0C12LJQZOMJ870 Limm crampons ice traction cleats massive – light-weight traction cleats for walking on snow & ice – anti slip shoe grips quick & without difficulty over footwear – transportable ice grippers for footwear & boots

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  • no extra pain or accidents: these abrasion-resistant snow cleats will let you walk competently and hopefully on snow or ice. Use those crampons on your casual stroll and when you’re hiking, mountain climbing, or ice fishing.
  • full protection: has 10 non-rusting and ground-gripping steel studs which might be crafted from stainless steel. The rubber membrane base is crafted from high satisfactory thermoplastic elastomer (tpe) that can face up to excessive wintry weather temperatures.
  • durable and lightweight construction: these ice cleats for shoes and boots may be stretched, folded, and saved. Roll and convey those crampons on your bag or handbag.
  • clean on and stale: just slip them on over any shoes like footwear or trekking boots. Slide the front a part of the shoe in, stretch to the heel. Get rid of them like any other form of shoes after use.
  • made for absolutely everyone: these crampons are for men, girls, and even for kids. Prevent tripping or falling on snow and ice and have fun with all of your planned iciness sports.

product description

conquer new heights with limm traction cleats

find out why humans are no longer on foot on snow and ice with out them

dedication to our clients’ delight is the riding force at the back of all of our endeavors.

this core value is what helped us layout & create what our clients call the “best less expensive traction cleats”.

within the system of designing this product, we constantly pick out substances with the best first-class & choose the dimensions & form so as to offer the most consolation.

no greater falling, slipping & sliding.

carry out your wintry weather activities without difficulty and without fear, and permit’s get you prepared for wintry weather!

why is absolutely everyone so assured to stroll with limm?

from casual walks and ordinary commute to hiking and mountaineering, human beings are deciding on to walk with limm traction cleats.

  • non-rusting and heavy responsibility spikes made from chrome steel
  • thermoplastic elastometer (tpe) internet base, clean to place on and stale with one hand
  • foldable, lightweight and clean to carry in wallet or baggage
  • wearable over any sort of footwear or wintry weather shoes and boots
  • snug fit for your shoes and tight grip on ice and snow
  • for all of your wintry weather sports


    Medium (Men 5 – 7 / Women 7 – 9), Extra Large (Men 10 – 12 / Women 12 – 14), Large (Men 7.5 – 9.5 / Women 9.5 – 11.5)

    8 reviews for 0C12LJQZOMJ870 Limm crampons ice traction cleats massive – light-weight traction cleats for walking on snow & ice – anti slip shoe grips quick & without difficulty over footwear – transportable ice grippers for footwear & boots

    1. Amber Downie

      Works great if you have right size for the shoe you are putting them on. I wear woman’s 8 shoe. If you are use on a running a shoe. Purchase size med. If using on a snow moon boot, purchase large. If using on a sorel purchase an extra large. Sizing does not depend on your shoe size… It’s the thickness on the outside of the shoe.Read more

    2. Justin

      They say you get what you pay for. But I didn’t even get that. The rubber stretchy material is extremely cheap and broke as soon as I attempted to put it on my boot. I thought it wouldn’t be so bad, so I continued to attempt to put it on my boot, and it ripped AGAIN. Yes, it was cold outside and the rubber was cold, but these are made for ice and snow (allegedly). I actually consider myself lucky that it ripped while I was trying to put it on my boot, as if it ripped while I was hiking on ice, serious injury could have resulted.These are junk and I would highly recommend any other option.Read more

    3. Rachel

      I have only worn these twice in the last week, but my neck is unbroken and nothing is in a cast, so I would say so far so good! I am a professional dog walker, with 10 or so walks a week. I also live in a place that gets ice and snow. Some of the side streets and neighborhoods where my clients live are icy. Add in a large and excited dog and it is a recipe for falling. I used to be one of those people who could fall and get right back up, but not so much anymore. Something about getting older, am I right? Anyway, the cleats worked while I was walking large, strong, overly enthusiastic dogs and I didn’t fall or lose my balance. I’m not sure these would be fool proof, but I would say they are going to be a hip-saver.I wear a woman’s size 10 in shoes and the cleats fit well over my running shoes and over my snowboots. We had snow again today, so I have another chance to try them out with another pair of shoes.Read more

    4. Francis w Phelps

      Over the years as an on call meter reader for the PUD, I tried all kinds of ice trackers and came away wishing there was a better style that would give you good footing on ice and not come off and loose them in deep snow. We had severe icing conditions when your traction cleats came and I immediately put them on and walked on wet clear ice down our driveway and felt completely secure to walk naturally. Before I had to make sure my toes hit the ice first, because that was where the four spikes were and only two on the heel. What a difference four extra spikes make and the over the toe and up the heel bands make. In short order I knew I had made a right choice. These are the best ice cleats I have ever worn. Well done guys. Someone finally got it right. Thank you.Read more

    5. GMP

      If you live in the frozen North you should not be allowed to buy Health or Life insurance if you don’t own these! Super grip and light enough to not notice wearing them and easy to carry in a jacket pocket between uses. We stash them in every vehicle and at every exit door. Often we just leave them on a pair of slip on shoes outside the door. DON’T WEAR THEM INDOORS ON WOOD FLOORS, LINOLEUM OR TILE FLOORS!!!Read more

    6. Jerry VanSpronsen

      These grips were worn seven or eight times last week to assist me with snow blowing during our storm. Each time they were on the snow and ice for a half hour at most. The cleats on the heels are entirely gone – worn flat. The cleats on the ball of the foot are more than half gone. I am not normally one to register complaints regarding a product but I have chosen to make an exception here. This is a disappointing product; no, it is an inferior product but marketed as a quality product.Read more

    7. Costumegirl

      I had seen a website rating snow cleats and these were the highest rated because, in part, “they stay on your feet where some others do not.” And the Limm website shows a guy tap-dancing on a block of ice, wearing his cleats. I bought them and I am not disappointed. They are everything promised. The cleats arrived just in time for the polar vortex that has covered our area with ice. I have been able to wear these on any pavement and steps with complete stability. Not one bit slippery! I wear them while driving, but of course they must be removed before going inside a building that has vinyl or carpeted floors. Even though they grip your feet while wearing them, they are easy to slip off as you go inside a building. They are easy to put on for me when I am sitting down. In my younger and more limber days, I’m sure I could slip them on while standing. My balance is not what it was and so if I am standing to put them on, I have to lean against a wall, which is not always convenient. ( This is not the fault of the cleats, it’s me too old and out of shape.) The material is very stretchy and strong and easy to manage. I hope it will stay that way as it will be used many times in the next couple of months. I ordered two pair so other family members could use them. I have 2 more pair on order. I have the Large size, which fits perfectly over my Women’s 9-1/2 sneakers and also my husband’s and son’s size 10 Men’s dress shoes. I am getting the XL so they can wear them over their boots and sneakers.Read more

    8. Becca

      The BEST investment that I have made in a long time!! I broke my leg last year on snow/ice, right outside my door. If not a life saver these will definately be a limb saver for me. I live in the NW Washington mountains and have used them on icy snowy porch steps, driveway & trails. They do exactly what they’re supposed to do!! I agree with other reviews that you should go up a size for the right fit. I wear a size 6.5 shoe & bought a size medium & I’m glad I did. Thanks so much Limm!!Read more

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