0C12O4SQYYE393 Airhead monsta trax kids snowshoe for boys and ladies

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  • make sure this fits
  • by using getting into your model quantity.
  • fit: works with all shoe sizes for kids up to eighty lbs.
  • carry the kids: make amusing monster tracks within the snow even as snowshoeing with your youngsters
  • easy to use: clean-on/smooth-off adjustable binding
  • fewer falls: raised ft do not trap in the snow
  • secure: high traction backside

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from the manufacturer

from the purveyors of the very best-excellent sleds, towables, and inflatables in the world, sportsstuff products are backed by way of over twenty years of revel in. Examined to resist the maximum rugged terrain, our device encourages each the young and younger-at-heart to get exterior, be lively, and feature a laugh!

monsta trax snowshoes

leave your mark with monsta trax snowshoes for kids! These premium children’s snowshoes are constructed for a laugh and characteristic. Providing easy-on -and-off adjustable bindings with fast click on buckles that in shape most snow boots and high-traction bottoms for slip-free play, your snow monsta will enjoy hours of snow exploration. Designed using excessive-effect polymer production, monsta trax snowshoes provide power and sturdiness at the same time as consolation-crafted raised feet won’t trap inside the snow.

  • 14″ period x 6. 5″ width that suit paintings with all shoe sizes
  • for youngsters as much as 80 kilos
  • excessive-traction backside makes a laugh tracks inside the snow
  • easy-on/easy-off adjustable binding
  • raised feet won’t capture within the snow
  • high-effect polymer production
  • product element

    monsta trax capabilities secure, excessive-traction cleats, making it easier to navigate snowy surfaces effortlessly. Expanded teeth go away fun tracks in the snow at the same time as additionally presenting superior slip-resistance.

    long lasting, excessive-impact polymer plastic construction is constructed to resist the toughest terrain, from the again-woods to the outside.

    adjustable bindings fit round all kid’s shoe sizes and provide easy-on-and-off get entry to, even for little palms.

    sportsstuff snow toys

    no snow day is complete without a friendly snowball fight or sasquatch hunt! All people can get in at the fun with sportsstuff line of snowball makers, snowball launchers and kids snowshoes. Speedy form perfect snowballs and release them in addition and quicker with our various launchers and slingshots. Or improve to a snowball cannon for all- in-one introduction and capturing movement. Build a protecting snow wall with our snow brick maker, or even craft an igloo! And our excessive-traction animal snowshoes will cover your footsteps and throw the alternative team off your path. With such a lot of styles and alternatives to select from, sportsstuff’s line of snow toys will make sure you have got an movement-packed time. Bring forth the snow!

    8 reviews for 0C12O4SQYYE393 Airhead monsta trax kids snowshoe for boys and ladies

    1. Amazon Customer

      Mostly ordered these because thought would be cute making bear tracks in snow. The tracks are different from regular shoe tracks but don’t look like bear tracks. They stay attached to shoes the way a flip flop stays on a foot — they flop around on the back and make it hard to walk. Would not be useful if you truly needed snow shoes.Read more

    2. Mickey

      Mom & dad both got snowshoes for Christmas, so our son did, too. I was happy with the price point of these shots to see if he would like the concept of snowshoeing at all. My son is 5. He get the hang of them fairly quickly and can go about a half mile before he’s tired and done. I do have to help him get them on and off. No big deal to me. They will work for him for a few years and he enjoys going for winter walks with us. Found a second pair for his 2 year old brother. He is not so keen on the snowshoes. Took a few steps and wanted them off. Kept worrying about stepping on them, which is understandable. We’ll try them again next year.Note: these are snowshoes. Not snow footprint makers. They DO NOT leave monster tracks in the snow. If they were made to leave tracks, they’d be useless for gripping the ground on ice or inclines. They have plastic teeth on the bottom for grips.Read more

    3. Amazon Customer

      The monster design is on the top. Not the bottom.This is basically a super cheap plastic snow shoe toyRead more

    4. Fun in the Sun

      I bought these for my 3 Y.O. grandson and he took right to them. They are durable, however, the binding straps need to be very tight to keep them on. Therefore, don’t expect young ones to be strong enough to adjust the bindings by themselves. Good, Clean winter fun for kids who want to go exploring in the deep stuff.Read more

    5. Kindle Customer

      Good qualityRead more

    6. Kayla Fournier

      2 & 4 yrs old and they love themRead more

    7. Kristin Breuer

      Oh dis my little 2.5 year old nephew have fun. Faceplated a bunch but had tons of fun and years of fun to come in them!!Read more

    8. Ben & Brittney Williams

      My children received these for Christmas (2&4 years old) and LOVE them!They’re still a little big for our 2 Y/O, but he still wears them and does fairly well with them.Our 4 Y/O actually runs in them, haha!They always get excited to wear them outside, DEFINITELY worth the purchase!Read more

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