0C17Z3UW2TW378 G2 go2gether telescopic hiking trekking poles – robust aircraft alloy taking walks sticks with consolation bmm cope with – short locks machine (2pc)

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  • ensure this fits
  • with the aid of coming into your version quantity.
  • ⭐ more advanced material – over 10 years r&d make our products always desirable than different one. This hiking pole is fabricated from light-weight and sturdy aluminum, greater more potent carbon fiber, no bend, no broke in lots of years, defend you from risky.
  • ⭐ extra stronger lock – with unique layout, g2 trekking pole will continue to be firmly locked in position, by no means loosing rapid. For the sake your protection, we exceedingly advise you to constantly test your lock and tight it.
  • ⭐ extra safe & comfy – this pole has a pleasant ergonomically designed to suit the palm without problems, the stress-soaking up processed rubber handle places less anxiety on the fingers whilst still supplying an excellent grip. Recall wear gloves to guard your hand inside your adventure.
  • ⭐ specification – adjustable from 25“- fifty three” (64cm-135cm), it’s miles best suit for people who’s 44″-seventy eight”(111-198). Only weight 8. 5oz (0. 5lbs), every person can without problems take it even after lengthy stroll. Take it together with your hiking and pass similarly effectively!
  • ⭐ guarantee & carrier – g2 provide 1-12 months guarantee and respond you within 24 hours. Any questions, simply free to touch us. We can provide friendly customer support for you.

product description

why choose go2gether?

  • product of mild aluminum, provide a longer provider life.
  • brief lock gadget,locking pressure can up to 100n.
  • encompass 2 rubber tips, 2 dust baskets, 2 snow baskets and endure tungsten tip.
  • these add-ons has been proved so beneficial, particularly strolling in plains, forests, snowy regions or even swamps, saving your strength in all route.
  • 2 adjustable sections with top mark, smooth to adjust with one hand.
  • shortest duration: sixty three cm/ 25″/ 2’1
  • medium period: 115 cm/ forty five”/ five’2
  • prolonged duration: 135 cm/ fifty three”/ 6’2
  • suit for absolutely everyone who is 5’2-6’five
  • color_name

    Capri Blue, Orange & Black

    8 reviews for 0C17Z3UW2TW378 G2 go2gether telescopic hiking trekking poles – robust aircraft alloy taking walks sticks with consolation bmm cope with – short locks machine (2pc)

    1. Wild Celtic Rose

      I waited until I had hiked with these several times before writing the review.I was tired of my expensive name brand poles sliding down while being used (I guess I flick my wrists and they start to unscrew?) and wanted to try some poles with levers instead of twist lock adjustments.I chose these because they seemed to be the best value (even if a few of the reviews seemed sketchy) and am glad that I did. I had one adjustment on one pole slide only once. All I had to do was open the lock, twist the knob about 1/4 of a twist and it never did it again. You may need to adjust the locks like this once before you start, but then you should be good to go.They are a light pole for the price point (I didn’t notice a weight difference between these and my expensive poles but there might be one) and they seem to be well made.Read more

    2. Karen Lee

      I’ve hiked 170 mi in these trekking poles since I purchased them in Nov ’17, mainly in the Catskills and Whites. No probs so far. Sometimes they slide in at the joints, but nothing that a screw tightening, finger tight, doesn’t fix. Also they’re on the heavier side compared to pricier poles, but not bad. I’m pleased with my purchase and hope to hike many miles with these poles! UPDATE: Jan 2019, I’ve hiked countless more miles with these poles and they’ve held up surprisingly well.Read more

    3. L. O’Rourke

      I used these on my first overnight backpacking trip this past weekend, and I am very glad that I had these poles. We had a 3,000 elevation gain, and this helped tremendously on the hike up and down the mountain. I’m not sure how my knees and legs would have survived had I not had them. The only thing I would look at next time is cork handles. I would recommend this to a friend and would buy again.Read more

    4. wil

      No issues, held up well, great assist on a hike to a 14,065 feet summit over mud, snow, ice, and rocks. I like that there are 2 types of rubber tip grips or that you can use it without rubber tips for steel tip. by the way…one should never rely on Hiking poles to support your weight that could result in catastrophe; these poles are meant to be used to increase traction for slight leverage, or correct a balance offset. The negative reviews where people state the poles bent under their weight and risked their lives are incorrectly using hiking poles.Read more

    5. Alt.delete

      These are brilliant, wish they came in more colorful coatings or designs (Dragons, psychedelic swirls, anime/cartoon characters etc.)easy to use, wish they’d stand upright though, I use mine as a walking stick, the manufacturer should give the option of a walking stick handle….. (i’d also add the ability to have lights on it to make it visible at night.)Read more

    6. smcq

      We recently went on a hike that was termed “strenuous” by the State Park it was located in. I am almost 68, & my husband is 70. We were able to keep up with our 30 something daughters & their guys with these things! Now that we have them, I hope to be hiking a lot more! Highly recommended!Read more

    7. Fido

      These poles were a great disappointment. Purchased them for a 5-day backpacking trip, but – used by my niece who weighs about 120lbs max – they didn’t even last throughout the first day before the flip locks loosened up and the poles started. Over the next several days, we tried tightening the screws and other tricks to tighten the locks (resorted in the end to duct taping the locks), but overall, these poles turned out to be more of a liability than a support since they’d collapse at random, which is bad news for a hiker carrying a large pack. Ended up in trash can at end of trek.Even at a low price, the quality should not have been that bad.Read more

    8. content_of_character

      My wife and I have been using these for easy to moderate hiking trails for the past month, and they work very well. They comfortable, easy to adjust, and sturdy. We have not noticed any shock absorber problems, but we have not had them on exceedingly difficult terrain. They have been a great help on rocky trail paths to keep one steady from slipping on the rocks.Read more

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