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  • thermoplastic elastomer
  • 【chrome steel spikes】premium winter ice cleats with 24 strategically placed metallic spikes provide last traction on wintry weather snow and ice. Help you to walk, run and work greater confidently in slippery wintry weather conditions without disturbing about slipping.
  • 【comfortable in shape】ergonomic layout guarantees a snug suit of maximum styles of shoes, velcro strap facilitates to save you the ice cleats from falling off or transferring around while in use, guarantees greater balance and safety.
  • 【smooth to apply】certainly place the toe part of the traction aids over the front of your shoe/boot, then pull the heel of the ice cleat over the back of your shoe/boot. While no longer in use, the snow-grips are light-weight and portable sufficient to be saved compactly.
  • 【durable】designed to undergo heavy use throughout the cold winter months with long lasting reinforced joints and surfaces made with top rate cloth which stays sturdy and retains elasticity in frigid bloodless temperatures.
  • 【a need to have in wintry weather】remarkable for winter activities or even simple ordinary use to assist prevent slipping, tripping or falling on snow or ice. Four sizes available for men, women and huge children.
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8 reviews for 0C12O75KDBW668 Ice cleats walk traction cleats snow cleats for boots footwear guys ladies anti slip 24 spikes crampons footwear ice traction cleats

  1. Calaminty

    They fit and I tested and they didn’t slip off. These are size 6 police tac boots I put the slip one over and they’re size small. The rubber is nice and thick. The Velcro strap could stand to be a half inch longer though. Good traction.Read more

  2. ACE

    I was unsure if using ice cleats would make that big of a difference, but they do! I recently moved during the cold, icy January weather and the access to my home is down a slope that has a groomed trail, but it forms ice on it. Cleats on and away I go! No slipping, no falling, no worries! I can even run in them…if only I wanted to do so. The down side is that if you are going to the grocery store, wearing them on their polished floors is slippery. But easy fix, take off the cleats while indoors. They do take about a minute to put on and about ten seconds to remove. But broken bones from an icy fall takes months to heal, so it is time well spent.Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    I purchased the cleats because I have a large, year old, hyper puppy and did not want him to drag me across the ice on our daily walks. When the day came for me to use this product I found the cleats were the perfect fit and provided great traction on the wet ice. I have use other brands and even though they worked *okay* but occasionally I would slip and loose them.If your feet are on the smaller side of a large I would recommend using the velcro straps ( look at the picture on Amazon for assembly) because they might fall off.Read more

  4. Tumblin Tumbleweed

    Used the cleat spikes today for the first time. I put them on over my Columbia snow boots in the car and stood up outside, and immediately one came out. I used the velcro to secured them and went onto the trails The snow was less than an inch. And I do not know how many times the toe parts came off. The velcro secured the spikes so at least I did not lose them in the snow. But at one point they were only secured by the velcro and the spikes were just flapping underneath my boots. I had to cut my hiking short. The problem is the very shallow toe part. Very disappointed.Read more

  5. El Evaluator

    These cleats are a good buy, but I decided to return them because they are not as good as the STABILicer pair I purchased simultaneously. I did not use them, but they were less substantial than the competitors, and the cleats didn’t seem as well stabilized in or built into the rubber. The pair I got does not look quite as substantial as the ones in the Amazon product-page pictures. I hike a lot on snowy/icy trails; for more casual use, I probably would have kept the JSHANMEIs because they did fit my two boots well. One way of comparing the two I bought is that the JSHANMEIs felt/fit like would have probably required the Velcro straps to secure the grips on challenging trails, while the STABILicers feel like I can do without them.Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    I ordered two sizes, medium and large as I wasn’t sure which would fit my boot. The large fit better (women’s 8.5 hiking boot). It took me a while to figure out how to use the velcro strap but figured it out. If there is one suggestion is would be to include a picture or some directions for how to use the strap.Read more

  7. Karen B

    The concept worked well on an icy steep trail, so I gave them 2 stars for that. They helped a lot at first on level gravel trail, but fell off my boots 3 times in about 1/2 mile once we got on the hills and rocks. I tried moving the velcro strap to a different spot, and they still fell off. I finally took them off and relied on my poles to navigate the icy trail.I wear size 8 boots, so they fit well on the boots when I put them on. Just wouldn’t stay on.I returned them and bought $60 Yaktrax,Read more

  8. Historken

    They are supposed to be big enough for size 11 but I wear 11’s and the cleats make contact in the middle thirds of the shoes and are quite uncomfortable. I will buy the 11.5 size which should place the cleats toward the toes and heels.Read more

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