0C12L9SVRT1106 Flip frame art to counter (1) on the spot counter-pinnacle (2) hidden garage (three) smooth to exchange artwork. Makes use of: cosmetics, medication cupboard, spices, workplace components. Clear muddle – area saver. White

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  • make sure this suits
  • with the aid of coming into your version number.
  • immediately counter – holds up to six pounds . Cabinet shelving holds 20 pounds. Use it then near it lower back up. Medicine cupboard meets murphy bed! Pedestal sink? Digging in drawers? No room?
  • clean muddle! 3 glass shelves and 10 height alternatives. Hidden garage in your bathroom, kitchen, office, youngster’s room
  • trade photograph at whim…effortlessly change artwork in seconds the use of magnetic give up cap – no tools wanted
  • solid timber body, white & coffee, tender near hinges, tempered glass protects blanketed artwork and mat
  • teacher invented / patented us8,381,661b2, completely assembled, simple to install, 17”l x 21h” exterior with 4” interior depth, solely right here
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product description

invented with the aid of a instructor to declutter and simplify existence

convenient counter-top for everyroom

prepare your day by day exercises

clever and tastefully designed

  • immediate counter holds 6 kilos / cupboard holds 20 pounds
  • absolutely assembled
  • easy and brief installation, the usage of french cleat system
  • strong wooden frame
  • 3 adjustable tempered glass shelves with 10 height alternatives
  • dimensions: 17″w x 21″h x four” indoors intensity x five. 25″ total intensity
  • mat beginning wellknown 11″ x 14″, without mat starting is 12. 5″ x sixteen. 5″
  • gradual near hinges
  • available in designer white and cafe coffee
  • color_name

    Designer White, Espresso

    8 reviews for 0C12L9SVRT1106 Flip frame art to counter (1) on the spot counter-pinnacle (2) hidden garage (three) smooth to exchange artwork. Makes use of: cosmetics, medication cupboard, spices, workplace components. Clear muddle – area saver. White

    1. David S.

      I’ve read all the reviews and want to correct what you really get. This product went out of stock for awhile and the new stock is not represented 100% correctly. I am referring the the white unit. I do not know about the black/mocha one. I assume it would be the same, but I don’t think that that one ever went out of stock so maybe it’s not redesigned like the white one? The product I received on 11/7/20 is a good one, I just wish to state the inconsistencies with the description vs the actual product. The lower stars I gave it are because of the misleading description. Again the product is good.1) The issue stated with the hinges has been corrected by new hinges. However, they are not slow release. They are normal hinges that won’t slowly lower the door. You will need to lower it softly yourself. Not an issue for me. These are screwed in and not glued on like other reviews stated and thus likely why the older ones broke.2) The fold down shelf has an actual load limit of 10lbs instead of the description limit of 6lbs. This is a positive, if correct. The 10lb limit is stated in the instructions I got with the product.3) The shelves are adjustable as stated, but they are wood and not glass as stated. Not an issue for me, but you should be aware.4) The “magnetic lip” mentioned in the description for accessing the picture slot is not magnetic, but just a slice of wood that fits well and snug. Not an issue.Note: The hardware packet is in the box so don’t throw the packing out till you find the hardware packet. I thought they shorted me, but it was in there. Also note that the picture glass is behind the stock photo provided and it is plexiglas not tempered glass as stated. It is also covered with brown sticker paper for protection so you may think it is part of the door/frame and think that there is no “glass”. Because of this I thought they shorted me on this. I eventually saw it.Overall, I like the unit and it functions well. Again my lower star rating is due to the misleading description only. I do think it is a little overpriced. Hope this is helpful?Read more

    2. Michelle Denise

      The Flip Frame is a beautifully crafted design. I installed mine directly onto drywall to use in my kitchen to discreetly store my supplements and essential oils. The instruction manual is easy to follow. I love that it folds down into a temporary counter space. Flip Frame can be used in any room in the house. The possibilities are endless. I love the fact that I can now change my artwork and or photographs in a matter of seconds by simply removing the beautiful photograph that came with it. Thank you Flip Frame for helping me organize my daily routine. This will make the perfect gift. Flip Frame makes a great mini bar!Read more

    3. Kiki

      This is fantastic! It is top quality from the front frame to the piano hinge to the hinge that holds the door in table position to the French cleat that makes hanging a breeze. I use mine as a 2nd medicine cabinet for medication/vitamins where I can load up my pill dispenser once a week and leave it closed the rest of the week, keeping my medications further from my shower and less exposed to moisture. I haven’t changed the picture yet, but I have just the thing and I can’t wait. Meanwhile, the one that came with it is lovely. This is one of my best purchases. I can’t believe the quality for the price.One more thing: If you have snoopy guests, they’re less likely to find things in here because it isn’t obvious that it’s a s storage cabinet, nor is it obvious how to open it.Read more

    4. Donnamal

      I purchased the My Flip Frame in March for a bathroom project. I didn’t open it, or install it, until November, when my bathroom was complete. I am so impressed with the workmanship. I wish that everything was this well made. One of the hinges was damaged, and I emailed Johanna. She answered within the hour. She asked that I send a picture of the hinge, which I did, and vas very happily surprised when she sent me a new Flip Frame. Most vendors would just send a replacement hinge, and it would be up to me to fix it. Nope. Not Johanna. She went above and beyond to resolve the issue. I highly, highly recommend My Flip Frame. It was easy to install (easier, in that my husband did it without me 😜) . Great purchase!Read more

    5. Lisa Reynolds

      Waited a few days to open after receiving only to find out that the inside of the frame was broken and separated from the unit. The part that holds the picture and plexi-glass in place was cracked so I couldn’t repair it even if I wanted to. I’m not sure how this happened since this was inside of the unit. It seems it would have been noticed upon packing. So now, I have to pack it up and haul it to the UPS store and it it’s heavy and awkward.Read more

    6. TommyMcG

      Awesome and inventive product! Made well, sturdy and perfect for a small space. Easy to mount. The glass shelves are adjustable AND suction cupped so they won’t flip when reaching quickly for something. A very clever and helpful design. This half bath is “designated” for my niece. I’m sure she’ll appreciated it for getting ready in the morning. Looking forward to customizing it with a photo…also very easy to insert!Read more

    7. Anthony

      Did not come with a mat or slow close hinges as described in details. Will help with storage but not very pleased for the price I paid. I bought the espresso the first time and it was perfect. The white is made cheaper and does not come as details state. Also has very poor caulking done on the sides.Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      Very smart idea for small spaces or kinda hidden medicine cabinet. Installation was not hard and it looks beatutiful in our small bathroom. The hinges are stiff but I’ve seen other reviews that say they loosen up with time so i will update later. There was a small little defect on one side of the frame but it is small ~1/2″ and not noticable unless you look close.*update. hinges have already loosened up and are working great. I can’t wait til they start selling them again because I need one for my kitchen spices.Read more

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