0C12O7ASBSY664 Trailbuddy lightweight trekking poles – 2-laptop % adjustable hiking or walking sticks – sturdy plane aluminum – short adjust flip-lock – cork grip, padded strap

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  • more difficult than carbon fiber – trailbuddy trekking poles’ difficult aluminum can withstand pressure and effect better than carbon fiber – essential if hiking on rocky terrain or assisting heavier weight
  • mild plane grade aluminum – aluminum 7075 trekking sticks weigh up to four oz. Much less than standard 6061 aluminum common in hiking sticks – making it the proper present for an outdoor fanatic!
  • easier to adjust than twist lock – changing the height of these telescoping poles from 25. 5 to fifty four inches is a breeze even whilst you’re sporting gloves or trekking in moist situations thanks to its lever-locks
  • constructed in your comfort – cork handles are comfy to use in both hot and bloodless temperatures, are moisture-wicking, and mould to the shape of your hand even as the strap is padded to avoid chafing your skin
  • get your entire set now – available in stunning black, blue, red, inexperienced, yellow, pink, red, and aqua colours, those poles also come with a wearing bag, 2 pairs rubber tips , 1 pair connectors, mud baskets, and snow baskets (snow baskets for mild snowshoeing most effective, no longer for snowboarding)
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Aqua Sky, Beetle Red, Berry Pink, Bumblebee Yellow, Lake Blue, Plum Purple, Raven Black, Spring Green

4 reviews for 0C12O7ASBSY664 Trailbuddy lightweight trekking poles – 2-laptop % adjustable hiking or walking sticks – sturdy plane aluminum – short adjust flip-lock – cork grip, padded strap

  1. Cathy & Ken

    What I knew about trekking poles could have fit into a thimble before I started researching them. Heck, Cathy and I hiked the 800 ft high, 3.6 mile Elephant Back Mountain trail in Yellowstone, and about 100 other places with sticks we found on the trail!!!…What do we know, we’re a tad older, so we just figured that was the way it was done, until we started seeing other hikers with poles that looked to us like skiing poles. So, with the amount of hiking we do, I figured it might be time to upgrade from wood to something a bit more aerodynamic…That, and Cathy’s birthday was coming up so it seemed like a cool gift. It’s a bit overwhelming for a first time buyer. Questions I didn’t even know to ask were answered from just about every outfitter on Amazon. Prices range from $120.00 to $20.00 So which ones are best? Carbon Fiber or Aluminum? Foam grips or cork? To lock them into place, do I get this kind of screw type latch, or that kind of flip and snap type latch? What are all the different types of attachment tips that come WITH some and not others? Oh, and last but not least (when it comes to Cathy)…What colors do they come in? After reading more reviews than War And Peace, I started narrowing down all of the factors and I focused in on 3 different brands in the 35 to 40 dollar range. I wasn’t ABOUT to spend 120 bucks on something I had never used, but I didn’t want to go cheapy cheap either. One seller, in their pictured ad on the page, while explaining how their locking system works, said to “turn the knob” this way or that…Only, they had spelled TURN…TRUN and KNOB…KNOP…Trun the knop counterclockwise….??? Heck, if they can’t spell TURN and KNOB IN THEIR OWN AD on the Amazon site, then what chance do I stand using their product to help propel my big a$$ up and down a 1000 ft mountain??? So they were out. That left two, but something about the Trailbuddy poles kept me coming back to their site no matter how many I researched. I pulled the trigger on them, a blue set for me, and red set…excuse me, a BEETLE RED set for Cathy, and after logging several trail miles with them, we could not be happier. No wonder my arms were so tired after hiking for miles with a 5lb wooden stick! Only drawback is that I don’t think I’d have the same luck beating back any bear I came face to face with, with an aluminum pole in my hand! But are they strong enough to support my 6’3″ 200 lb frame up and down hills, over muddy and rocky surfaces, and are they enough to prevent slips and potential falls? YOU BET! …And THEN some! Cathy’s pretty ecstatic about them too…Just between you and me, I don’t think she ever liked the wooden sticks too much. Something about her hands getting too rough and needing extra moisturizer afterward. We love this product and I would definitely buy again, with one tiny caveat. The Orange-ish color shown as an option in the ad was not available as a choice when I clicked on them to choose my color and buy them. I figured orange would be a good color to spot in the woods if I ever laid them down to take a picture of Cathy conquering some mountain again. Well, that and Orange is the same color as the Houston Astros! Either they were discontinued, or they are just that popular! No matter. Blue works for me, and that’s an Astros color too!!!…The few reviews that mention losing the rubber tips had me a bit concerned, but Cathy and I have already put these things through living hell and never had that problem. Perhaps they upgraded their design. If you’re looking, and stuck in the minutia of trekking pole hell, stop here and press buy. You won’t be disappointed.Read more

  2. hgpilot – MM

    Great product – only I didn’t get to use them for more than 10 minutes. Purchased these for a trip to Iceland where we were doing a number of hikes on both meadows and snowfields. Was on a guided group hike in the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve and there was an older couple in their late 60’s who were absolutely delightful and young-at-heart. The problem was they were under-prepared and had over-estimated their ability to complete the hike. Because we were in the middle of nowhere the option to turn back was no longer an option (a boat dropped us off on one side of a fjord) so they were making the best of a not-so-good situation. So – I decided to let the wife (72 years old) use my new Trailbuddy poles for the remainder of the hike – which turned out to be absolutely necessary for her to have even finished. She was so grateful for the poles and apologized for returning my brand new poles in less than brand new condition that I insisted she keep them. They were from Boston and were on day 2 of a 3 week trip and we were on our last day – we insisted that she needed them more than us – especially since we were in the middle of nowhere and purchasing a set would have been impossible.So, I’m buying a second pair!Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    These trekking poles are amazing!!!! I bought them back in May 2018 and they’ve been thru a lot. I have done Half Dome in Yosemite, Mt Whitney, Picacho del Diablo (Mexico), Pico de Orizaba (Mexico) and all high peaks in Los Angeles or southern California (Mt Wilson, Mt Baldy, Cucamonga Peak, San Jacinto, San Gabriel Peak, San Gorgonio) Have used them on rainy, muddy, snow terrains. They have gotten stuck between rocks close to breaking but they are really well made poles. Highly Recommend!!!They only problem I have is that I lost the snow baskets and would like to know if they are sold separately so I can order a pair.Read more

  4. Steve

    We planned to trek through National Parks and National Monuments in Arizona and Utah. I asked my wife if she wanted me to get her a set of trekking sticks as I planned to get a pair. She said no. She was afraid to appear old and infirm. We are 68 and 70 and in good shape.So I ordered a pair for myself and when they arrived I had put the first one together which was very easy. When she saw it she exclaimed, “That looks great! Did you get me one?” I replied, “I sure did!” and pulled out the other one that became hers.Truthfully, all we needed was one pole each. She was very happy with hers as I was with the other one. We were able to steady ourselves going downhill which is where these are great. We both liked the cork grips and the comfortable straps. The height was so easy to adjust and we could lean all our weight on them with no slip at all.The company contacted us twice, first to ensure that we knew how to tighten the height adjustment screws or if we had any other problems, but the directions were clear. Recently they contacted us to see how we liked them on our hikes. My wife said she felt as though the poles enabled her to walk half-again as long as she normally would.Overall, this was an excellent buy. I highly recommend them. I did a lot of research before settling on these.Read more

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