0C12O9QNAB3177 Guys’s gel-challenge 6 walking shoe

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  • a hundred% synthetic
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • shaft measures about low-top from arch
  • rearfoot gel cushioning system: attenuates surprise in the course of impact segment and lets in for a smooth transition to midstance.
  • detachable sockliner: a sockliner which may be removed to accommodate a clinical orthotic.
  • removable sockliner: a sockliner which may be eliminated to accommodate a clinical orthotic.
  • path particular outsole: reversed lugs offer uphill and downhill traction on all kinds of terrain.
  • ahar outsole: acronym for asics high abrasion rubber. Positioned in crucial areas of the outsole for terrific sturdiness.
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product description

get out and explore within the redesigned gel-project 6. Designed to tackle rugged terrain, this model comes complete with a path-precise outsole and excessive-abrasion rubber for self assurance-inspiring traction. Rearfoot gel cushioning absorbs shock to preserve you at ease as you pound along the direction, at the same time as the detachable sockliner lets you insert custom orthotics for a good more personalized healthy.

weight: eleven. 2 oz. Heel height: 20mm. Forefoot top: 10mm.

rearfoot gel technology cushioning gadget attenuates surprise throughout impact segment and allows for a easy transition to midstance.

the sockliner can be eliminated to deal with a medical orthotic.

reverse lugs provide uphill and downhill traction on all sorts of terrain. Ahar (asics excessive abrasion rubber) is located in vital regions of the outsole for top notch sturdiness.


7, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 10.5 X-Wide, 11, 11.5, 11.5 X-Wide, 12, 12.5, 12.5 X-Wide, 13, 14, 15


Aluminum/Black/Directoire Blue, Cedar Green/Lava Orange, Grand Shark/Neon Lime, Black/Sunflower, Black/Dark Grey, Black/Neon Lime, Frost Grey/Phantom/Black, Victoria Blue/Blue/Black, Carbon/Cayenne, Indigo Blue/Black/Energy Green, Metropolis/Black, Graphite Grey Black, Stone Grey/Stone Grey, Graphite Grey/Black, Black/Black, Lychee/Black/Whisper White, Green

7 reviews for 0C12O9QNAB3177 Guys’s gel-challenge 6 walking shoe

  1. I Buy Too Much Crap

    After one week the mesh material on the side of the shoe is fraying badly…They are comfortable, and good looking shoes….but not up to the quality I’ve come to expect from Asics. Would not recommendRead more

  2. faridruns

    Absolutely love the ASICS Gel-Venture series – have owned Series 4, 5 and 6 now and will keep buying them! My evaluation below:Price: Unbeatable for a shoe of this qualityDistance: Have been using these for 40-50+ mile weeks in NYC during 2018, previous versions have lasted 750-1,000 milesAll-Weather Performance: have been using in all sorts of climates, but most recently the winter (including rain and snow) and springMarathon Proven: have worn during Philly and NYC marathons, as well as a half marathon!I like that these have just the right amount of cushion without being bulkyRead more

  3. Jeremy

    I had worn the Venture 5 for about 2 years prior to getting this Venture 6, and wore them all the time, for everything except the rare formal occasion. I wore Asics’ Enduro series of trail running shoes for another 6 years prior to that. My point is that I’m accustomed to wearing Asics trail running shoes for everything, and until the Venture 6 they have been comfortable and suitable for all activities.The Venture 6 brings a big change from the 5 though – enough of a change that I think they should have just launched it as a new product rather than as an update to the Venture. When buying them I didn’t look that closely at the photos because I figured it would just be the same as the 5 with some minor cosmetic alterations, but there are some huge changes to the shoe. Most notable, the tread pattern is completely new. The 6 has a much deeper, more aggressive tread and stiffer sole that might actually be better for trail running, but for everything else it just gets in the way. There’s much less ability to feel the pedals when driving and the tread actually catches on the pedal sometimes when maneuvering to park. My picture shows the Venture 6 on the left, Venture 5 on the right for comparison.They also changed the lacing. All of the Asics shoes I’ve had in the past have had the topmost eyelet set below the line of the other eyelets and I never used that last pair of eyelets when lacing the shoes. Shoes always fit securely for any activity, even for long distance running they fit perfectly. That changed with the Venture 6. The eyelets seem to have all moved slightly forward on the shoe, and the last set is moved up into line with the other eyelets rather than being below their line. I tried wearing the shoes without using this last eyelet like I always have (the way they come in the box and are shown in the product pictures) and they were incredibly loose. I had to lace to the last eyelet – not actually a bad thing, just a big change from how I’ve always worn similar shoes from Asics.It also feels like there’s a little more room in the toe – slightly longer than the Venture 5 of the same size, and a little more vertical space inside.To top it all off, they’re not even comfortable to be on your feet in for long periods. I have yet to go running in them (and am somewhat hesitant to do so at this point), but for everyday use they’re less comfortable than the other trail running shoes I’ve worn, the Venture 5 included.Overall they might actually be better for trail running with the changes to the sole/tread, though I don’t know if my feet could take the pounding in them for any significant distance since they’re less comfortable than the 5. The problem is that Asics launched this as an update of the Venture, when it should have been produced as a new product line given the extent of the changes, and they took a shoe that was good for everyday use and made it more specialized and not suitable for ordinary activity. Even though these are branded as trail running shoes, Asics should recognize that their customers use the shoes for other activities and an updated version of a product like this, going from Venture 5 to Venture 6, should preserve more of the characteristics of the prior generation. I’ll probably go and try to get another pair of Venture 5s to replace these if I can still get them before they’re all gone.Read more

  4. Dozercon

    Haven’t worn Asics in like 15 years. Wasn’t sure about the color, but when I opened the box, liked them immediately. Cool looking shoes. Really comfortable. Tomorrow will be one week wearing them. Would give it more stars in comfort and how they look. But, there’s always a but…, not even a week and the stitches are falling/breaking apart already. Was really hoping they were better shoes than I thought. Now I’ll always be hesitant to buy Asics again. Gonna contact seller and see their answer. Will update.Read more

  5. Lenny

    These are not anything like the old Asics.! The older style had the wide sole at the ball of your feet,these or moderate at best. They are still stylish ,but I bought them to walk,and I put some miles on them. I had to buy new inserts immediately which contributed to making the shoe tighter. These are now just budget shoe store shelf fillers. Come on Asics you used to be my go to shoe for many years!!!! I wish I could return them,but I’ve worn them. Ill just wear them out…which won’t take long. I won’t buy anymore from Amazon for sure,buyer beware!!!Read more

  6. JB

    These shoes are made with basically, no arch support. After a week of trying to wear these shoes, I had to give up. My feet were aching and sore. They feel like you’re wearing shoes made out of cardboard. They have the same arch support as a pair of socks.They are exceptionally light weight and easy to forget they are on you feet. However, the synthetic material they are made with has another problem: it does not breathe.I am 62 years old and never had any footwear cause my feet to sweat and stink so bad!!! I can do farm work all day and not have my feet stink. A few hours in these shoes and I needed to wash the smell from my feet, so I took an unscheduled shower.Read more

  7. DJ J.

    I’ve had nike and reebok my whole life but decide to stop supporting anti-American communist sympathizers. So I tried puma they are ok next Asics. Now Asics are my go to brand. The quality is unbelievable. My first pair has lasted 2 years and are still serviceable when the others start to separate after 6 months. I didnt even need another pair of Asics yet I just wanted another pair before this model is discontinued..Read more

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