0C12O7ICZJ7684 Men’s fairbanks omni-heat snow boot

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  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • shaft measures about ankle from arch
  • boot starting measures about 1 around
  • omni-warmth: our patented heat reflective lining is the remaining heat management gadget for outside overall performance. The metal dot patterned inner lining is designed to maintain heat, while the breathable lining dissipates moisture.
  • superior era: our omni-tech machine functions a waterproof breathable seam-sealed membrane bootie construction.
  • urban style meets useful boot: the perfect combination of excessive-pinnacle fashion and feature, with complete laced up ankle guide, this boot makes for exquisite wearability wherever you go this wintry weather.
  • traction and luxury: presenting our indoor-pleasant omni-grip, a non-marking outsole, this boot affords sure-footed traction in the wild. The light-weight techlite midsole makes each trek worthwhile with superior cushioning and long-lasting consolation.
  • temperature rankings: rated -25f/-32c for bloodless weather days.
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8 reviews for 0C12O7ICZJ7684 Men’s fairbanks omni-heat snow boot

  1. A. Bitokov

    This Columbia shoes are great! I have been wearing them for 2 seasons now. There are really warm, light and comfortable as advertised. BUT they lost their water resistant very quick, and I haven’t cleaned them with any chemicals or anything. Now my feet get wet even at the slightest water spatter.Read more

  2. Emre07

    I love these boots. They are very comfortable, almost sneaker like weight. Great everyday boots for under 50-60F. Looks very nice with jeans, not too bulky.I used them in snow around 20F, and they were not very warm after few hours.Read more

  3. BZ

    I spend significantly more time outdoors than most. With that, I am not afraid to spend a lot of money on quality items for reliability. I’ve gone through a lot of boots! These fit as expected, are built strong and still very light. I have no problem covering 8-15 miles in these boots, per day. The soles are slightly harder than most, but are fantastic for rocky areas, shore line, heavy forest and uneven terrain. Recently, I crossed a knee-deep area of river. The weather was cold enough for hypothermia (and I was concerned). The boots didn’t fill with water, and were only mildly damp. My feet stayed very warm, comfortable, and I was able to continue another handful of miles – and that was enough to convince me of the dependability of these boots.Read more

  4. B. Hull

    In looking for a new pair of winter boots this year, my priority was flexibility and weight. I narrowed my search down to two boots, Sorrel Cheyenne Metro High Tops and these boots for Columbia. Both promised lightweight flexibility and rather than trying to distinguish a winner through research, I purchased them both for a test run.It’s important to note that I live in Minneapolis and while this winter’s (2020-21) been relatively mild so far, we’ve had multiple days where the wind chill’s dipped into the negatives (-20 for a couple days) and we’ve had a nice mix of snow and ice.The Columbia boots exceeded my expectations. Not only were they far lighter than the Sorrel high tops, they were far my flexible – rare for a pair of winter boots. I don’t want to exaggerate this quality – they still are boots afterall and like all boots I’ve worn they are far heavier and less flexible than shoes. Still, they are exceptional in this quality compared to other boots I’ve owned.This lightweight flexibility conspires with some mild insulation (200 loft) to really provide an exceptional winter boot. I’ve used this boot every day for the past 2 months and have averaged 3 miles of outdoor walking per day during that time. From day one my fet felt good in the boots on these walks. Some boots require a break-in period and result in blisters. Not these. My feet stay relatively warm (though on cold days – days below 10 degrees with snow on the ground my feet get cold in these) and comfortable throughout my walks.Overall, I’m extremely pleased with these boots but there are two potential knocks against them that I want to mention. One is the waterproofing. Like most boots that claim to be waterproof, the truth is murky. The soles certainly are waterproof and provide reliable waterproofing that extends about 1inch. After that, the waterproof runner soles meet the fabric of the boot. This seam splits quickly and the boots let water in at that 1 inch mark. Water also easily comes in around the tongue / lacing area of the boot.The other issue I’ve had with these boots is some discomfort with the placement of the tongue if I tie the boots up all the way. The tongue has a stiff inflexible piece of fabric that rubs against my ankle. I solved this problem by untying the top three lace keys opting instead to keep the boots tied around the bend of the ankle (kind of where a normal shoe would be tied at). This was the only solution that routinely worked for me and it worked well. THis might bot be acceptable to other buyers though not all buyers will necessarily experience this rubbing.With that said, the boot is a good buy and I recommend it for casual short – mid distance hikes in temps ranging from between 40F to 0 F. Anything colder than that and you’re going to want more insulation or thicker socks.Read more

  5. J. Panovec

    I was worried when I picked up the box. I thought I might have ordered a children’s size 13 by accident. They are incredibly light. Like I said I’m a size 13 and used to my boots weighing a ton. My winter duck boots are a couple pounds each. These are comparable to basketball shoes, weight Wise. They are comfortable, but I wish they came in Wide sizes as well as standard. I usually wear a 13W but that wasn’t an option. These are flexible enough that the weren’t overly tight on the sides of my feet. I’ve worn them in temperatures in the single digits, and my feet were fine. Couldn’t even tell I was outside. That was with standard Prince brand athletic socks on, not heavy knit cold weather socks. Very pleased.Read more

  6. KaoCow

    Nice boots, kept my feets insulated, sadly it only lasted 3.5 months before water got inside….Water proof my ass!Read more

  7. mids

    I wear size between 12 and 13, depending on the shoe. I got these in 12 and my toes are at the end of the boot. Just a heads up. Might wanna go for the larger size if you deal with my issue.Read more

  8. Tsomes

    These boots are probably fine where there is no ice, but do not expect them to use them where there is ice build-up on sidewalks and road surfaces. From the moment I stepped outside onto an icy sidewalk I knew that these were not nearly as good as my normal “cheap” boots I bought last summer on clearance at Kohls for $25. I live in Fargo ND, and have walked all winter long without slipping and falling. About 2/3 of a mile into my daily walk, I stepped on some ice, slipped and fell. Hard. Really hard. I still have a bruise that goes from my backside and down my leg below the knee. They are warm and comfortable and am able to walk through shallow (inch to inch and a half deep) water without leaking. Soles and seams are water proof, but not the nylon uppers. But stay off the ice when wearing these.Read more

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