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merrell exists to help you discover the easy, but profound strength of the trail by means of offering thoughtfully designed products that over supply on overall performance, versatility and sturdiness.

pathways to the trail

from day journeys to week-long backpacking treks, we’ve got the fine hiking footwear and boots to help your subsequent out of doors tour.

hit the trails and discover beyond the crushed route with schooling and path walking shoes that suit you and your surroundings.

style meets out of doors overall performance with versatile informal shoes and sandals with path-built consolation you can trust.

protect your feet from the daily grind with paintings boots designed to fulfill the toughest demands whilst being at ease enough to put on every day.

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cushioned leather shoe


7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5, 13, 14, 15


Black, Brown Butternut, Clay, Sodalite, Cloudy, Black/Black, Blue Sodalite, Brown Clay, Green Cloudy

8 reviews for 0C12OB1GKBJ899 Guys’s annex trak low trekking shoe, eight us

  1. me

    I have been Merrell shoes fan for quite a few years. I bought these hiking shoes in attempt to replace my three years old ones that were getting ready to retire. I wore my new shoes to a few light hikes. I hike every few months and bought my new shoes three months ago. It’s manufactured really badly. Rubber on the side of one shoe completely disengaged and started to crack around the seem. This are $120 shoes that should last more than two light hikes. I contacted Merrell a week ago without any response. I find it unacceptable. I will update my review if Merrell corrects their error and replaces shoes with manufacturing defect for reasonable quality shoes of given price.I also tried Amazon resolution process and I was ignored. Not even response back.Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    I was looking for black shoes for work and stumbled upon these. I have had other Merrell products in the past and had been very pleased so I took a chance and ordered them. I had read several reviews stating that they are narrow or too tight, but I would have to disagree. I have low arches, wide feet, and Plantar Fasciitis, so I was VERY happy when I tried them on and found that if I loosened the laces a bit they were the perfect width. Plus, it has really nice built in arch supports. I have to be on my feet for work and walk a lot, I am in LOVE with the support and comfort these shoes provide. I strongly recommend trying these for yourself. As I found out, reviews aren’t always accurate.Read more

  3. zatchmo

    EDIT:I’ve lowered my rating from 4 to 2. After receiving my replacement pair from my first defective order, the Right shoe of the replacement busted a seam on the 4th day of wearing them. Fortunately the Right shoe from my original order was still ok, so now I’m wearing the new Left shoe and the original Right shoe.I bought these shoes as an every day winter shoe. So far, they keep my feet warm. Maybe a bit too warm when indoors, but not unbearable. I did wear them in the rain for the first time today, and my feet did get wet so I’m a little concerned about that going forward…I did have to return the first pair I ordered, as the left shoe was defective. I could feel a ridge on the ball of my left foot. The inside of the foot felt lower than the outside, like the sole caved in. The replacement pair did not have this problem.The shoes feel a little snug and the arch is pretty high, but after a few days to break them in they are pretty comfortable.Read more


    Junk … DO NOT BUY !!! I was going to write this review Last Month, but got busy. Knowing it’s the Christmas Season, I felt I had to get this in. I bought these in April of 2020 ($87). They’re not even a year old, and the area near the small toe on the left shoe already came apart, just like one of the photos I saw when I was reading reviews before I bought them. I regretfully took a chance and purchased them anyway. They were not used every day, and still look New. I sent an Email and got no response. Don’t throw your Money out the Window like I did. Extremely DISAPPOINTED!!!Read more

  5. Don’t Panic

    This is a rugged, durable and attractive hiking shoe. I got it for work and I’m on my feet 10 hrs a day. Not the most comfortable for that, but may just need a bit of breaking in. The fit was perfect after about 2 days of break-in and some lace adjustments. Great support for hiking. What I especially like is the stuff back lip which allows you to skip into them more easily without lacing/unlacing every time. Huge plus. This shoe has restored my faith in Merrell.Read more

  6. Gene Lubbers

    First time use was a little tight, but loosened up some to fit very well. I love these shoes, wear them everywhere, Snow, Wet, Muddy, Sandy. They are very comfortable to wear, and have not shown much for wear or tears. Tread is aggressive, with the right balance of hard to soft, great traction on all surfaces, even greasy. If they ever wear out, I will repurchase again and again.Read more

  7. Kindle Customer

    Absolutely terrible. Bought these shoes on August 31st in less than a month the sides are splitting from the soles. I read reviews about air flow but truly they don’t seem to breathe well at all. They are very stiff which may be why in less than a month they are completely separating. I expect more from such a brand….. of course no returns for subpar workmanship once they have been worn. I would say keep looking. They aren’t durable or really that comfortable at all.Read more

  8. Daniel W

    This shoe is stiff and fits snug in the width, out of the box. Wearing them for several days breaks in their flexibility and they are beginning to conform to my feet. The break-in period made me doubt whether they’d work out for me at first; in terms of width across the instep.I really like the footbed cushion, my favorite feature in this shoe! It’s a great walking shoe, which is what I hoped for. Very durable construction…I think they’re going to last as my favorite shoes for the year!Since I have other Merrell shoes I was able to choose the same size I’ve always worn in this brand and found it to be consistent.Read more

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