0C12KUIMBAZ170 Women’s gel-quantum 360 cm running shoe

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  • fluidfit higher: fluidfit higher technology combines multi-directional stretch mesh with stretch reinforcements that adapt to the athlete’s foot, developing a definitely custom designed glove-like healthy.
  • heel clutching system technology: exoskeletal heel counter gives stepped forward support and creates progressed heel becoming environment.
  • trusstic device generation: reduces the load of the sole unit at the same time as maintaining the structural integrity of the shoe.
  • rearfoot and forefoot gel generation cushioning system: attenuates surprise at some point of effect and toe-off stages, and permits movement in more than one planes because the foot transitions through the gait cycle.
  • solyte midsole fabric: a lighter weight midsole compound than asics wellknown eva and speva midsoles. Additionally functions more desirable cushioning and sturdiness.

product description

our gt-2000™ four lite-show™ pig shoe boasts plasmaguard™ top era, a hydrophobic remedy for winterized overall performance with lite-show™ generation. Elevate your run, at any temperature, with full insurance weather safety that’s prepared for some thing.

in 1949, mr. Kihachiro onitsuka started out his athletic footwear business enterprise (onitsuka co., ltd.) via manufacturing basketball shoes out of his living room in kobe, japan. He chose the name asics for his company in 1977, based on a famous latin word “anima sana in corpore sano,” which, while translated, expresses the historic ideal of “a legitimate mind in a valid frame.” taking the acronym of this phrase, asics became founded on the belief that the fine manner to create a healthy and glad lifestyle is to sell overall health and health. Nowadays, asics gives a full line of overall performance-driven athletic shoes and technical energetic sports garb and accessories devoted to bringing concord to the body and soul.


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Mid Grey/Glacier Grey/Flash Coral, Flash Coral/Black/Silver, Black/Classic Red, Birch/Cream/Ice Green, Black/White/Silver, Peach/Black/Onyx, White/Snow/Silver, Aruba Blue/White/Dark Navy, Corydalis Blue/Carbon/Aluminum

8 reviews for 0C12KUIMBAZ170 Women’s gel-quantum 360 cm running shoe

  1. Kristi Dillard

    I have only had this shoe for 4 months and have only worn them to work. (I work in a dental office) They have been well taken care of and the have a hole where the mesh is where the big toe is! Very disappointed!Read more

  2. Kindle Customer

    I love Asics! I wear them to work and to workout in. I constantly walk around and stand on my feet for the entire day at my job. I prefer these types of shoes compared to others for their comfort and, hey, let’s admit they’re pretty cool looking. I got these shoes primarily for working out. I was so excited when I got them – they had been delayed. I put them on immediately and was so disappointed when they were too small. I wear a size ten and every time I’ve tried them on, the size 10 has worked. These were very narrow and shallow. There wasn’t enough room for the top of my foot – the fabric and tongue were basically squishing it to death. My toe was also abnormally closer to the tip of the shoe than most. I know that running shoes are sometimes more narrow than walking/every day shoes, but I didn’t expect them to be THAT narrow. My mom who has skinnier feet than I do even said that they were uncomfortable. I will still buy Asic shoes, no doubt, but I will be a little more careful when it comes to the particular shoe and maybe inspect the photos a little better. If you have smaller (like skinnier) feet, then you’ll have no problem with these guys!Read more

  3. D.W.

    I have been wearing Quantum 360s for a few years now; I will not own any other sneakers. The fit and comfort are reliable. Others have complained of discomfort, but these are the most comfortable sneakers I have ever owned; I describe the feel as walking on clouds. I have recommended the Quantum 360 to family and friends, and they have also been impressed with the feel. These work well with my orthotic inserts and have sufficient given in the fabric to accommodate a slightly wide foot. The toe box is medium in width, so these might not work for people who have very wide feet. The shoes are light and flexible. They also allow for nice breathability. Honestly, I have no complaints.Read more

  4. S. Gumbs

    After my Nimbus 17 wore out over both big toes, I gave these a try. I absolutely love that it changes color! Most women sneakers have a 2 or more candy color combinations while men get 1 or 2 nice basic colors, so this was a welcomed change. I wanted to love them but they are no where near as comfortable as a Nimbus. It IS narrow as others have stated and the tongue on one shoe seems lumpier than the other. These will probably end up being fashion sneakers to compliment an outfit but I can’t imagine doing a high impact work out or running in these and feeling as comfortable as I did in a Nimbus.Read more

  5. glenn moyer

    I love the 360s!! This is my second pair within 2 yrs! However I finally tried them on this morning and these are super tight compared to the other Asics. After 10 min they were cutting off the blood supply to my feet. Like I said I already own a pair of 360s.. and they fit perfectly. Not sure what happened and why the company changed things. Anyways I started a refund. Sad day..Read more

  6. Erin Skelton

    I have been wearing the 360s since they came out, and needed to update, so I went with the newer style. Unfortunately, I have to send them back. They have changed the fabric on these and they are TIGHT. I have been wearing size 7 in Asics since I started running 6 years ago. And um, these ones are TOO SMALL?? My feet haven’t grown. It’s just the fabric is different on these ones so they feel very tight on the sides — not as wide or flexible. Def. more rigid than any previous Asics I have worn before.Read more

  7. Lori

    I had a different pair of the exact same shoe in a different color, but I had worn a hole in the toe from running, but I really enjoyed the shoe. I then got a second pair in a different color, but they weren’t used for just everyday shoes. Although within a few months a hole formed again in the same area. I would like the toe area to be a little more durable and not wear as easily. Besides the toe area wearing out easily I love these style of shoes especially the extra gel cushion all the way down the shoe. It is really nice when you are on your feet all day. Overall a really comfortable shoe, but really wish the toe area wouldn’t have worn as fast.Read more

  8. ThOOV

    I ordered this shoe to replace my old ones. I work in the Operating room and last pair were excellent and lasted forever! The pair I just ordered from Shoebacca…… Exact same brand and style are NOT the same! They must be factory rejects that didn’t make the cut with AsicsThey do not fit the same, the cushioning is lousy and shoe is stiffer. They are certainly not worth the 109 dollars these ppl charged for them.Too bad I wore them to work or they’d been sent back! Don’t waste your money on shoes with this seller!!!!!Read more

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