0C12LNWRXR3489 Quickplay pro velocity + agility set, multi-sport training cones speed hurdles soccer tennis

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  • 3 components, many makes use of – 10x agility poles (training sticks) + 20x slotted cones (9in) + 5x bungees (10ft period). Extremely-transportable with unfastened convey bag.
  • twin top agility poles (x10) – use as both 10x (3ft) character / quick poles, or connect with make 5x (6ft) double / tall poles. Use with the blanketed slotted cones to create 10x hurdles!
  • 9in cones (x20) – the slotted design allows these cones to fall apart if by chance stepped on. Mark out a playing area, impediment course or use as hurdles with the blanketed agility poles.
  • 10ft bungee cords (x5) – hook up with the agility poles to create a versatile barrier / impediment. Use for soccer tennis, as a ducking / leaping line, crowd barrier and anything else the instruct can think of.
  • advanced visible acuity – designed in a vivid neon shade to provide superior visible acuity and help you to enhance footwork, velocity and agility. An important part of training in all sports; together with soccer, baseball, soccer, field hockey, track &area and extra!

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broaden your velocity &agility abilities the quickplay seasoned adjustable height velocity &agility set lets you enhance footwork, pace and agility. An crucial part of education in all sports, such as soccer, baseball, soccer, area hockey, song & field and more! 3 key additives a exceedingly flexible set that offers coaches and players a huge range of schooling options, that consists of: ten x 3ft agility poles / training sticks, twenty x 9 inch slotted cones and five x 10ft bungees. Twin height agility poles (x10) can be used as 12x 3ft poles – or – 6x 6ft poles create soccer passing arcs / gates, corner markers, purpose posts for training video games, or when used with the slotted cones shape up to ten variable peak speed hurdles. 9in cones (x20) the slotted layout lets in these cones to crumble if accidentally stepped on, helping to reduce the probability of harm. Mark out a playing region, impediment route or use as hurdles with blanketed agility poles. Extremely portable & smooth to shop featuring a lightweight design, that packs down into an clean to hold bag. Advanced visible acuity designed in a shiny neon coloration to offer superior visible acuity than other agility poles, cones and hurdles. First-rate layout each pole has a ground spike on one end and a honeycomb top connector on the opposite stop for simpler floor insertion and is also used to hyperlink two poles. Flexible set educate your manner! The quickplay seasoned speed + agility set can also be used with the quickplay slotted cone set and the quickplay pro agility pole set.

8 reviews for 0C12LNWRXR3489 Quickplay pro velocity + agility set, multi-sport training cones speed hurdles soccer tennis

  1. Mary Jo S. Fullen

    I bought this agility set to do footwork drills with my dog. I had a set created just for dogs which is heavier, more sturdy, and slightly easier to work with, but it came with only enough cones/poles for three hurdles. I needed 7, so rather than buying another set of those, and still be short, I bought this set. It is not as sturdy, and could blow over in the wind, but it is definitely worth the price. This set provides for 10 hurdles. They come with a convenient bag for transporting them to the desired location, and definitely work as well as the dog-specific set for the purpose of footwork. The convenience of the carry bag, and the fact that the poles are all in one piece (as compared to the dog-agility poles that have to be put together from 3 sections) make this set easy to transport and set up in different locations. The hurdles have five height options: 3/4″, 4 3/4″, 6 1/2″, and 8″. Two thumbs up for this set! It gives you ten hurdles for a reasonable price.Read more

  2. JMabie

    I feel that the cones are a bit too flexible, but overall it works for what I am looking for. I have an elderly dog that goes to rehab and does cavaletti bars there so I thought to buy some to work at home with her too. So they work great for that, but if you are looking for something more sturdy this is not for you, they bend over very easily, which keeps them from cracking.Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    The QuickPlay Poles are awesome! I own the QuickPlay set and the pack of 12 poles. I use them with Pre-K through high school varsity training sessions. The tops are safe for anyone to touch without feeling a sharp spike. The ability to attach two poles together create a nice visual for players to compete. The poles are durable!!! If you create hurdles using the cones, they are resistant to wear-n-tear when players step on them. The best part is that the poles do not get damaged in the process. The bungee cords are a nice way to create different visuals for games/activities. I never write reviews but I was very glad I was introduced to this product. Highly recommended.Read more

  4. Patrick Palmer

    I’ve used this set for high-knee drills AND for dual-field soccer tennis. It’s a great set and I have no complaints. I’ve only used it for a month or so, so I can’t comment on longevity, but each piece seems pretty sturdy.Read more

  5. D. Stewart

    Lots of options for set up. It is durable and takes about a minute or two (depending on how you are setting it up) to set it up.Configurations are endless. There are many more than the instructions show. This is the best agility set, for the price, I have bought. Love it. So does my Labrador.Read more

  6. Pat Moroney

    Fantastic product used the poles and bungees as part of a rucking decision-making game to keep the athlete’s body height low. You can manipulate the height of the bungee by putting the poles further apart and allowing them to bow inwards. I will design lots of activities around this product. They also will make great sideline barriers when used single height with bungees.What an incredible company for customer service – I had a small issue with the bungees and Quickplay replaced them immediately.Read more

  7. Charles J.

    Not bad for price point. I used these for part of a youth speed and agility camp. I had 1 cone break, but it was due to a kid tripping on the crossbar during a drill (which happens when training youth). They got the job done for the specific agility station.Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    Would like to see more sturdy cones, but I’ve done many one on ones with these. The color is great at night sessions so my girls can still see the cones. Versatility is great though!Read more

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