0C12NH6A0YF135 Womens neoprene: watreproop (5mm) and winter protection(as much as -8° f/-22°c)

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8, 9, 10, 11


Mystical Black

8 reviews for 0C12NH6A0YF135 Womens neoprene: watreproop (5mm) and winter protection(as much as -8° f/-22°c)

  1. Nicole Allyse

    I searched a ton of boots before deciding on these babies. I read a lot of reviews and was getting cold feet about buying online altogether. However, the type of boot I want (this particular type) was so much more expensive in the brick and mortar shoe stores. I’m all about saving money when there is money to be saved. The other reason I was concerned is because the top of my calf is wide. Often times a product will claim to be wide calf and not be or it’s wide all the through the fit of the shoe. I only need wide for the top of the shaft of boots that I wear. Really anything beyond 11inches tall. However, I decided to go with these. First, I used my Amazon Prime membership and received it within 36hrs. So far so good. I purchased black because it can go with anything. Color passes. It’s a good solid looking boot. Now, for the defining moment…..will it fit my calf and foot? And it does! The shaft is made of neoprene so if stretching is needed, you get some extra room for fit. My calf at its widest is 18″, FYI. Fits over my jeans, but they were skinny jeans. The boot fit perfect and was not too wide anywhere else. I primarily purchased these for the times that I’m at the dirt track and it rains or has rained and I have to trek through mud. My feet did remain dry and toasty. It only gets in low 30s here in my part of Alabama, but for the tempature here…..perfect for my little toes. I typically wear an 8 and purchased an 8. Let me know if you have any questions, glad to help.Read more

  2. MHalf22

    I love these boot. I have kind of wide feet, and these boots fit perfectly and are extremely comfortable. I bought a size ten based on the feed back I read, and normally wear a size nine. I suggest you do the same if you want a perfect fit.Read more

  3. Bird Girl

    I use them for going down to our beach and yard work. I wear a 9.5-10 and the 10 in these is kinda roomy, but will be good when I wear thick socks in the winter. No blisters or pinching and the shaft feels fine around my calf. Not very heavy either, but they are heavy duty. I might give 5 stars later if they last. The only thing that was not much of a problem was the flimsy insole that would come out every time I took the boots off. I just threw them away and might put in my own inserts.Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    I really wanted to love these boots, but I can’t handle the irregularities. There is snug ankle support on both sides of one boot, but the other boot just has ankle support on one side. The side of this boot missing the ankle support allows you to bend your ankle in a way I can’t bend where the ankle support exists. It feels like the boot was assembled incorrectly, or is missing something. It’s extremely unnerving. My feet are a little wide. The boot with the missing ankle support fit comfortably. The other boot is snug, and makes that foot start to get slightly tingly after about 20 minutes. There is a very strong odor when you take them out of the box. I’m guessing this goes away eventually. Don’t plan to wear them in a enclosed space for a few days, perhaps.Read more

  5. TheBarnetts

    Wanted winter boots, but also waterproof, because our winters are wet. I needed big calf, and also something my pants would fit in. These boots are so warm, and accommodating to my big calves with wool socks and jeans underneath. The neoprene is a little stretchy, so when I add leggings under my jeans they are snug, but are so comfortable still. We have brand name muck boots, and I prefer these for comfort, I’ve only worn these for a few months, so I’m not sure how they compare for durability, but they are a fraction of the cost, and like I said, way more comfortable.Read more

  6. Short one

    The product recommended measuring my foot, I did exactly as directed & boot was too big. Returned it & went back to site. Amazon recommended a smaller size. Bought it & it fits beautifully. We will have really cold & wet/snow tonight & plan on seeing how week the insulation rating really is. Otherwise they fit very well. Love themRead more

  7. AZmom

    Update: 1 year later of moderate use and both boots have cracks in them that allow water to flow in. I am now upgrading to Muck brand boots. If you are only going to be using these for a short time, or not everyday then these are the boots for you but for everyday chores these did not hold up.I was wanting Boggs or Muck boots without the big price tag. These boots fit my needs and are comfy too. Between, snow, rain and mud my feet have been dry through it all. I have large calves and wide feet and these were a great fit for me. The rubber was a bit snug the first time I wore them but stretched out nicely for a perfect fit.Read more

  8. Walker

    I really like these boots! They are truly waterproof and have kept my feet dry through the PNW rainy winter. I have wide calves and the neoprene fit them fine, hugging them so no rain seeps in while not suffocating them. The only thing I would add is that the soles as received aren’t tremendously comfortable to stand in or walk on for long stretches of time; however, some cheap memory foam insoles took care of that. Just remove the black insoles from the bottom and use only the added icushion insoles, or the two insoles together are too think and your feet feel too snug against the rubber part of the boot.Read more

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