over a men’s size 10 Sorel snow boot. They just stretched far enough to get the rear spikes properly under the heel where my weight presses down. With a larger snow boot size it could be a challenge to position the spikes. Would buy again, though knowing the size restrictions. Remember not to walk on wood or recycled plastic decking as the spikes will scratch them.Read more

    4. John Smith

      The ICETRAX Pro Winter Ice Grips for Shoes and Boots fits and stays securely on both my hiking boots and shoes. I walk about 50 miles a week. We’ve had some frigid weather in Minneapolis these past few months followed by warmer times of melting. I have tried two other brands this winter and they either wore out and broke or they would not stay affixed to my shoes. I’m glad I finally found a product that I can rely on. ThanksRead more

    5. Amazon Customer

      These work very well. Better than most of the others on the market.I’ve bought 5 different types and these work the best.Better that the more expensive ones.The studs are thinner and longer than the other traction devices.They pennitrate the ice better than others that have wider shorter studs.I’ve had to replace several studs in other types I’ve bought including my $60 Korker Boa systems. For $22.00 , these seem to be the best deal.Read more

    6. Cedric Shoebridge

      These IceTrax are great. Just tried them out on an ice covered trail in the foothills outside of Denver. I felt very sure footed both up and down the trail. The fit my hiking boots snugly without the need for the optional velcro straps.Read more

    7. Kindle Customer

      The rubber snapped as soon as my husband tried to put them on his shoes. The company replaced them very quickly so we’ll see how these preform.Read more

    8. DeeGee

      I bought these last winter when I had shoulder surgery and really really did not want to risk slipping on the ice after my surgery. They are well made and provided great traction. They are easy to get on and off. Too easy it turns out. I used them one day after a snow storm that left a very slippery ice layer on top, and once every few steps I would break through into the snow below. After hiking for about half an hour I looked down and noticed that both of my icetrax were missing. I guess that when I broke through the icy top layer, the motion of pulling my foot up through the snow below caused the icetrax to come off. I wear a men’s 9, and I bought the small/medium. If you’re only going to be walking on icy walkways, then these would probably be great for you. If you might be trudging through snow, maybe consider something with a strap.Read more

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