0C12N72L357890 Hipaw summer season breathable dog boots nonslip sole paw protector for hardwood floor

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  • interest: if the booties have any problem, please touch us. For example, size don’t in shape, booties slip off, product became used or broken and so on!
  • length: please degree the paw before ordering. Then confer with length chart to select relevant length!
  • fabric: twin mesh material is breathable, preventing the paws from hot and muggy.
  • nonslip: rubber sole protects the paws from hot pavement, sharp rocks, damaged glass, burrs and so on.
  • event: suitable for indoor, hardwood floor, garden, warm pavement day by day use

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Small ( Insole: 2.15"W ), Medium ( Insole: 2.35"W ), Large ( Insole: 2.55"W ), XLarge ( Insole: 2.83"W ), XXLarge ( Insole: 3.15"W )


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7 reviews for 0C12N72L357890 Hipaw summer season breathable dog boots nonslip sole paw protector for hardwood floor

  1. Ekin E.

    I have 7 years old brindle boxer dog name, Naomi. She is around 66lbs. Her paw size is H:3″ and W:2,5″. I bought the size L and it fits perfect.I was thinking my dog will hate them, they will be so uncomfortable and we will return or trash them. Because after all, she is 7 years old and never wears any boots before. But after the second walk, she kinda liked it and start to walk almost normal! 🙂 She even wanted to sleep while the boots still on her paws.The material of the boot is really soft yet feels strong. The bottom part is tick skidproof plastic, the fastener is soft but it can hold tight and the top part is see-through breathable soft mesh. So I can use them also in hot New York summers when the asphalt is melting as well as icy cold winters.I will update my review if the condition of the boots changes.But for now, I can recommend this boots.Read more

  2. Kara

    I was unsure if Finn would do well in shoes, but I recently moved to Austin, TX and we had our first 100 degree day this weekend. Finn is super active and I wanted to make sure we could still go for walks when the pavement can cook and egg!They went on easily and fit perfectly according to the size chart. It took about 1 minute of awkward walking to get used to the shoes. I was amazed by how well they stayed on even when he sprinted around the backyard. Went for a 3 mile walk yesterday and he did amazing!I can’t speak to the durability of the shoes yet, but it seems like they are going to hold up.Read more

  3. Raymond L.

    Perfect for hot asphalt and sidewalks and dirt in Tucson in the middle of summer. Not that my dog enjoyed wearing them – he tried his best to get them off, but think he realized it was for the best the one time he stepped out w/o them on. Had to really tighten the strap to keep them on, and getting them on my wiggle wart was a two person job, but that’s the dog and not the product. They will get lots of use in the summer months here.Read more

  4. Easter Clan

    I’ve purchased several dog booties for my older Giant Schnauzer who has arthritis in both her back legs and needs extra help getting traction on our hard wood floors and outdoors. Most of the boots or grippy socks I’ve bought her either don’t stay on or they roll around so the grippy bottom isn’t on the bottom of her feet and I have to keep messing with them. I tried these booties as a last-ditch effort and I am very happy I did. These stay on despite her trying to get them off and they don’t flip around too much. Occasionally I have to flip them around, but considering she wears these on her back legs most of the time, they work really well. I take them off every few days so she can get a break, but after a day, I put them back on. They help her walk confidently. She’s about 85 pounds and I purchased the XL which is the perfect size for her.Read more

  5. Bunnie

    These booties fit our beagle perfectly. We ordered them in a medium.Pros:-These have an elastic band around the middle of the sock which on the dog I would consider the ankle area. It is secured by velcro leaving some adjustment to the sock depending on the size of the dogs leg. This also helps keep the sock on so the dog is less likely to remove them.-These socks have been great in deterring paw licking.Cons:-None as of yet. Will update as necessary.In summary these are pretty good little booties. They are a mesh material at the top so I wouldn’t purchase them if your goal is to keep your dogs paws dry in the rain. But to keep paws clean in the grass, to protect your dog from hot pavement, or in the event you need something to cover bandages or stop obsessive paw licking these are a great option. They would also be great for dogs who tend to slip on floors as the bottom is a non slip material. My dog hasn’t quite adjusted to wearing them yet but they work great for the purpose that we ordered them for.Read more

  6. T. Brooks

    My Springer Spaniel, Chester, has degenerative myelopathy (it’s the same thing as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and is losing strength in his legs. Walking across the hardwood floors for him is like walking across a sheet of smooth ice, and his legs frequently will splay out on all sides. Knowing he’s just going to fall, Chester often will refuse to leave the rug in front of his bed.These shoes basically have given Chester his mobility back. He resisted them at first, but now he knows he can walk across the floor when he’s wearing the shoes. It’s made him less anxious, and it means we don’t have to carry him from his bed to the outside door. We had tried a different brand initially, but they had felt on top and rubber on the bottom, and they kept spinning around so the felt was on the bottom. As you might imagine, walking on felt on the hardwood floors didn’t help him with his balance. The velcro on these keeps them from twisting around (mostly), and the mesh makes them more comfortable. At least I like to think it does.So why only four stars? They wear out quickly. I’ve just ordered our third set, as the first two only lasted about three weeks. I don’t think it’s a matter of them being too small–they seem to fit perfectly. We also started with a set that was too small and returned them for a larger size. The material simply starts to fall apart. He is wearing them every day from morning until bedtime, but isn’t that what they’re for? If he’s going outside for more than just business, I take them off so he can feel the grass between his toes, but he otherwise has them on all the time.As long as his legs will hold him up (which, sadly, may not be much longer), I’ll keep buying these shoes, but I do wish they were a little more durable.Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    These work absolutely great. I bought them so my dog would stop scratching the floors and would be able to run without slipping. The only problem was that they are a little too small. My dog is a Rottweiler/Lab mix and weighs about 80lbs. I ordered the XL and they will do the job, but I should have sized up and got the XXL.Read more

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