0C17YISYDHW645 Guys’s low-pinnacle sneakers

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  • rubber sole
  • platform measures about 2
  • fabric
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4, 4.5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 5.5 Women/4 Men, 6 Women/4.5 Men, 6.5 Women/5 Men, 7 Women/5.5 Men, 7.5 Women/6 Men, 8 Women/6.5 Men, 8.5 Women/7 Men, 9 Women/7.5 Men, 9.5 Women/8 Men, 10 Women/8.5 Men, 10.5 Women/9 Men, 11 Women/9.5 Men, 11.5 Women/10 Men, 12 Women/10.5 Men, 12.5 Women/11 Men, 13.5 Women/12 Men, 15 M UK, 6.5 M UK


Black ((Checker) Black/True White Pvj), Red ((Canvas) Port Royale/White 8j7), Black Suede Canvas Black White C24, Blue ((Canvas) Dress Blues/White Jy3), Black, Black/Black Mono, Navy Blue/White, Black ((Canvas) Black/Gum 7hi), Black/Black, Black (Checker) Black/True White Pvj), Checker Stripe White/White, Racing Red/White, Checkboard Nebulas Blue/White, (Suede) Multi Check/True White, Black ((Canvas) Black 186), Checker Stripe Black/White, Dewberry/True White, Black Canvas Black Gum 7hi, Multicolour Camo Multi Black U2i, Golden Haze True White, Grey ((Canvas) Pewter/White 4wv), Multicolour ((Camo) Multi/Black U2i), Multicolour (Camo) Multi/Black U2i), Blue Canvas Dress Blues White Jy3, Grey Canvas Pewter White 4wv

8 reviews for 0C17YISYDHW645 Guys’s low-pinnacle sneakers

  1. ScH

    My husband has worn Vans for the past 20 years and needed a new pair. I got the exact style/size as his worn out ones. He can’t even wear these ones as the foot bed and overall feel of the shoe is so terrible. RIP OFFRead more

  2. Quayes mom

    I ordered these shoes for a friend and when we finally received the shoes, the width was to narrow and the shoe length was to big! When went to send them back and it was going to be over $38.00 to mail them back, which is almost as much as the shoes cost. I wasn’t going to spend that to return them so now I am stuck with shoes that can’t be worn!!Read more

  3. Edwin Lucas

    Arrived as described and earlier than projected. Thank youRead more

  4. JP

    Pricey but had to have them!! Awesome style and Look good with shorts, especially camouflage shorts (don’t wear flip flops with them as I don’t like being a clone) but like a few others have commented, not the best arch support and for darn near 100 bucks you would think the manufacturer would do a better job in providing that, but comfortable enough for minimal walking.Read more

  5. Austin Andrich

    I love Vans, though its hard for me to find time as a single parent to get out to a store and try on shoes and look around for something I like feeling like the employees are waiting on me. So I thought I’d give Amazon a try, never having bought shoes before. I was hesitant at first whether or not the fit would be right but when they came they were just what I wanted and saved me the time. Good work Amazon.Read more

  6. Morc

    Not good support for your feet, but for casual wear they’re great. I’ve bought this shoe twice now, they last a long time, and are comfy, like I said, for casual wear. Standing in these too long will hurt.Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    Typical Vans, Excellent shoes and the slick styling that makes them… “Vans”.I own several pairs of Vans and this pair is another Fantastic addition to the collection/addiction.Very comfortable, however, as with all my Vans, I would Love to see “Arch Support” brought in as arch support is nonexistent. Inserts are life savers for 12 plus hours a day on cement. I still love wearing them, they are my Favorite brand of shoe, I’ve actually been wearing “Vans” for over 38 years !Read more

  8. Art Hopson

    My wife ordered these and even on the order it shows she ordered a mens 9. She was sent a UK size 7. Turns out it was on a UK amazon site so turned out to be a huge pain. Whomever she spoke with at Amazon was very helpful but still took quite a while and would have ended up costing us $45 to return the shoes but she managed to make it work.She loved the shoes but way too small.Read more

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