0C12NRKERGG102 Dr. Scholl’s air-pillo insoles ultra-smooth cushioning and lasting comfort with layers of foam that in shape in any shoe – one pair

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  • your insoles may be caught collectively in the package deal, lightly pull the 2 insoles apart to expose the insole pair.
  • designed for humans whose feet enjoy soreness in the course of the day
  • double-layer machine gives help and cushioning for long lasting consolation
  • bottom layer of positive grip foam remains in vicinity with less wrinkling and bunching
  • trim to healthy in in reality any shoe
  • dr. Scholl’s gives a money again guarantee if you’re now not glad with the product
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from the manufacturer

we designed dr. Scholl’s comfort air-pillo insoles mainly for humans whose toes revel in soreness during the day. Two layers of foam deliver extremely-soft cushioning.

*product includes herbal rubber latex.

– double-layer gadget offers aid and cushioning for long lasting comfort.

– backside layer of certain grip foam remains in region with less wrinkling and bunching.

– extremely-gentle insoles characteristic an great shoe healthy.

– trim to in shape truly any shoe.

anyone can get sore, achy and tired ft. But, it is more likely to arise in humans with flat or high-arched ft. It could additionally occur in folks who are obese, individuals who paintings on their ft all day and/or those who aren’t used to being on their ft who suddenly engage in a higher stage of activity. The problem with worn-out, achy toes is that it keeps you from shifting at your pleasant. It may even affect your temper and can lead to more severe foot problems.

  • *not a scientific analysis. For records purposes most effective.
  • when you have diabetes, bad blood stream or fragile skin, or symptoms are extreme or persist, seek advice from your podiatrist or doctor before the use of this product.
  • the way it works

    when you are for your toes all day, your toes can enjoy pain.

    dr. Scholl’s comfort air-pillo insoles provide a double layer of cushioning and support to help relieve discomfort.

  • step 1: place the smooth, cushioning insoles on your footwear with cloth side up.
  • step 2: if wanted, trim with sharp scissors, following instructions on enclosed trim card.
  • update your insoles every six (6) months or before everything sign of wear and tear.
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    consolation & power

    all-day comfort that keeps you feeling extra energized.

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    ache remedy

    relieve and prevent ache from the floor up. Instantaneous, all-day remedy from being to your feet.

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    athletic series

    protection and help to help you carry out your first-rate.

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    stylish step

    all-day comfort so that you can wear the shoes you need, longer

    comfort & power

    pain remedy

    athletic collection

    fashionable step

    product description

    we designed dr. Scholl’s consolation air-pillo insoles specifically for human beings whose ft enjoy soreness for the duration of the day. Layers of froth supply extremely-soft cushioning. Incorporates herbal rubber latex. The bundle contains one pair of insoles that suits men (sizes 7-13) and ladies (sizes five-10). Dr. Scholl’s has been a trusted logo in foot care considering that 1904 while dr. William mathias scholl, grandson of a cobbler, launched the organization below the call dr. Scholl inc.


    Air Pillo, Double Air Pillo

    8 reviews for 0C12NRKERGG102 Dr. Scholl’s air-pillo insoles ultra-smooth cushioning and lasting comfort with layers of foam that in shape in any shoe – one pair

    1. J. Jesse

      I have a pair of shoes that are super cute, but hurt after 5-ish hours. I’d bought insoles, but they were just too thick, so I figured for three bucks, I’d try these.First, there are TWO insoles – it does look like one, but they’re just smooshed together. If you look and vend around the toe area, you’ll be able to easily separate them. Don’t be afraid of ripping them or something, they are meant to separate! I added a photo to show this.The sizing runs larger than what is said in the description – I added a photo of the sizing guide (included in the pack) to show sizes.I figured I’d use my actual shoe to measure, instead of the standard sizing guide, to ensure a great fit. The shoes I used were labeled women’s 10.5, though they fit more like a 10 – you can see in the pic how much extra room there is on the insert itself. All I did was lay the shoe on top of the inserts (both still joined together) and trace around it with a pen. The toe is upturned a bit as shoes often are, so when I got to that section I just pressed down on the toe (lifting the heel off the “page”) to get a good trace. Then I cut it out (both inserts at once) with regular scissors, cutting just inside my trace line to account for the width of the shoe.I inserted the double-insert that I had just cut, to double-check the fit and see whether I needed to trim anymore. The fit was great and it felt great! I had enough room in my shoe that the double layer of both inserts felt really nice. If I’d already had a second set of inserts, I probably would have used two inserts in each shoe (for this price, it’s still less than any other bargain priced insoles). But I decided to split them so I could wear the shoes right away, so I just peeled them apart.I immediately ordered 5 more pairs of inserts! They’re thin enough that they’ll go in any shoe, and they’re so easy to trim since they’re thin. They just give a little extra padding and cushion.If a shoe needs a but more, it’s easy to use one pair (joined together) in a single shoe – since they come so well-joined that people mistakenly think it’s just one insert, there’s no real risk of them coming apart and flopping around in the shoe.Glad I tried these!Read more

    2. Ashley

      This product is misleading. The packaging clearly says “one pair” which to me meant a set of two, one for each shoe. This was not the case. There is ONE insole per package. I’m glad I bought two just to have a backup for the future so I at least have a set for my shoes. Haven’t tried them yet but they are much thicker than normal pairs which makes me worried about the fit, but maybe they will be more comfortable…Read more

    3. brunettedoll5150

      I got these to replace some missing insoles for a pair of vintage Dingo cowgirl boots I bought and they did the trick! For $2.50 you can’t go wrong unless you want waaay better quality, but for infrequent wear I think these will be great. You have to trim them to size but I don’t mind.SIDE NOTE: For the people that think there is only one insole in the package there is MOST DEFINITELY two insoles…you simply have to peel them apart! You’re welcome 🤗Read more

    4. Pete

      These are the only insoles that I found that are FLAT. That allowed me to use them in conjunction (i.e., underneath) with another pair of insoles that are contoured. The combo worked perfectly in conjunction with my boots & feet. I suspect that in my particular application, they will last a long time.Read more

    5. kaif

      I was pleased with this product because I could cut it into pieces and place them into my shoes (ball of my foot) to secure a better fit. I tend to buy my shoes a little larger because I am on my feet all day long. This product has allowed me to have the perfect fit and have comfort too!Read more

    6. Honest Abe

      Individually they are too thin for real cousion. But if you buy two and stack them. Two for each foot they are comfortable. They are cheap for $3.47 so I bought two. They need to make a thicker version of same material.Read more

    7. Smiling Eyes

      These are the worst Dr Scholl’s I have ever bought. I thought they would be as good as the one’s I been getting and it was just a new package. I have worn them in my shoes for 8 years. They were a $1.40 more. I will not buy them again. I am a Dr. Scholl’s fan but OMG. BAD in my opinion. I have bought at least 25 pairs through the years.Read more

    8. AlphaDragon

      I wear dress shoes for work, court and church. But am used to wearing sneakers. These are a big help for comfort.Read more

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