0C17XWGC3D2717 Yatta existence heavy duty path spikes 14-spikes ice grip snow cleats footwear crampons for strolling, running, or hiking on snow and ice

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  • revel in your times inside the outside with out worry! Whether you’re going up a mountain, hiking via snowy plains, or clearly taking a walk inside the middle of winter, you may assume yatta existence heavy-responsibility path spikes for footwear to keep you firmly planted to the floor and decrease the hazard of slipping.
  • keep a company & safe grip to make certain immediate traction, we best use chrome steel spikes and chains which coupled with the unique spike design offers you the freedom to conquer bad weather and experience your outdoor sports with out worrying approximately slipping. Our crampon ice grips are the perfect desire for tourists and adventures that don’t want water or ice getting in the way in their out of doors adventures.
  • perfect desire for each hobby these stainless-steel crampons the perfect desire for strolling, trekking, ice fishing, ice climbing, trail running on light or packed snow and another wintry weather activity you have in thoughts. Thanks to the robust metal construct, yatta existence stainless steel path spikes are light-weight and don’t overwhelm your feet to provide better traction with out getting within the manner of your mobility.
  • well matched with maximum shoes thanks to the dynamic flex-chain with the tough shoe harnesses, they may be easy to put on and take off as well as being well suited with a wide sort of trekking footwear. Not like the relaxation, they stay firmly in area to provide you the extra traction and assist you want to without problems walk, run, hike or climb.
  • conquer the weather and experience your out of doors sports with yatta lifestyles heavy-duty crampon ice grips!

product description

grippy, durable, slip-on traction systems with strategically placed stainless steel spikes linked to a dynamic flex-chain with tough elastomer shoe harnesses.

ease your awful-climate anxieties and put money into a couple of these durable and crucial yatta life trail spikes crampons to arm yourself towards unpredictable and probably hazardous terrain. Imparting a firm grip and instantaneous traction on snow and ice and attaching securely and effects, you’ll be able to cope with any journey that comes your manner.

the spike design is extraordinary for taking walks, hiking, ice fishing, mountaineering, trail walking on mild or packed snow. Be prepared to be surprised at how a great deal traction our crampons offer!

no longer handiest will these yatta life trail spikes crampons improve your mobility in awful weather situations, they will additionally lessen injury and the risk of falls, supplying you with the confidence you need to challenge out into the superb outside.

yatta existence trail spikes

ease your horrific-weather anxieties and put money into a pair of these durable and crucial yatta existence trail spikes crampons to arm yourself against unpredictable and potentially hazardous terrain. Supplying a firm grip and instant traction on snow and ice and attaching securely and resultseasily, you’ll be able to deal with any adventure that comes your manner.

durable elastic harness

elastomer band. Long lasting elastic harness guarantees a good maintain in your shoe, even at cold temperatures

available in sizes:

  • small (pink)
  • medium (blue)
  • massive (black)
  • extra big (black)
  • the spike design is excellent for taking walks, trekking, ice fishing, mountaineering, path strolling on light or packed snow. Be prepared to be surprised at how a great deal traction our crampons provide!

    the spike design is first-rate for on foot, trekking, ice fishing, mountain climbing, path running on mild or packed snow. Be prepared to be surprised at how lots traction our crampons provide!

    rubber elastomer with elasticity & excessive-density features.

    stainless steel spikes

  • stainless steels spikes & chains to make sure maximum durability.
  • lightweight, washable and easy to apply.
  • compact and easy to use

  • yatta existence path spikes is designed for path strolling, taking walks, trekking, ice fishing, mountaineering in light or heavy snow.
  • our path spikes come in a packable pouch for clean storing.
  • you can simply run your pair of spikes below jogging water and allow dry. Never location the spikes in a showering machine.
  • size_name

    Extra Large (Men's 11-14), Large (Men's 8.5-10.5) or (Women's 9.5-11.5), Medium (Men's 6.5-8.5) or (Women's 7.5-9.5), Small (Men's 4.5-6.5) or (Women's 5.5-7.5)

    8 reviews for 0C17XWGC3D2717 Yatta existence heavy duty path spikes 14-spikes ice grip snow cleats footwear crampons for strolling, running, or hiking on snow and ice

    1. Simon Garfunkal

      I live in Alaska and every year I have to replace my cleats, but no more! These cleats are incredible, very durable. I bought two pairs for my wife and I and they are rugged and work very well. The links are solid, usually the links are the weak part. I walk on a mix of solid ice, snow and concrete and the spike have not bent or deformed, I was worried they would. I don’t know when I’ll need another pair but when I do I am buying another pair of these. The seller also contacted me via email shortly after the purchase however I couldn’t comment because we did not have any ice where I live but now we’ve had plenty of snow and ice.Update: I have had these cleats for almost a year and a half. Unfortunately one of the links broke on the heel for whatever reason, maybe I stepped on the right rock. A simple email to Yatta Life and Terry is shipping me a replacement pair. Very quick communication and very helpful!! Happy New Year Yatta Life!Read more

    2. Christopher S. Varner

      Really promising product but both broke after the second use.Contacted by customer service agreed on a replacement and customer service failed to write back with shipping address.Read more

    3. kimberly walker

      I know these are a little more expensive than the Yak Tracks but I hike twice a day with my dogs in some pretty rough terrain lots of loose dirt and leaves then cover it with ice or snow and go up steep hills no hiking boot works. I always see the yak tracks hanging at the trail head cause they fall off. I put these on an old pair of hiking boots and they are great! I keep them in a bag in my truck just in case I need them.Read more

    4. D. Bartel

      I have had these less than 2 months using for about a month for daily walks on ice and snow. I have had 4 breaks already and have had to repair with copper wire. If you are looking for something durable, keep looking. The materials are not nearly heavy enough. I have used other brands before and ones that cost 1/2 as much lasted longer. If you are going to use them once or twice a year, maybe these will work. If you use them frequently like I do, don’t waste your money here!Read more

    5. Junkyard

      I have used these for about a dozen winter hikes so far in many different conditions (pure ice, hard pack snow and fresh powder) and the have worked great. As compared to some of the lighter duty spikes they offer way more traction (not even comparable if trying to climb slopes). They also are more Durable than some of the light duty spikes (more rubber with a higher coverage on the show) which makes them more challenging to get on but provides a more secure fit.Overall I would say if you are off roads/sidewalks these are a much better choice than other lower lighter duty spikes.Read more

    6. Karen Brooks

      Ok tried these out yesterday in deep spring snow and I love them!! I’ve gone through 2 other pair that break, don’t grip, don’t stay on and now I finally found these Great!! Easy to put on, super traction, Velcro straps and a nice bag. Had to tromp thru some areas of rock and no snow cover and it didn’t bother these at all. Yay!!!Read more

    7. William Bershinsky

      These spikes are great. I bought them after a rough day hiking in deep snow by myself. After slipping an falling all day I thought there had to be something to help. I found many different brands of spikes. The Yatta Life spikes I felt were a good balance of price and quality. I have put over 40 miles on my spikes in very rugged terrain and they are holding up great. My only complaint would be that in wet snow they tend to build up snow on the bottom. You gradually get taller and taller and it can make it difficult to walk. This has only happened in very few cicumstances. Thanks for a great affordable product.Read more

    8. Alex

      I am using these Trail Spikes for traction on Colorado’s High summits. I have been Highly satisfied with the quality and durability of this product on slick snow and ice covered inclines.Read more

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